NCR results MVC2

wow chunksta owns mvc2 norcal. hopefully you don’t get a pool with jwong at evo this year and can rep norcal to the fullest.

Thanks man.=] and yeah Jwong owned me hard 2nd round in Evo2k4 =(


POTTER is the truth

A big thanks to CHUNK and crew for the pizza. Nice classy touch! :tup:
A big thanks to Randy/Nanoboi, who kept the brackets under control and helped avoid nasty people-from-Seattle-playing-each-other matches as much as possible. :tup:
:tup: to Potter the Mad Wizard.
:tup: to Tron brethren Doug, Bronson, Remul(sp?), Andy Lee (Evil Sakura/Tron == ggpo ow!-ness), Jeremy (guy who works at SVGL with Rogue/xx/Tron) and the other random Tron folks (even including that horrible Kobun/Roll/Tron-Y player). And an honorable mention to Andrew for being the only other guy to play MegaMan in the tourney. :smile:

My apologies to everyone - I had driven ~14 hours in the RV through those crazy fucking mountains and so was sleeping on my feet almost all of Saturday (1/2 of sleep will do that to you), so I didn’t talk much because I wasn’t sure how much sense I’d make. Nice seeing everybody again - next time hopefully we can all hang out a little more.
My apologies to Mikee on the ugly 2nd game of our set. I’ve never whored the invulernable start-up of HMM so badly before. I should have known we were cursed when I accidentally picked War Machine/Cable/Tron on you in casual… :rolleyes: I’ll try to beat you down next time, son. :smile:

A thumb down to the sticks. You’ll see too many ground HVBs, random triangle jump into typhoons, and other small nastinesses. Thanks to the tech who fixed up the 1P side on the Showcase cab… after poor Cableguy and Mandel played their match on it. I respect the difficulties in keeping cabs running, cuz Randy saw me working at NWR1. People need to remember to speak up about broken sticks rather than just letting them fuck up games. =\

I filmed 4+ tapes. They’re all on my computer now, and I’ll encode them by next Monday. I did not capture Row perfecting Randy or Cableguy, but Randy has those on his tapes. I’m 99% certain I did not capture Potter vs Row game 3 - I started zoning around then. We’ll see. I basically kept the camera running the entire tournament, unless I was playing. :smile: Peace and <3, Zach/Preppy

Great tourney…
Good Seeing Preppy aka They SPINNNNNNNINNNNNNNNG with the sprees still spinning even at the red lights. You’re fucken dope, thx for all the vids, and the entertainment. Hope to catch you at ecc and evo =]

Chunksta: Good Games we played hella matches, you’re ready for mwc. thx a bunch for the housing. Jakey is Cakey with the pillow.

Randy: Cable vs. Cable is fun as hell. Hella challenging + patience. Hopefully next time we can play more casual with cable. lol.

Row: nice seeing you again, good games, 6 hour drive to play you was hella worth it. You that duke.
GG’s To Ron, Rob, and Mikey. =DDDDD

Nice seeing the svgl playas again: Larry $, korngod aka mike jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnes aka any way you want it aka chea chea chea chea, Cableguy, C.J., John Choi(should of entered Marvel!), Doc beezy, Psyanid aka the illest, peachy, Eric Choi aka West Coast Killa aka marvel legend, john aka combofied nice meeting you homie, and everyone else i forgot.
Dope meeting Mandel, hopefully i see you at ecc and evo.

Dipset/Purple City/Byrdgang: We’re nice this year. Yes Cup. top 5 and 7 in cvs. Whats really gooodddd. Thx for the housing Jesse your dog is dope.

Props to Potter, Chunk, Preppy, Ronald [dammit blackheart] and everyone else for coming. =] I knew I should have taken my stick back sooner, got rocked hard from the outset and had to claw my way back up.

Big thanks to Preppy for being able to record and upload the vids, always great to have someone willing to help out the community, especially in a big way. =]]

I was the guy with the afro playing Magneto.

Btw, Randy, could you upload the Row vs Steven matches if you have them? Those were awesome. :clap:

Btw preppy, it’s andrew, not andy, fyi =]

Seattle is hella dope for coming down, even though for a short amount of time, but it was hella worth chillin’ with ya’ll.

