NC Thread LIV: No name for this one


Street fighter players in raleigh north carolina please read!!

it has come to me attention that the street fighter scene isn’t that big. finding people and or friends to play street fighter with is difficult. i’m just someone looking for some friends to play street fighter with and i was also wondering if anyone knows any AE locations in north carolina.


So I started it anyways. Bitches.

EDIT: I’ll try my best to append this post with upcoming tournament/gathering info ad nauseum. What a crazy idea!

For starters, tonight there will be MVC3 happening at my house. Not too late, as I gotta work in the morning.


Also, on a Marvel related note:

Just play the game people. Play it. You can’t pick up every new fighting game and just complain and wait around for someone to break it and make it unplayable so you can be like “See? I told you this shit was so busted.” All it does is stir up a lot of negative energy, and it’s an unnecessary fear that detracts from what fun you COULD be having with the game. Play it for what it is, and let it develop. It’s a new title. If you don’t want to spend the $60, then that’s understandable. Games are expensive and I could see why you can’t pick up every new fighting game. But if you already bought it, give it a chance and play it. Don’t worry about if this game is gonna end up having a god tier or not until it happens.

And if you haven’t bought it and don’t have regular access to play it or want to, then shut the hell up cause you don’t get an opinion cause you’re not trying to actively play it. You’re just making baseless statements because you’re listening to other players and watching videos and think you have some higher level of understanding about a fucking two week old game than those of us who are actually PLAYING it. If you tried it and didn’t care for it, that’s fine. You can say that you didn’t care for it no matter who you are or how long you played it or even if you ever played a real match. But don’t post about how bad and busted it is cause in your 1 hour of training mode and 15 minutes of matches you got bodied and think it’s cause the game is broken.

And on a side note, I don’t mean for this to sound like I’m addressing this to Rod. I know it’s on the same topic of what I said that was kinda to him last topic, but this particular post is a more broad post for everyone.


There’s a NC thread that we all post in, with lots of players from Raleigh and surrounding areas. The scene here is by no means small, if you’ll look in the right places you’d know we had over 40 people come to a hotel room IN RALEIGH to play games just this past Friday.

No AE here; for Arcade Edition we’d need arcades.



Technically “No name for this one” is a name.

So I found a partnerless meterless combo with Zero that was about 450k last night. It’s sad that you have to work so hard to do average damage with him but atleast I only have to hit you 2-3 times now depending on if I end that in super lol

Also Jimmy… I learned how to do OTG hidden missiles.



L’hotel de infamie est plus drole, Je déteste cette,:cool:


some of us speak french my friend…that made no sense lol


It’s fun, isn’t it? I like hitting missile OTG assist in the middle of a combo. Or doing Doom assist, command grab with Haggar… then having the missiles OTG after the command grab into a lariat into a super into a launch into damage into your opponents sadface. So fun.


The first part was referring to a deleted thread title,“the hotel of infamy”. Standard comparisons are just est plus for ‘is more’. IF YOU DON’T THINK IT’S FUNNY, THAT’S DIFFERENT. Second part just says “i detest this”, could have said “Je n’aime pas cette”, doesn’t really matter :cool:

edit: infamie*

edit 2: So what’s good with Wednesday?


Tournament in Hickory this Sat:

What’s good!


stop explaining yourself. can’t you see im trolling you and trying to derail the thread because Matt Frank made it and I have to have something against him even though I like him. geez.

but yeah Marvel. play it. its fun.

EDIT: There’s a gamestop tourny tomorrow in RDU.



I like the idea of our threads just being titled; NC Thread #. I wouldn’t even mind if you removed the “No name for this one” from this title. The whole inside joke thing has been pretty lame for awhile now. Unrelated I co-sign Jimmy’s post.


the thought that I could also fall victim to trolling has never crossed my mind. Is this what I’ve been doing to people? :shake:

EDIT: I have no problem with corny/joke titles, shit’s cash. I wouldn’t mind if they got ever worse, more bizarre, more foreign. Shit is lulz.


I am loving this game, but need sparring partners so I can actually get match experience.

I can’t get out of the SFIV mentality (I was actually trying to zone with Wolverine last night. haha.) and have yet to develop a “game plan” which is something you can only get from playing.

Online isn’t cutting it. People play you once and leave or you have to sit in a lobby for 20 minutes to get one match.

I live in Cary and don’t mind playing online or in person, though I can only really do in person on weekends due to work.

GT: ghost wolves

Lets get NC on the map at Final Round!


Hey, if you’re going to that, think I could catch a ride? : )


Will you’re a robot.


I’m gonna be trying to go to the Strange Matter tournament in VA this Saturday. And I’m going to eat a Monte Cristo for lunch and one for dinner.


Any MVC3 going on tonight? I wanna play some humans. Brent?

Hmm, the link didn’t have any info on the tourney… what were the details?


I know the online matchmaking isn’t perfect but if you turn on requests on training mode it is a lot less frustrating to find a match.

What time?


You’ll have to try to make it out to SeasOfCheese’s again, we got some games in yesterday.

To Raleighfolk, if you can make it out on Mondays, SeasOfCheese is hosting again, very gracious host. All skills are welcome, I’m not that good at the game, but still have a great time playing it.