NC Thread LXIX


I know there are weekly tourneys at Champps on Wednesdays. Anyone know what games are gonna be at this week’s tourney? Gonna try to make it out.


I happen to be one of the tournament organizers for WNB and now that you mention it I am gonna make a post here since I havent in a while…so here you go! Any questions just go to the group.

WNB Episode 59 is tomorrow!

6:00PM: Casuals Start
7:00PM: Registration Starts
8:00PM: KOFXIII & BlazBlue Start
8:30PM - 8:45PM: UMVC3 & SXT Start

If you will arrive later than 8:00PM text 919-219-3774 to get registered and dont miss out on the tournament. If you dont text and get there late you will not compete!

See you guys there or…stay home and stay free!






Hey guys – getting back into seriousface Marvel. Wondering how many people usually show up to WNB playing Marvel? It’s a bad night for me, but I might be able to come out at some point.


Hey Guys,

I was wondering if there is anyone in the area that can dual-mod a Hori Fighting Edge? I read that the 360 version has a locked panel, so the PS3 stick is better to mod. Just coming by to see if anyone in the area can do the job or if I’ll have to ship it out to Gummo. Also, last night was a blast. Definitely going to become a regular for WNB, just need to brush up in all the games.


I had Gummo do the dual mod on mine. I actually did it myself but I had him wire in the start and select buttons so I didn’t have to add any buttons for it. He did good work and stands by his work


Just a reminder that “Tuesday Night Frame Traps” at my house every week!!! Start time 7:00 pm until. PM for location information. Games are KOF XIII, SF IV: AE, and Tekken Tag 2. Main room tv is dedicated to KOF and Tekken second room in the house is dedicated to SF IV:AE.



Finally figured out how to navigate new SRK…whew…

Starting in October of 2011, the MINDGAMES Fight Club, born from the ambition of The BFP Guys (, started at the party room at Village Park with gaming sessions. BFP’s foray into the fighting game scene served two purposes: To provide a public place for local fighting gamers to train and to introduce BFP to the scene.

After the success of the sessions, BFP/MINDGAMES started hosted our very first tournament at The PourHouse (Tuesday Night Throwdown), which became our signature bi-weekly series. After over a year providing a service to community and growing as a group and as players, BFP has decided to take the MINDGAMES Fight Club to the next level.

MINDGAMES: Ignition will be our very first Saturday, all-day tournament event. With the support of the community, we hope that this is just the beginning of a new round of success for the MINDGAMES series of events.

$10 venue / $10 pot (side tournaments = $5 entry)

The official games that will be featured include:
($10 entry)
Super Smash Bros. Melee
King of Fighters 13
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013
Super Street Fighter 4 AE v.2012
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Side tournaments courtesy of KDP: (all $5 entry)
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Vampire Savior
Guilty Gear AC+

Please stay tuned to to get any updates and news on the upcoming event.

Here’s to another year of MINDGAMES!

We do it for the FGC. We do it for the Greensboro / Triad area.


Good luck to those of you at FR this weekend.


Alright going through my old game collection, I have a bunch of spare stuff I would like to get rid of. I won’t set prices so just make an offer here or PM me! All games are in their original cases.



  • SF2 anime collection (Unopened)



  • Soul Calibur 5
  • Persona 4 Arena
  • Blazblue CS
  • Assassins Creed Brotherhood
  • Tekken 6


  • Persona 3 FES
  • Tales of the Abyss
  • Final Fantasy 10
  • Final Fantasy 10-2
  • Xenosaga Episode 1
  • Skygunner


  • Pocket Fighter (chibi SF)
  • Parappa the Rapper
  • Final Fantasy 8
  • Vagrant Story
  • Star Ocean the second story
  • Saga Frontier
  • Busta Groove
  • Einhander
  • Chrono Cross
  • Parasite Eve 1
  • Street Fighter EX2 Plus
  • Ape Escape
  • Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
  • Brave Fencer Musashi
  • Metal Gear Solid 1

Nintendo DS:

  • Final Fantasy 3
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  • Elite Beat Agents
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2
  • Final Fantasy 12 Revenant Wings


  • Shenmue (Dreamcast)
  • Shenmue 2 (XBox)


How much would you ask for to ship the etokki converter up to Boone? There’s a guy here who’s been looking for one (but doesn’t want to pay shipping from Korea for obvious reasons).


Aye anybody got Darryl aka D-block new number? hit my inbocks


What is up old timer!!! How have you been?


Wondering if you guys have any fighting tournaments coming up in the Goldsboro-Raleigh area?


I’m looking for any guys that run AE Tekken or VF (I’m sure no one plays VF but me). If any of you guys do meetups or if there is an arcade to play please let me know. I’m new here and I will only be sticking around for a year.


Hello r3cursi0n,

There are VF players in the area. Currently I am playing Injustice, but I can play a few games of Tekken and VF with you if want to show up to WNB tonight. Let me know before 5:00 if you are coming. The games are on the xbox 360. Make sure you bring a controller if you decide to come. Also WNB has a $5 dollar cover charge.


What’s good Ed? I’m chilling as usual


What’s an SRK?


Like I said, I called it 2 years ago. Facebook would eventually kill this thread. RIP NC(insert roman numeral) Threads…

Well we lasted longer than many threads.