NC Man Charged with Murder for Securing Neighborhood against Fast & Ferocious Black Hoodlums



Good I hope he gets gang raped by a pack of smashers (hard r) while he is in jail.

Then kills himself.


great now we got a whole bunch of white folk thinking “you can’t simmer the zimmer” applies to them too


I thought Jimbo13 created this thread.


WTF law says ANYTHING about a warning shot? Such a thing is irresponsible and negligent use of a handgun anywhere except on tv.


He was clearly in the wrong. He solely reacted because of the race of the people involved. He should rot in jail.


NC law probably does allow for warning shots. Especially in the vicinity of Target bathrooms.



I personally favor legal shooting at anyone who is on the phone while driving or doesn’t park their cart to the side of the aisle in the grocery store.

I’d legalize cleaning house on everyone of these empty cart bitches.

So people racing up and down the street at 1am, waking people up engaging in mechanical terrorism, endangering lives. I hope it was a large Caliber.

Being black doesn’t entitle you to act like a asshole just because the person who is going to shoot you is white.


Yeah… this thread won’t end well… Need more details on this case.


Jimbo13 is spilling into other threads.

@Preppy pls


Need more details its a bunch of he said she said


Not enough info to start shit flinging.

But in general, I dislike it when people feel the need to drive fast within a neighborhood - even if someone does it in their own neighborhood. Motherfuckers need to understand that these residential zones aren’t the fucking Laguna Seca raceway; go speed down the freeway if you want to flex your car’s nuts. Ironically enough, whites are the worst offenders when it comes to speeding through neighborhood streets.

Though I highly doubt that was the case in this incident. Like I said tho, just wait for more detaisl.


Jesus Christ some of these gun owners are tremendous pussies. Man. Lol. I see no reason to just blast a dude that wasn’t in his house and not on his property.


True usually the street bike variety, that NASCAR/gear head/small dick mentality kills more people than guns do, again why I favor legalizing opening fire on the activity.


Noise disturbances are a justification for murder now? Shit my neighbors are in trouble.


They are trying to give him first degree murder though? Good luck, he’s definitely going to walk. Whose idea was that?


I’m right here nigga. Fuck you need an admin for?

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