NC Thread LXIX


It is good. Bigger sprites help me react better and game play being slowed is better for me. I know the ggx die hard might not like it and i understand why. Arc soften gg to draw in new players, more of a business move than anything else. But none of us want to see our companies go under. SNK learned the hard way.


WOW, there’s still and NC scene? Will any arcades in the NC get T7 (Tekken 7)?


I would like that very much.


Is there a Usf4 scene in the Greenville NC area?


Im in kinston. Always looking for people to play with


You guys need to come to rese this saturday


I gotta work Saturday. What’s rese?


A tournament in charlotte


Snow= K.O


@“Saisyu Kusanagi” You Coming To The 98 TOURNAMNET Tonight IN Gboro I Will Be there. Been working on lucky. I’ll be throwing them basketballs


Had a great time and it was good to see you.


Trying to put together a get together in the Kinston/Greenville area for next week. join ECU FGC on facebook for details


I joined the group, didn’t really see any info.


Haha, sorry. My request is still pending.


Yeah…facebook. I stay in RDU and and i am going to start throwing tournaments in Durham again now that i have a new venue locked down.

Good place to come to in the mean time is Lost Ark Arcade in Greensboro. USFIV,KOF,GGXRD, SSF2X, AND IMPORT GAMES AS WELL. When i get another ps3 lets play some time.


yo demo…you coming to the kof 99 tournament at lost ark arcade?


Whats your name? I’m not seeing anything up there? I should be able to just add you to it


Do they hold Tournaments there reguarly?


Yep. Doing kof now. Gonna talk to ultra Dan about ultra street fighter on the wide screens and setting up tekken 7 tournaments when it comes out.


Also nc fellow.Psn carolinaice82 kof 95 Mk trilogy.