[NCR 2013] ChrisG vs SenorTaxi!


Holy Cow


Apparently ChrisG is banned from EVO now due to mouthing off and calling Mr Wizard a faggot on twitter.


I was banned for saying mr wizard plays wii tennis sitting down! :coffee:


And I missed that sadly…


ChrisG complaining twitter about PS3 lag and how terrible senortaxi is. You’d think that given that it was announced ages ago that EVO this year would be on PS3 that he’d be practicing on a PS3 to get used to the lag issues. I mean it’s not like he doesn’t have money from winning tournaments/weeklies to buy a PS3 or get his sponsors to help pay for one as it is a legit training expense and would be needed.


Where did you hear this? Definitely not true.


I hate e-sports. His name is not Senor Taxi.


That was hype at the end with those American resets and double devil trigger.


Best match of Marvel 3 I’ve seen in a while. That and Kane vs. Champ.




Rename the thread please. The name has to be correct.

Screw this e-sports censorship, his name is SEÑOR ASS TAXI.

There has to be the accent and the ASS.


Kind of hard to get used to randomly dropped frames. NCR matches have been very sloppy overall, wonder if it’s due solely to PS3 lag



nsfw btw


The banned part might not be true. The faggot part is true. I saw it myself and chrisG deleted it later because quote “some people were mad” and he then stated “I stand by it”


The banned thing isn’t true. Just a joke.


just a heads up - doing this is now illegal in the US.


Y’know, ChrisG’s wearing 2headphones but using neither douchetasticness is going to eventually be hilarious. I’m waiting for him to come out wearing a belt made of headphones with headphone armbands and shoulder pads.


I thought he was wearing two headphones to be funny?


Why/how? And it’s not mine.


The lag must have gone away after that to allow him to win the tourney. upgraded the ram in the PS3 in between matches or something. Cause it didn’t have anything to do with getting pegged by magnum shots, incendiaries, and getting his Doom and Virgil beaten clean by Taxi’s regular characters.

ChrisG is gonna lose his shit completely once people figure him out. Ever notice how every single time he loses, it’s something else’s fault? Always looks down at the stick, which apparently just happens to break every time he loses. He sucks at being a winner, which is irritating, but him sucking at being a loser is gonna be tasty and hilarious.

I respect his play and the fact that he wins, but not much else. Guess that’s me getting sucked into the heel shtick :lol:

at most, that Xbox is only 7 years old.