NC Thread LXIX


no one in greenville area? or Raleigh area?


Where are the games, fellas?


Everybody on facebook instead eh?


Ive been gone for a little bit due to military constraints but it seems as if srk post frequency from everyone on just about every thread is down…did i miss something? 2005-2009 you could not go two minutes without activity on just about every thread. I lurked forever because I didnt need to post anything. There was so much activity my two cents was never needed!


sup everybody


Thank you, I’ll try this as well.

Are you guys planning on playing UNIEL on PS3?


nah, relaxing in my temple. working still on new venue space


Can’t wait to see you guys at FALL CLASSIC or Summer jam. I’ll see if I can head to any NC events before then though. I really want to play UNIEL.


Oh shit! Tudy is going to EVO this year…

#270 for more details
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Does anyone here know of any sort of fgc out in western NC. I’m near Asheville and I haven’t yet found anything about any arcades or tournaments around at all.


Hi all,

I recently moved back to NC and just wanted to know which was the most active FB group you all post on.


what is up?


Arvy: heck yeah dude, we’re all over UNIB right now. I’m waiting for my copy to come in.

ribu: Probably that first one I linked, the Tierless Heroes group. About…two/three years ago I guess, those guys started up weekly tournaments at Triangle Town Center, but the venue got closed down. We still post in their group since it’s the most active. Generally centered around planning sessions and Capcom games.

Guy looking for games in Greenville/Raleigh: Seriously man, that’s where the majority of the scene is. They just don’t post here.

Absolome: Asheville is pretty dry unfortunately, yeah, but there are a few players in Boone and the surrounding area. You may have to hook up with Charlotte or an out of state scene that’s closer. It’s kind of weird how Asheville never developed much of anything.

Ed: Hi Ed


Not much, have been going to school up north and traveling. Came back here for grad school. How have you been doing? James calls you Master Ed lol…

Sweet, so NC is going hard on Uniel? I got to hang with a lot of the anime community in the North East, and their hype on the game kinda rubbed off on me lol…Definitely going to try and and make it out to stuff once I move to Gville…


cool. glad your back in town. still working on new venue, difficult stuff these day with work and all.


game list after space is locked down will be

USFIV:PS4/PS3/X-BOX360 (Depending on what the NC community wants it on, i will push that platform)


Almost got a deal worked out. Lady was talking about fire insurance and stuff and i was like…“consoles don’t set rooms on fire,… unless you are in greensburo” lol.


Well hey there North Carolina.

Im still alive.

Im a dad.

Thats taken up all my time.

I still like to post walls of text with seemingly random caps and lots of punctuation.

I still play Tekken.

That is all.


i just moved here last week. we should play or find the local scene lol. i play usfiv and melee