NC Thread LXIX


So yeah did the scene(s) die or something?


Back in the day (2002 - 2008) we used to go to Fun Fun Fun or Mindboggle along with monthly tournaments and such…


For All the Charlotte, Queen City folk.
UNCC got shit popping this Friday


Anyone in Greensboro who plays Marvel and Ssf4


Yoo, I’m Ben and all i want really is to build or find a fighting community including street fighter 4, umvc3, injustice, mk9 and any other fighting games. if your are in the Greensboro, High point area contact me. gamertag CanineVirus PSN Caninevirus44


Hey man. If your looking for the nc community especially the Greensboro then you’ll jave to go on facebook. Look up the group rockem sockem fighting tournaments and ask to join the group. Post in there and people will get you to the right place. There is a scene in Greensboro already. You can also add me on facebook and i can get you to the right places. “Rockemsockem brian tactiks peck” yes that whole name lol. (long story)


ok cool i have already sent you an request on facebook


I just recently moved to Charlotte and looking for people in the Charlotte area to level up my game. I don’t have access to a car yet but I’m on PSN.


Hello Doc. Hit me up on Facebook. That is where nc is now, tbis forum is all but dead. I yoo am in Charlotte and can point you in the right direction. There is also a tournament this Saturday in Charlotte.

Facebook: rockemsockem brian tactiks peck

See you online


Been off the scene for 3 years now and now it’s time I return. Where is the fighting scene here in the south east?


Yoo I’m Ben and all i want really is to build or find a fighting community including street fighter 4 umvc3 injustice DOA5 and any other fighting games. if yr in the area hit me up gaertag CanineVirus PSN Caninevirus44


Cool. I do not mind the drive and i will have resources for multiple set ups at the beginning of the year. PM me and lets talk.


Good shit to Common Sense for coming in 2nd in KOF XIII at NEC.!!! RDU!


So are there arcades here at all? Or has online gaming completely taken over?


Anyone with a ps3 wanna play umvc3 or ae
add me: dimeto100


cool. were are you located? i am in rdu.


Longshot Post

Is anyone from Charlotte going to Magfest? Looking for a lift. Preferably leaving Friday. Coming back Sunday or Monday. I can be a little flexible on both inbound and outbound dates and times. PM me please.


^ I am good to go. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone wanting to know if any one in NC had UMVC3 for xbox. Been looking for a online training partner but because my internet sucks hard to play against people from across the US.


i just saw the DMX episode on Dr Phil and it has to be… Mike, the guy from Jersey, who used to play MVC2 and Third Strike with Farris at Fun Fun Fun has got to be DMX…