NC Thread LXIX


Any one know of a monroe or charlotte scene really want to get better and playing online is terrible.

Here you go. They usually host a monthly tourney.


Hey guys I’m new to the site I’m in the Fayetteville area. Big SF fan
Soon I will be trying my hand at doing custom fight sticks. I custom paint controllers. Anyone looking to play hmu. Any ST titles, guilty gear, MvC. I currently don’t have my S3, it took a dump on me, in a few weeks I’ll be back up.


Howdy from Durty Durham folks!

Since this thread is dead as hell, can anyone point me to some of these mysterious FB groups where NC folks congregate? Might be interested in getting out into the local scene (even though I’m kinda garbage but whatevs).

#245 - group for Raleigh tourneys/meetups - NC anime fighting games - KOF specific - Charlotte - lastly, an open general NC group


^ Much obliged!


Ok for those that have called the hotel to reserve the normal double bed rooms under the FR17 group rate $93(normally $120) and there are sold out so let me see if I can get some more rooms added! I TOLD Y’ALL THEY WOULD START GOING FAST! Give me some time and i’ll call the hotel tomorrow morning to try and get more hotel rooms open for the FR17 group. If I can get more rooms added to the group you better reserve them when you can! We are probably going to book the whole hotel full of FR17 peeps! Also be advised that all rooms under the FR group rate will receive free wifi throughout your stay at FR17!

“As of right now only rooms available online for the FR discounted rate are the following:”

1 king bed = $93 per night- normally $119
2 double bed executive floor= $119 per night- normally $150
1 king bed executive floor= $113 per night- normally $150
1 king junior suite= $133 per night-normally $245 ask Tray “Iceman” because this is what they tried to charge him per night without the FR group rate!"

If I can gets some more rooms make sure you grab them at

There’s only 18 days until online registration is closed so you need to get that badge asap to save $10 on your badges. Register online for FINAL ROUND XVII and save $10 off the badge. Go to to sign up for the games/badges so we can make pools well in advance.


I’m looking to see if anyone is in the Goldsboro or Mount Olive area to maybe get some one on one in online (xbox 360) or in person for mainly SF4 AE. Also if anyone knows of any upcoming tournaments in NC that would be greatly appreciated!

Xbox Gamertag: TheBeyonder R5


any AE players out in Wilmington? I’ve been too lazy to go too Raleigh and meet the scene.


Too bad i can’t make it, I’m in the Northwest




anyone in greenville wilson area?. look sf4 and pokemon if anyone if up for that lol


Best to check out the Facebook groups linked in my earlier post. I personally know some guys in that area that play a lot of SF4 and Pokemon, haha.


Good stuff to the new guys that came out to the house last night. Hopefully I will close this deal for the space in April so we can be on time from ultra. Good games.


Hey thanks I really appreciate it!


yo peeps it’s Wayne i don’t know some of you people, but the older heads i recognize…lol…it’s been forever since i posted on srk and thought i would drop a line…yo saiysu sup crew…lol…


i don’t really play that much anymore. maybe a little soul calibur 5 online every now and then. Does anyone on here even play Soul Calibur…even on a semi-consistent basis…lol??


Damn son this thread must have been abandoned or something…lol.


Moved to maybe the right forum.


From hidden shine: What is up?