  • Props to potter for coming back from loser’s and beasting me to reach 1st place. 2nd place ain’t so bad. =]
    -A BIG thanks to Preppy for filming the shit out of everything especially his match against THE SEE JAY aka I love Hot-dogs aka The ShowStopper!
    -It was nice meeting you in person Rowtron. Your cable is fuckin off the hook! and good games in casual + money matches.
    -It was nice meeting Mandel and Trinh. You guys are dope, hopefully we’ll get to play some time. And Trinh’s a dope, safe player at marvel. :tup:
  • Randy, good games we had. Your cable + sent is tops.
  • When i get a job, every NCR (If we have one if marvel is still alive), my treat to everyone who wants pizza. =]
    -Potter, Bagnus, Pigadoken: You guys are welcome to my pad anytime and good matches at my pad till 5a.m. lol. CHEA!

Thank you all for the props, i appreciate it very much guys. =]


this is mandel on the hella old name

First off I’d like to thank the Nor Cal peeps for being so hospitable to us Seattle kids. Thanks a lot for having us.

Randy-It was cool seeing you again, a real shame we didn’t get to play. Your brother exacted your revenge on me for you hahahah. We’ll have our match someday trust me on that one!

Robert-Nice games. Hopefully I won’t play so nastily should we ever play again hahahah.

Cableguy-Hopefully we’ll do battle again when I can block most of the time. Not taking anything away from you my friend.

Deus-You are as serious as the HIV epidemic. I didn’t think you were gonna come all crazy. I was hella impressed. I think your commando has the most amount of unneccessary heroism that I’ve ever seen in Marvel period. Great games man. Hopefully we’ll get to play again sometime.

Potter-Good job on the win man. It was dope getting to meet you and Bill. You guys are crazy in Marvel. In the middle of your match against Row, Bill turns to me and goes “Potter’s gonna beat Row.” Then next thing you know, you get the win >=[. You do the recruitin, you tutor the students, you nuture they brain, you’re movin the movement. Catch ya at ECC or EVO hopefully.

CHUNKSTA!-Nice getting to meet you man. You’re a chill guy, I was really impressed with the way you played. It’s really a shame I couldn’t stay longer and get some casual matches with you and the other Nor Cal guys.

Dr.B-It was cool seeing you as always. Being down in Sunnyvale almost made me wanna play CvS2 hahaha. See ya around homie.

After that tourney, a bunch of us definitely got the drive to practice back. We should definitely be much more of a challenge the next time around. If I forgot anyone I’m sorry and I’m sorry if I wasn’t too talkative while I was there. I had maybe 4 hours of sleep total during the whole drive down hahaha.

somehow i like to take credit for potters win.


really? i better not miss the next NCR then.

anyways good shit reppin norcal. makes me want to play marvel again.

<3 haha. hope to see you at rico tourney so we can play tekken money matches

full mvc2 results?

royalty to loyalty <3 the set

many thanks for housing and congrats on 2nd chunkmaster flex
pretty fun ass 100 games john "the real combofie[n]d"
bronson, you’re pretty fuckin funny
mandeezy, you’re hellla dope, hope to see you at ecc man, and if not, let’s hustle some bitches at evo
cableguy, YOU NICE with giving row 40 bucks to beat your ass
dr. b, get me that picture A SAP
mikey, good games in winners and losers hahaha
shwoken, nice job on supering through my fireball for the win, did not expect that shit

we be fuckin bad bitches. bad bitches. bad bitches. bad bitches. bad bitches. bad bitches. bad bitches.

First three tapes are now up:

