NCR results MVC2

Just talked to potts

1st potter
2nd Chunk
3rd Randy lew

Only details i know are Row got sent to losers by Eric choi then was eliminated by potters in losers, potter beat Randy 3-2 and chunk 4-2 4-2

Dunno teams :smiley:


No team tourney.

CvS2 results:

1st. ChoiBizoy
2nd. Eric “The Future” Leezy
3rd. Eric Chizoi
4th. Dr. Bizzle


1st. Jimmy “Emphy” Tran
2nd. ChizzleBoy
3rd. Venkat?
4th. CRIZZLE!!!

good shit potter!

potter’s sent + cable = Extra Nice. I gotta practice up for MWC! FOOOOOOOOCK! lololololol

P.S.- Random post -----------------^


potter > vin diesel

good shit to bill and jal in cvs2


3)Randy Lew

my first tourny…it was great hehe. first round knock out for me woo woo. who sent potter to losers?

MMMMMMMMMMMM good shit potter!

dipset holding it down in mvc2 and in cvs2 =D

good shit guys!

err… i’m guessing row didnt come? if not who beat him? :confused:

it was in the 1st post

chunk sent pozzle to losers.

good shit my son! :karate:

Way to go Potts. Let’s take that shit to ECC now.

Anyone got the full results of marvel?

Crizzle = the stoned Dragon…good shit foo, gettin better and better
Chunk - we believe…lol! you’ll take it next time.

Winning $40 + sharing pizzas with everyone = Chunk’s too nice + extra nice WUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDUP!

Edit: See ya’ll tuesday, im gonna play threez now when i have enough tokens for it =]


wow nice results. Socal holdin’ it down!

thanks to who !?!?!?

Thanks to my nigga John =]