NC Thread LXIX


Thanks! Not sure what part yet - we’re moving in with family outside of town until we find a house. We’ll be there on 10/12, so once everything settles I will absolutely hit you up about some games.

Just put in a request to join the FB group as well. XBL is TheRytor, you can usually find me on ranked USF4 in-between packing :slight_smile:


Cool. I’ll add you in. I look forward to meeting you.

My gt is Drkn Mstr. I play mostly on pc but i can do both.


can wait for Tekken 7 to hit.


Hello All,

Moved to Durham, NC a while ago for work.

Looking to meet some peeps around who are into USF4. I’m down for hanging out and playing offline.

XBL account is TV O711.

Shoot a message and we can play …




Hey I just got to Fayetteville and looking to run some games soon. Are there any locals around?


Hey just moved from San Antonio to charlotte Nc, looking for usf4/ mahvel games. Where da scene at? On xbl seth hd remix, but I’d prefer offline local


What part of charlotte? Im in the steele creek area, also looking for games.


say word! hell yeah!!!


What the hell, people still post here?


but you just, nevermind.


what is this doa-looking shit, namco running out of ideas for tekken


Oh no… make no mistake, i like the changes and redrawn characters of GGXRd and i will be playing it along with Tekken 7.

I like the 14 character roster too. Gives me a chance to slowly learn and explore the match ups and engine mechanics like i wanted too back then.


If you have a PS4 and Playstation Plus, grab the Xrd demo and give the game a try.


Sounds good, thanks.


kof 97 tonight.




Yo, Yo!


Master dragon what’s up. You grinding xrd?


Yep and playing Tekken.


what is your opinion about the game so far