NC Thread LXIX


New North Carolina thread!

That’s 69. Beavis and Butthead laugh here.

Charlotte NC Fight Club



Hello hello. How has everyone been doing? I have been absent for a little bit. Been taking care of my move, planning the next ReSe, and taking care of the holidays. Well ReSe is back and back with a bunch of announcements. They are as follows…

January 19th is the next tournament. I have the next three months booked out so you guys can plan for it easier. I will have 3 months booked out going forward.
The site has had some things changed to it to make it easier to navigate. Check it out HERE for all the details.

Also I am doing an early bird special for registration. If you register before December 23rd it will only cost $8 for venue.

We started our podcast recently and did an interview with Ace Unlimited, winner of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at NEC13. Check that outHERE!
I did an interview of sorts, more of an announcements podcast detailing all things ReSe. Give it a listenHERE!

We are also launching our first line of shirts with more to come. Please check them out HERE and vote on the ones to be the first of the five out the door.

Thank you everyone for your patience in waiting for ReSe to return. 2013 is going to be an awesome year with a lot of BIG things coming up. Let’s just hope those Mayan guys were just messing with us, hehehe

I am giving Twitter another shot so please follow ReSe on twitter if you have not already - @rese_tactiks

Here is our Facebook group for those of you who don’t know -

And of course the main site for ReSe to get all the details - Please take a moment to subscribe while you are there.

The following dates for ReSe will be in my signature and on Facebook. If you have any questions please give me a shout.

Thanks again for your patience guys. See you all soon. Now go vote on those shirts for me!!


Hey guys it’s not till way later at January 26th but remember the MINDGAMES IGNITION Fighting game tournament is coming soon in Greensboro brought to you by BFP, WNB and KDP.

and for people who prefer SRK


Agreed with Jon. Play the KOF. All the cool people are doing it.

I’ve been hearing things about CvS again lately, what’s up with that? I might be down to get into that game, I’ve recently seen Japanese players use Mai and she seems pretty annoying lol

Also, we’re playing at my place today like usual. KOF and anime. Rob is back etc.


Yea people are playing CVS2 constantly in Fayetteville, the entire city basically.


Wednesday Night Brawls Episode 47 is today!

Come get some or stay Free!

We are following our regular schedule:

-6:00PM Casuals Start
-7:00PM Registration Starts
-8:00PM Tournaments Start with KOFXIII
-8:30PM/8:45PM UMVC3 Tourney Starts
-And when both tournaments are almost done and we have available setups
then AE2012 will start, usually around 10:00PM/10:30PM

Casuals and money matches can be ran on video archive before or after the tournaments!

Remember to be there on time! Try to make it out before 8:00PM but if you will arrive later than that then please text/call me at Fco-James Garcia (MX Mad!) 919-219-3774 so that I can put your name down and get you in the bracket of the games you are playing. If you arrive later than 8:00PM and you did not call or text you will not be able to compete!

Come out and support your local fighting game scene!


Friendly reminder that if you preregister before December 23rd the venue fee is only $8 [SIZE=4]for January 19th’s tournament.[/SIZE]

You have 11 days left before it goes back up.

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas!!!

The next dates for ReSe are Jan 19th, Feb 9th, March 16th


For those of you that haven’t heard yet ReSe released the first of it’s podcast series. It’s an interview with Ace Unlimited, winner of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at NEC13. Check it out here…

Ace Unlimited
Ace Unlimited
Ace Unlimited
Ace Unlimited

ReSe started these podcasts to highlight the players around NC and players from abroad that visit NC. Each podcast will feature different players from the community. There will be different topics and discussions every week so stay tuned. Look out cause you never know who will be on, it just might be you!!





Thanks for this thread…Ive been looking for tournaments and casuals in charlotte


Anyone down for KOF today or tomorrow?

edit: I’m hosting tonight.


I’d be down for KOF tomorrow. Ended up playing Tekken tonight.


Wish I would have checked srk sooner, would have come out.x(


Hello, friends. I miss you. I might come visit in March when my school has spring break. Please remember me.


We never forgot you


I remember you cause I met you at EZ and I bought a tonnnnnnnnnnnnn of your manga, which are still in awesome condition on my bookshelves and have even bought some more of Eyeshield. Will be good to see you again. Still in Japan?

Also I might be at WNB this week, if I do i’ll bring some setups. Got christmas plans on Wednesday but not sure what time that stuff is going down.


I am working on getting Houshen and RyRy out as well as some others for KOF. Are you KOF guys going to show this time or do I need not waste my time? I would love to get a NC vs … on the stream but it’s kinda hard when NC doesn’t even show up to rep themselves. It was stupid embarrassing last ReSe when a bunch of out of staters came in to play you guys and only Brent was there. It was pretty sad. I felt bad for Brent though cause it felt like he was walking down a dark ally by himself, about to get jumped for being in the wrong neighborhood. Funny thing is, it’s his freaking neighborhood!

So what do I do here? You guys want me to get some other states out for KOF or just tell them we are not interested, we’ll stay FRAY to others in NC?


ReSe Regional Tournament Update!

You have till the 23rd of December to take advantage of the early bird registration special, here…

All rules and info for the regional will be on the ReSe site for now on. I will link to it in the Facebook events page and here.

This is the last week for voting on the ReSe Apparel line of shirts. Please take a moment to vote for one of the shirts, the one you would like to own when we have them printed…

So far the guests for ReSe are:
Noel Brown
I will keep you guys updated with the others that are coming when I have confirmation.

Gummo will be in house to do all the work you need done to your stick. If you need it dual modded or whatever, he can take care of you. He will have a booth setup so make sure you get there early if you want work done so you can get it done quick. It does take some time to do mods so please get there early and if you can’t I would bring an extra controller/stick with you to use while he is working on it.

Thanks guys,

now go register and vote!!


This technology stuff is too complicated for me, but if I could vote I would choose #5.