NC Thread LXIX


Welcome. kof 94~03 neogeo, tekken 5~tekken tag 2, st~3rd strike,

Getting ready for tekken 7.


What about Mortal Kombat Ecks?


Anyone know if there are any weekly/monthly tournaments in Fayetteville? I love MKX but i cant deal with the laggy netplay garbage.


Going to try kof 94 rebout on my soft mod original Xbox.Any one played it?


Any GGXRD players in central N.C. interested in some local match ups?


Are the Jacksonville ppl still doing their weekly or w/e it was? Im in Wilmington and thinking about starting to go.


Had fun in g-buro. Can’t wait for Mark of the Wolves tournament.


Wise from yo gwave!!


Any KI/ultra/mk enthusiasts in the fayetteville/bragg area that want to get to the to play some games?


I know it’s hard to get anything together if you aren’t near the Raleigh area but I’ve been in NC more than a year and haven’t played any serious fgs in person. It’s eating at me coming from ny where they are everywhere.


I know it’s not very close to Fayetteville but Charlotte has a monthly tournament called RockemSockem (ReSe). If you have FB join the group and I’ll get you invites to the tourney. Next one is August 1st.

Rockemsockem Charlotte’s premier fighting game group.

You can also add me directly if you like.
Rockemsockem Brian tactiks peck

This month there will be some GA players in attendance. There is always good competition at ReSe if that’s what your looking for.

Hope to see you out sometime.

Also, there are some guys in Fayetteville that come out so if a ride is an issue I can ask around and see who is coming and if they have room for you.


Ultra, Marvel, and whatever else player who just moved to Chapel Hill. Anybody know of any weeklies/tournaments to try and meet up with in driving range? I saw a bunch of stuff from Tierless Heroes on FB but I pinged their group admin and it was radio silence.


Dam…what is good bro?


Ready for Street Fighter Zero 2 aka Street Fighter V. Absolute Guard Fun Time back AGAIN!

Custom Combo activate morf into activate V-Trigger. AHHHHH EVERBODY GENI-JIN!


What’s up, guys? I very rarely drop by SRK but I just moved to Raleigh and I’m looking for people to play with after I find a job and get my grown man stuff out of the way. For the most part, I play Smash(Melee/ProjectM) but I also really like Skullgirls and dabble in other games too. Haven’t tried Xrd yet but I really want to.
So I guess my question is, where my Raleigh players at?


nice too meet you. lets get up some time.


My last post was 4 years ago.

Another 4 years couldn’t possibly hurt.


just moved to durham and don’t know anybody here looking to meet new friends through playing some games…sf4 or mvc3


nice too meet you. i live in town. i will pm contact info.