[1a xxx (StormSentTron) vs THE SEE JAY (W MSP)]( xxx (StormSentTron) vs THE SEE JAY (W MSP).wmv)
[1b John C (SSCyke,MagSentPsy) vs Andrew (2W MegamanCableSent)]( John C (SSCyke,MagSentPsy) vs Andrew (2W MegamanCableSent).wmv)
[1c CRIZZLE (2W MSP) vs Nick P (SSCapCom,SSCyke)]( CRIZZLE (2W MSP) vs Nick P (SSCapCom,SSCyke).wmv)
[1d Sean G (2W BlackheartMagSonson) vs WooMighty (MSS)]( Sean G (2W BlackheartMagSonson) vs WooMighty (MSS).wmv)
[1e Darren (W MagSentCable) vs John P ‘The Magic’ (2W MSS)]( Darren (W MagSentCable) vs John P ‘The Magic’ (2W MSS).wmv)
[1f Eric Choi (2W StormSentCapCom) vs RowTron (W MagCableSent)]( Eric Choi (2W StormSentCapCom) vs RowTron (W MagCableSent).wmv)
[1g Tinh (BHCableCapCom) vs Cableguy (2W SentCableCapCom)]( Tinh (BHCableCapCom) vs Cableguy (2W SentCableCapCom).wmv)
[1h Doug H ‘DarkSideBlues’ (2W MST) vs Kyle C ‘kchow_xlr8’ (MagCablePsy)]( Doug H ‘DarkSideBlues’ (2W MST) vs Kyle C ‘kchow_xlr8’ (MagCablePsy).wmv)
[1i Andrew ‘Lamerboy’ (2W MegamanCableSent) vs Larry916 (SentCableStorm)]( Andrew ‘Lamerboy’ (2W MegamanCableSent) vs Larry916 (SentCableStorm).wmv)
[1j Albert ‘Jah Rule’ (2W MSS,SSCapCom) vs CRIZZLE (W MSP)]( Albert ‘Jah Rule’ (2W MSS,SSCapCom) vs CRIZZLE (W MSP).wmv)
[1k Anthony (MagSentCapCom, MSSpiral) vs Bronson ‘insanelee’ (2W MST)]( Anthony (MagSentCapCom, MSSpiral) vs Bronson ‘insanelee’ (2W MST).wmv)
[1l Sean G ‘PsiANyd’ (W BHMagSonson) vs Dave (2W MagCableSent,Scrub)]( Sean G ‘PsiANyd’ (W BHMagSonson) vs Dave (2W MagCableSent,Scrub).wmv)
[2a Bronson ‘Insanelee’ (W MST) vs Randy Lew ‘Nanoboi’ (2W StormSentCapCom)]( Bronson ‘Insanelee’ (W MST) vs Randy Lew ‘Nanoboi’ (2W StormSentCapCom).wmv)
[2b David Marshall (2W SSCable,Scrub) vs Trinh ‘DirtyShin’ (W Scrub)]( David Marshall (2W SSCable,Scrub) vs Trinh ‘DirtyShin’ (W Scrub).wmv)
[2c John T (W CableSentCapCom) vs AtheNeezy (StormSentCapCom)]( John T (W CableSentCapCom) vs AtheNeezy (StormSentCapCom).wmv)
[2d Doug H ‘DarkSideBlues’ (W MST) vs Steven ‘Cableguy’ (W StormSentCable)]( Doug H ‘DarkSideBlues’ (W MST) vs Steven ‘Cableguy’ (W StormSentCable).wmv)
[2e WooMighty (MagIronManSent) vs THE SEE JAY (W MSP)]( WooMighty (MagIronManSent) vs THE SEE JAY (W MSP).wmv)
[2f AtheNeezy (2W SSCapCom) vs Albert Pigadoken Jah Rule (MSS,Scrub)]( AtheNeezy (2W SSCapCom) vs Albert Pigadoken Jah Rule (MSS,Scrub).wmv)
[2g Mikee (2W MSS,SSCapCom) vs Preppy (W MegamanCableTron)]( Mikee (2W MSS,SSCapCom) vs Preppy (W MegamanCableTron).wmv)
[2h RowTron (2W MagCableSent) vs Larry916 (Scrub,MSS)]( RowTron (2W MagCableSent) vs Larry916 (Scrub,MSS).wmv)
[2i RowTron (2W MagCableSent) vs Cableguy (Scrub,SSCable)]( RowTron (2W MagCableSent) vs Cableguy (Scrub,SSCable).wmv) <-- combo video. You’re still seeing Row miss stuff - and hell, Cableguy does ground HVB, probably the 18th one people had done this tourney - but there’s some nice hot combo action here. This match shows why Row is probably my favorite Mag and Cable player in the country.
[2j Sean G ‘SeanSean’ (2W BHMagSonson,BHCableSonson) vs Kelly (W CableStormCyke)]( Sean G ‘SeanSean’ (2W BHMagSonson,BHCableSonson) vs Kelly (W CableStormCyke).wmv)
[2k Andrew (2W MegamanCableSent) vs Eric Choi (StormSentCapCom)]( Andrew (2W MegamanCableSent) vs Eric Choi (StormSentCapCom).wmv)
[2l Ronald Lew ‘TheGreatWiseman’ (2W Scrub) vs David Marshall (Scrub)]( Ronald Lew ‘TheGreatWiseman’ (2W Scrub) vs David Marshall (Scrub).wmv)
[2m CHUNKSTA! (2W MSP) vs Nick P (MSP)]( CHUNKSTA! (2W MSP) vs Nick P (MSP).wmv)
[2n Rob Lew (CableSentCapCom) vs Potter (W SentCableCapCom)]( Rob Lew (CableSentCapCom) vs Potter (W SentCableCapCom).wmv)
