NCBC @ CFG Results - July 5th, 2011 - Wilmington, NC

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition:
1st: CajunStrike - Sagat
2nd: ABstyles - Adon
3rd: Xiomar Fox - Dictator

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3:
1st: CajunStrike - Magneto/Wesker/Akuma
2nd: ABstyles - Wolverine/Dante/Akuma
3rd: SonGohanX - Dormammu/Chun-Li/Sentinel

Tekken 6:
1st: Bacon - Jin / Devil Jin
2nd: SonGohanX - Wang
3rd: Daryl - Eddy

Mortal Kombat: (Round Robin)
1st: SonGohanX - Raiden, 10 wins - 2 losses
2nd: ABstyles - Kung Lao, 9-2
3rd: Bacon - Smoke, 7-4
4th: Xiomar Fox - Mileena, 4-7
5th: Marlvin - Scorpion, 2-8
6th: Daryle - Kung Lao, 1-10

Much better turnout, big shot outs to the South Carolina crew. Don’t sleep on Tekken and MK9 folks!!!

Next weeks tournament:

Boss Battle Results: Undefeated

Much better turnout this time. Thanks again to South Carolina for coming through. Glad Fayetteville could make it (though your time was a bit short). Nice to meet the new guys too.

Hope to see you guys at more future tournaments. Flyers are ready and look nice and should be up around the school and surrounding areas within the next day or so. See everyone at the third one!