NC Thread LXIX


Kinda sad that it’s going that way though (or already gone that way I guess I should say).

I know FB is a lot more convenient, but I miss the days when everything FG related was in the SRK NC thread (tournaments, drama, general talk, strats, etc). It was like the central spot for everyone to talk, regardless of what game you played.


Durham Tournament in July for non evo going people. Hit me up and we will train sometime. I think this is good that the thread has gone dry. It was time to clean house anyway and start over with new people, new attitudes, and new relationships.


@ Saisyu Kusanagi Thanx so much man!! I’m online everyday trying to get better on SF4, Telken tag, MK9 or Marvel! Add me online I have it for Xbox & PS3 (xbox Gamertag: TheBeyonder R5) (PSN Figlicious).


PM me your contact number so we can have a session. Don’t like playing on line.


Are any of you guys going to EVO and join the ST tournaments?


Sheesh every time I get on here the layout changes.

I was at animezement today and played a short set against Tom (Knuckledust) so ggs there. I also say Sean which was nice. The room at the marriot filled with cabs was great, 3S, Darkstalkers 3, CvS and MvC2 explodes

I’m still ass at games. Plans and meets still made via Facebook?


The scene is dead???




NC is going strong. SRK is dead.


No way NC is dead. There is so much going on in nc your just not looking in the right direction. Everyone is here…

Join there and i can get you to the rest of the nc groups. Also if you feel like looking the first page here has all the links for the nc groups, i think.


Remember when everyone used to post on SRK instead of Facebook for fighting game related stuff?


Hey everyone. I’m going to be moving from Boone to Durham in the next few weeks. What’s the Street Fighter and Skullgirls scenes like over there?


Hello North Carolinians. I’m currently living in Chicago, but I’m moving to Raleigh in about 3 weeks. Just dropping by to check out what the scene is like out there. I mostly play AE (Ibuki/E.Ryu), used to play UMvC3 though I haven’t played in recent months. Also just purchased Injustice and KoF13 so I’m still getting a feel for those. I’d love to come out for some local meetups when I get out there, as I know pretty much nobody there other than my fiance lol. I know SRK has died as far as regional matchmaking, so could someone point me in the direction of the Raleigh FGC FB page?



Also, find me on PSN if you wanna fight to the death sometime online. PSNID is LookAtMyFADC


Those groups are pretty much where everybody left posts.


[This.](Fayetteville, NC

The majority people on SRK still do. i guess not in NC though…


Well damn <_<;




Moving to Wilmington at the end of the month. If anyone nearby likes ST, wants to learn ST, or wants some insight into why many consider ST to be the best fighting game ever made, don’t hesitate to hit me up :slight_smile:


Cool. In RDU. Lets get up and play sometime.