[3a Sean G ‘PsiANyd’ (BlackheartMagSonson) vs Bronson ‘insanelee’ (W CableSentCapCom)]( Sean G ‘PsiANyd’ (BlackheartMagSonson) vs Bronson ‘insanelee’ (W CableSentCapCom).wmv) <-- The nasty glare on-screen on this small cab that YOU see was as bad for P1 too. But P2’s character life bars were barely visible due to the monitor going bad - you didn’t have yellow/red for assist life, you had random orange and had to look for the little line indicating where the difference was. This cab was retired to casual shortly after Kyle’s match. :frowning: Sean and Deus point out that Bronson paid Sean $20 to throw the match.
[3b Potter (W SentCableCapCom) vs Ronald Lew ‘TheGreatWiseman’ (CableSentCapCom)]( Potter (W SentCableCapCom) vs Ronald Lew ‘TheGreatWiseman’ (CableSentCapCom).wmv)
[3c Randy Lew ‘Nanoboi’ (2W CableSentCapCom) vs AtheNeezy (StormSentCapCom)]( Randy Lew ‘Nanoboi’ (2W CableSentCapCom) vs AtheNeezy (StormSentCapCom).wmv)
[3d Kyle C ‘kchow_xlr8’ (MagCablePsy) vs Tinh (2W SentCableCapCom)]( Kyle C ‘kchow_xlr8’ (MagCablePsy) vs Tinh (2W SentCableCapCom).wmv) <-- Tinh’s CapCom comeback in game 1 hurts to see. Kyle asks to switch sides after game 1, Tinh says “no”. That’s punk. :tdown: Kyle didn’t make an issue of it, which was very cool of him. Tinh, this made me lose a lot of respect for you. :xeye:
[3e CHUNKSTA! (W MSS) vs Mikee (SentStormCapCom)]( CHUNKSTA! (W MSS) vs Mikee (SentStormCapCom).wmv)
[3f Trinh ‘DirtyShin’ (MagSentCapCom) vs THE SEE JAY (2W MSP)]( Trinh ‘DirtyShin’ (MagSentCapCom) vs THE SEE JAY (2W MSP).wmv)
[3g Preppy (2W MegaManCableTron) vs THE SEE JAY (MSP)]( Preppy (2W MegaManCableTron) vs THE SEE JAY (MSP).wmv) <-- Chunksta says this is a “MUST WATCH”. Watch Psylocke’s life in game 2…
[3h Andrew (W MegamanCableSent) vs Doug H ‘DarkSideBlues’ (2W MST, MagCableTron)]( Andrew (W MegamanCableSent) vs Doug H ‘DarkSideBlues’ (2W MST, MagCableTron).wmv) <-- Andrew combo videos Doug in game 3, but ends up losing it. Doug should probably have done Tron Lunch Rush into DHC HVB to kill Cable (when he instead does drills) and wrapped the match up earlier, but it’s all good
[3i Robert Lew (2W SentCableCapCom) vs Mandel ‘Soy Sauce’(StormSentCable)]( Robert Lew (2W SentCableCapCom) vs Mandel ‘Soy Sauce’(StormSentCable).wmv) <-- Mandel doing a Storm standing fierce after Rob does ground HVB (meaning the LK didn’t come out for the LA) is pretty indicative of the general quality of the matches. There’s some crazy stuff, but at the same time people were missing a hell of a lot.)
[3j Robert Lew (SentCableCapCom) vs John T ‘The Magic’ (2W MSS)]( Robert Lew (SentCableCapCom) vs John T ‘The Magic’ (2W MSS).wmv)
[3k RowTron (2W MagCableSent) vs Tinh (BHCableCapCom,SentCableCapCom)]( RowTron (2W MagCableSent) vs Tinh (BHCableCapCom,SentCableCapCom).wmv)
[3l RowTron (2W MagCableSent) vs Andrew ‘Lamerboy’ (MegamanCableSent)]( RowTron (2W MagCableSent) vs Andrew ‘Lamerboy’ (MegamanCableSent).wmv)
[3m Preppy (W MagCableTron) vs Remel (2W MST,MSS)]( Preppy (W MagCableTron) vs Remel (2W MST,MSS).wmv) <-- I’m a pretty random non-good player, and this shows that, since I can’t do a goddamn thing right in this match. Nor my earlier match against Mikee. It seemed like everybody could have used some more practice and warm-up time that day to get used to the machines. =P
[3n RowTron (2W MagCableSent) vs AtheNeezy (W SentStormCapCom)]( RowTron (2W MagCableSent) vs AtheNeezy (W SentStormCapCom).wmv)
[3o CHUNKSTA! (2W MSS) vs Potter (SSCapCom,MagSentCapCom)]( CHUNKSTA! (2W MSS) vs Potter (SSCapCom,MagSentCapCom).wmv)
[3p Doug H ‘DarkSideBlues’ (MST,MagCableTron) vs Randy Lew ‘Nanoboi’ (2W CableSentCapCom)]( Doug H ‘DarkSideBlues’ (MST,MagCableTron) vs Randy Lew ‘Nanoboi’ (2W CableSentCapCom).wmv) <-- in theory Doug should have alpha-countered into Tron in the middle of game 2’s HSF (that killed Mags), but I don’t know how many people know that that’s almost completely safe - I just picked that up from Vegita-X, who’s buff like that

