NC Thread LXIX


In durham, pm me and lets get up and play at my house.


Holy shit, it’s Damdai.
Anyway, couple of questions/comments:

–Whatever happened with Tonamento, anyway?

–How long are you planning in staying in ghettoton…I mean, Wilmington?

–How do you feel about old school KOF? I’m a child of ST, and I’m always willing to play it, but I’m just curious on what you think about KOF 98/02 (UM)?

–Sadly, our state scene is no longer active on SRK. But we’re very much alive on Facebook.
You’ll have to post in one of the above groups I listed (mostly Rock 'em Sock 'em for statewide, or various local groups) to get responses to casuals/gatherings.
Our main scenes are Wednesday Night Battles every week in Raleigh and our monthly ReSe tournaments in Charlotte. Unfortunately, they are both rather lengthy drives from the coast.


You don’t like Wilmington? Where I’m going is very nice. Family has lived there for years.

I don’t know much about KOF. As far as KOF13, it appears to be the most respectable of all the current fighters, but play seems kind of reckless with both players hopping around frantically until they land a hit into full drive combo.

I’ll join the Facebook groups, thanks :slight_smile:


It’s not that I don’t like Wilmington, it’s that (most of) Wilmington doesn’t like civilization.
Still not as bad as a lot of places in the state, though. Hope things work out for you, there.

Also hope to catch you at ReSe. It would be an honor to play you in some ST.
Unfortunately the NC SF2 scene (which was still pretty solid even 4 years ago in the post-HDR era) has completely died, as old men like me stopped being able to travel.
Most of our state is full of young’uns only into Vortex Fighter 4 Console Edition and Ultimate X-Factor vs. TAC 3 now.


Here’s the group for the Raleigh scene, we do weeklies / monthlies. Biggest games are KoF13 and UMVC3 but we also have AE turn outs usually. Come introduce yourself and welcome to the state for however long you’re here!


As far as ST goes, you’ll probably be hard pressed to find comp for it here outside of select old heads that may or may not be easy to contact. I don’t really have any interest in learning it, but if you want to learn KoF13 we’ve got one of the best scenes on the east coast. Tons of good players here. UMVC3 has a group of really strong players as well but for some reason I don’t see ST and UMVC3 mixing lol


When they try to tell you that this isn’t the case, do NOT believe them.


SATURDAY August 10th is the last chance tournament to get your seeding points for The Fall Classic!!

Here is the SRK page and FB events page with all the details…

Sucks I can’t make the text huge like we used to be able to, lol.


That’s not true. Sometimes we run up and mash lows too.


Good Luck to Common Sense at Summer Jam. RDU.


Hey guys, just a reminder - “King of the Bling” is coming up in October in Antioch, TN at Game Galaxy! We had a great turnout last year and we hope to have more this year!

  • Your cover fee lets you play all of our arcade and pinball machines while you wait on your matches!

  • Pot bonuses everywhere! $500 1st place extra for SFAE, Injustice, and UMVC3!!
    You won’t want to miss this event! Tell your friends, it’s going to be wild!


If any of yall are planning on playing GTAV online I made a North Carolina crew. So…yeah…


Any g2gs in fayetteville, or close by areas for 3rd strike, vs, or gg? Also extremely doubtful but also any hokuto no ken players?


SaiSyu, Sie Clayton, D-Block, Commmon Sense.

Durham has KOF on lock since 95’. Good Job brother.


[I mentioned some NC players](...13 years on SRK


dang shit dead


Just getting time to play again. KOF XIII at my house at 9:00pm tonight. PM for directions


Whats up people I am a student at A&T and I am trying to find people who plays UMVC3, AE, and Injustice.


I’ve got a seimitsu ls-32 (-not- 32-01) and six 30mm seimistu buttons all unused for sale in Greenville if anybody is interested. buttons and ball top are flat neon green. Bought them from lizard years ago and never bothered using them.


I am here in Fayetteville, NC want to know if anyone’s trying to get some sessions in on 3s, Cvs 2, ssf4 AE, Sfxt. Don’t have a tv or console at the moment but I do have a place to set up for tournaments and sessions…