NCR Results 12/10/2005

CVS 2 (27 players)

  1. Ricky Ortiz
  2. Eric Leezy Lee
  3. Jesse
  4. Hung T.
  5. Van Huynh, Mikey
  6. Keith, K.T.
  7. Jeff, Eugene, Andrew O., Joe Le

CVS 2 Teams (16 Teams)

  1. Oliver/ John Choi
  2. Ricky/ Leezy
  3. Bhushan/ Art
  4. Jesse/ Eugene
  5. John/ Allen, Mr. Bean/ Phobos
  6. Anthony/ Huy, Jamal/ Danny
  7. Mike/ Hiro, Van/ Charlie, Randy/ Mikey, Ant/ Popo

3s (30 players)

  1. Pyro (Yun)
  2. Ricky Ortiz (Ken)
  3. Joe Le (Ken)
  4. Renic (Alex)
  5. Rob (Chun), Emphy (Urien)
  6. Huy (Alex), Ringopan (Ken, Urien)
  7. Ray R. (Necro), CPS (Necro, Ken), Jesse (Chun), Eric C. (Yun)

3s Teams (16 Teams)

  1. Ricky (Ken)/ Joe (Ken)
  2. Pyro (Yun)/ David (Ken)
  3. Emphy (Urien)/ Ringo (Ken)

MVC 2 (24 players)

  1. Chunksta
  2. Mikey
  3. Neezy
  4. Ricky Ortiz
  5. Crizzle, Cee Jay
  6. Randy, Robz
  7. Albert, Anthony, Som, Robert

MVC 2 Teams (6 Teams)

  1. Korngo/ Ricky/ Chunk
  2. Steven/ Rob/ Dubs
  3. CJ/ Crizzle/ KillaKelly

thank you everyone for coming out to support the scene (svgl, mgl, 707, ffa, stockton, and everyone i forget to mention)

and thanks for Joe for hosting, Paul for letting the us have the tourney, Joe Le, Anthony, Jesse, Bronson, for help running the tourney.

for the team tourney on mvc2 for the second place team the last guy is dubs and for the third place team the third guy is me. peace

This was one of the most fun tournies I’ve ever been to, right up there with the UCI Farewell tourney. Lots of crazy matches, and I didn’t get last place!

Thanks to all the staff for running this; the 2 CvS2 machines really helped to make sure that team tourney was done on time.

Special thanks goes to my dope partner Allen, who impressed me tons during tourney play. No one pulls a low jump on Allen! >_< It’s great that we got this far, maybe we can make a name for ourselves in the next tourney…

Does anyone have the brackets? Who was the asian guy in the blue shirt?

nam under jesses handle…

wtf… how did jesse get third…

all you norcal fools suck.


haha fuck you and fuck a-sakura

6th place baby
shit isn’t even possible


**I’d like to thank everyone who came out to NCR to represent and fight for our dieing scene.

Special thanks to SVGL’s and MGL’s managment and staff for making this all possible. I don’t want to think how hard it would be without the help of these two venues to keep our Nor-Cal tournament scene alive. Thanks again.

And a very special thanks to Korngo, Magnus, Insanelee, Confuzion, MOjoe and UCRollerblader. Our community needs more dedicated people like you guys.

With all said and done I hope everyone had a great time and we’ll see you at the next NOR-CAL REGIONALS.**


ah this was a fun tourney. small turnout for a major but nonetheless sweet.

good shit to eugene for driving a million miles for us and jesse for housing us.

everytime i think of billberry i wet my pants.

Props for FFA 3s players to show up… those guys are in an upper level when it comes to 3s… good strong show! Pyrolee… great guy! beast! Congrat for taking 1st in solo!!
Ray Ramos… beasted on me so bad (Q vs ur hugo)… good shit though! what happened to Dario? Didn’t see him on the 2nd day… he woulda placed very high!

Great turnout!


Dont you mean Duy/Danny for 6th LOL

duy was looking mighty tan

good job to the CHUNKSTA!! playin casual was too fun. lol “take some of that”

wish I coulda seen the marvel teams cuz I heard korngo was in the zone =o
Dope playin Rawbzilla and dubz, u guys are the coolest/nicest people in the gaming community, we need more people like u guys. Hope to see u guys soon.

also good job to mikey for taking advantage of my mistakes, or the sticks mistakes =P isucks. Come play with us more.

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Jeebus…he was so quiet when I played him at Evo…unless there was another MattxChin there…

:wtf: Relax man

hahahahaha im cryin my ass off hahahaha :rofl:

well duy got a tan and he finally got taller…Duy has finally grown up…we all should be proud lol

Cockfight…NO CHICKENS!

This tourney was pretty sick! Props to everyone who helped to run shit. It was dope meeting everyone. Leezy and Keith, you guys are hella funny. You both should try to come to the next PSM tourney in '06!

SUPERIOR TEK and John Choi win the CVS2 Team tourney…

Props to OLIVERIAN from SUPERIOR TEK and John Choi on their 1ST place victoRY

Another one bites the dust…I got BANNED from the Tourney but you cant keep my peoplez down !!!