Once you’ve seen footage, y’all are welcome to add comments or whatnot that I’ll put up. :smile:

EDIT: I was waiting for this guy to show up at my house, so finished tape 3 too. One more tape to go. :smile:

Zach is the man for driving pretty much the whole way back. Didnt get much sleep the whole trip, but had a pretty good time anyway. I like sunnyvale er wherever we were, seems like a pretty nice place. Was fun seein everyone and all that too. Just wish I had a bit more practice before we went down there.


Good seein Seattle peeps, naturally, and gg’s in Tekken and Marvel. I had to play Steven 2nd tournament in a row. He’s too rugged.

In Marvel I was probably disgusting people with my ugly teams, and rightfully so, and randomly won a couple of games with them. It’s a sad state of affairs =p For the record, the official record, I threw my match against Bronson. I felt bad for him and he also gave me twenty bucks prior to our match. The glare on that cabinet was beyond ridiculous. If he sjed he was partly invisible. It was tight. I would get more in depth, about anything, but I won’t.

i can verify that sean paid bronson 20 prior to the match.

i can also verify that sean is a savage

lol wtf? you can’t say no to a side switch if you won. no? wtf? fuck outta hea!

Who the fuck is Tinh? And why didn’t anyone come and tell me about that bo’shat? =[

All the people who tested out the sticks told me there was nothing wrong with them, but it didn’t look like it. =/ Maybe the sticks are just hellllllllllllllllla long and no one was use to them. Next one, I promise it wont be like this again.

to CableGuy a.k.a I get drunk off 1 Corona and it’s a WRAP! Thanks for writting the bracket for me since I cut up my fingers and couldin’t write worth shat. =[ I DID BRACKETS, SO ALL YOU BATCHES WHO THINK CABLEGUY FIXES BRACKETS AND THINKS HE FIXED THIS ONE, HE DIDN’T. kkkthx.

Trinh “DirtyShin” you’re fucking nice. Blazing with you and Bizzle was bomb as fizock.

btw, KKK got top 4 in 3s. we’re moving the movement from mvc2 to 3s. what’s really good?! Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike Jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooones WUDDDDDDDUP