NC Thread LXIX


Yeah, where is the old Fayetteville crew? Everyone seemed to have left Fayetteville and NC…


people need jobs. if your not medical, agriculture, or reseach you can kiss your ass good by in nc.


YO. Whats up doods. My buddy and i just moved down to the mooresville area around three months back. we play a lot of ultra, but im trying to find more people to play since the net code on the game isnt the best and my wifi might as well be a potato.


Sup peeps! I’m looking for people in the Wilmington area to play some street fighter!


Sadly the SRK boards are pretty dead for NC.
We all pretty much gather on Facebook now:


Been working alot. Goes back to work.


Bring back the meet ups on SRK /oldschool




Who should I pick in SF5 for the Pacific Northwest? Ryu?


Damn 29 days since the last post? I hope I’m not talking to myself in here. Well, it’s been a while since I posted, but I’m low on money like I have none and since I made third place on my first Tekken tournament all those years ago I feel like I can get back into this and make some money. I don’t have a PS4 at the moment, but I might be able to manage to get enough money for Smash Bros. 4. How is the scene for Smash in this state? I barely played Smash competitively and did sort of bad at a Gamestop tournament for Brawl, but I might be able to get good, I just want to know how strong the scene is here for me to consider if there’s money to be made here.


are you the one that had that tekken/marvel tournament at the rec center in winston some years back?


I have returned from the afterlife to offer a warning of the utmost importance…

Avoid the Nintendo Switch and all fighting games for it… it is garbage, hot garbage. You have been warned.


@“JIVE TURKEY JONES” should pick Urien in SF5.




Rise from your grave!!!


Good morning NC players.




Anyone from Jacksonville NC that wants to play tekken? I’m trying to find a group in town :confused:


I wonder if Soul Calibur 6 will bring the old heads back out the woodworks