NCAA 13 Recruiting


I know I’m not the only one up on this.

Who is trying to get an online dynasty going on PS3?


Who can dish out tips for recruiting in Dynasty? Trying to get my Fighting Irish somewhere and my job security above 55% (D-).


Well, there is already a thread for this game: NCAA College Football 2012-2013 Thread *LEACH IS BACK!1!*

But, last night, I found out a great way to recruit. Basically, you manually recruit the players you want for your team needs. Spend some recruiting and call time(NOT ALL OF IT). When you are done with that, got the automated recruiting settings and set your priorities for what you want(ex: QB, Low, Mid, or High). Then just let the simulation do the rest. I was doing this last night. I am in Week 9 or 10 and so far I have 4 five star players and 8 four star players. I am currently ranked #1 in class rankings. Try that.

Oh, and I use ND as well. GO IRISH! =)


I was trying to search for evidence of another thread but nothing came up, thank you!

I just got the game a few days ago but really got to sit down with it last night. I’m on week 5 trying to recruit some needed players on my team. I wish there was an SRK-esque forum to learn the in’s and out’s for formations and shit like that cause running 3-4 almost every play is probably the scrub’s way out lol.


Yeah, offense is more of my strong suit. The way I play defense is based on the formation it shows me that the opponent will play. If the other team runs with 3 WRs, i usually play nickel. If they run 4 or 5, I play dime. Anything less, I run various 3-4 sets.

I do know one tip. If you are playing a running QB, find a play that has the LB spy or audible an LB to spy. Helps a lot. Oh, and goal line formations are so 50-50, I hate them.

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