NCR Super Mario Kart Side Tournament


Who want’s in? :slight_smile:

Same rules as last time. Double Elimination. 100cc Mushroom Cup. 70/20/10 payout.

If you’re interested, sign up below and I’ll add your name to the list. Paypal $5 entry to terry [at] I’ll close off the signup at 9am on Sat morning.

Player List:

  1. Kineda
  2. The Good Kind
  3. Vangief
  4. godzilla_2000

NORCAL REGIONALS 9 ~ June 18th & June 19th "EVO 2011 Tournament Season Event"

I would like in! :smiley:


IM SO down put Haikuwar down please… as Haikuwar AKA Dk…HAH


Lol I remember this game being the hypest at Hadocon.


I am down. Jaeden

Can I pay on site?