NC Thread LXIX


I have returned from the afterlife to offer a warning of the utmost importance…

Avoid the Nintendo Switch and all fighting games for it… it is garbage, hot garbage. You have been warned.


@“JIVE TURKEY JONES” should pick Urien in SF5.




Rise from your grave!!!


Good morning NC players.




Anyone from Jacksonville NC that wants to play tekken? I’m trying to find a group in town :confused:


I wonder if Soul Calibur 6 will bring the old heads back out the woodworks


Yo, I don’t know if you guys heard but evidently they are shutting down the SRK forums at the end of this month (Jan 2018).

Just wanted to give a shout out to my local/in-state players as well as the people I met back when I was doing the tournament thing. Final Round was always a blast. I wish everybody well. RIP, Stinemizzle. Peace.


Whelp SRK’s finally shutting down, figured I’d pop in here and say peace to you guys, it was fun. Hope life is treating yall well, maybe I’ll see some of you on DBFZ!


Yo durhamites its yo boy Wayne from back in the day … yo shits crazy out here fam…hope yall are doin well …i heard the forums are shutting down for good. Sucks because i always thought it as the ultimate gaming convenience to be able to post and set up gatherings and such… but yo on the real somethin big is bout to go down soon and all of you peeps are in my prayers peace…


Here’s a Final soutout to all the great players i met here in the greater RDU area over the years. Ed, Lu, Treegus, Chad, Mike (stien), Mike (Mccarely), Daryll, Sean T, Bugeyes, Fed X, Chris(loudmouth), James(wolverine), Sam, Phil, B real, Joey, Steve(armageddon), Steve(chess master), Steve(black), Eric, Josh, Justin, Popup, Gabe(white), Gabe(black), Indrus, Roski, P soul, Kevin, Lamont, Shane, that cheap honzo player nobody could beat…forgot his name, Orochi bulldog, James dostie, Pacific Islander, Blake, Shaun Cosby, Rob Masten, Jim Pollak…and the others i missed … it was an Honor …


Oh yeah … i forgot to shout out samurai X … your soul calibur skill was remarkable my friend…

P.S. Edit to my last post the honzo players name was Thomas i believe…


Been a long time since I’ve been on here.

Any RDU peeps still playing in the area? Just picked up SFV and Tekken 7. Gonna try and get back to where I was back in SSFIV and Tekken 6.


“In this life i have not one regret”

I will be watching you all from the mountain top dojo.



So the forums are saved and I have come back to fighting games because of dbfz…if anyone has it on steam add me! Belemrys

I am in raleigh!


SRK still lives. Time to hit the heavy bag.


Durham. PM me your contact info


Cool man. Hit me up.


Good stuff a lost ark arcade in Greensboro.