NC Thread LXIX


same old demo. lol.


Hey, sending regards from New Bern. Greenville’s usually an hour away, so i’m keeping an eye on this thread.


Any USF4 players in the Goldsboro, NC area?


Hey guys im in greenville area and a local game shop(kind that sells warhammer and TCG games) is willing to let us use thier open space if i can get enough people that are also willing to pay a cover. Let me know if anyone is interested. Trying to get say 10-20 people


How much is the cover? And I’d certainly be interested in attending


i have to get back with them no more than 10 or 15 i think. It was a idea is just purposed to them nothing in stone yet till i get enough commited


Blue Ox?


yea thats the place
i asked the guy working one day if they would be open to letting someone have a fighting game trouny there and he said he didnt see why not. I mean thats nothing set in stone but if i can get enough people im willing to go try. I currently have the equipment for 3 screens




Is it true most of you guys dropped UNIEL already?

Also, I was wondering how is everyone doing?


Doing good. Need a breather from bussiness.


You own a small business now?


hey whatup guys been awhile…this site is whack now tho lol. hope everyone is doin alright.

play moar ttt2!!

“Operation RDU reassemble”


anymore people interest in the greenville area?


<-- Lives right next to the Greenville area.

Color me interested. I think I’m going to check those FB groups in those links since there’s waaaaaay more activity there than on SRK.


Hey all, moving to the Charlotte area next month. Where’s the best place to find out about local USF4 events?


Welcome! I am from the RDU location. Not much in the way of that right now, but i am one of the original tournament organizers for the North Carolina scene. I might have a new venue secured by the end of october.Untill then it is house sessions and driving get togethers. pm and we will exchance contact information.


it was sooo good…


Yes sir there is. Charlotte has some good sf4 players and there is usually something going on every week. We also have a monthly tourney too. ReSe has some big plans for Nov’s tourney too so hopefully you’ll be in town by then.

Do you have facebook? Join the Charlotte/ReSe group:
Rockem Sockem fighring game tournaments

Once your on there I’ll add you to the other group for Charlotte that is pretty active as far as weeklies go.

What part of Charlotte are you koving to and when?

Welcome to Charlotte.


Good times.