NCR2 Sat Results

3S 32 Players
1st Pyrolee - Yun
2nd Ricky Ortiz - Chun Li
3rd Mike Watson - Ken

GGXX 32 Players
1st Ricky Ortiz - Baiken
2nd Rommel “Chaotic Blue” - Jam
3rd Saif “ID” Sol

A3 14 Players
1st John Choi - V Sak
2nd Mike Watson - V Ryu/Akuma
3rd Miguel - A Dhalsim, A Gen

ST 8 Players
1st Jason Cole - Dhalsim
2nd David Sirlin - Vega
3rd Amir - O. Sagat

MvC2 50 players
1st Ricky Ortiz
2nd Randy Lew
3rd Tong “Genghis” Ho

CvS2 Qualifiers

CvS2 Top 8 finalists and their round robin Scores
Ricky Ortiz 5-2
Campbell “Buktooth88” Tran 5-2
Alex “CaliPower” Valle 5-2
Kim “ohayo1234” Hahn Hoang 5-2
Peter “Combofiend” Rosas 4-3
Oliver “TrickyT” Tavas 3-4
Brian “djb-13” 1-6
Pip 0-7

Due to a 4 way tie among the round robin scores, a randomly drawn double elimination bracket with the top 4 of Alex, Ricky, Kim, and Campbell was held.

Campbell vs Ricky, Campbell wins
Alex vs Kim, Kim wins
Alex vs Ricky, Ricky wins

The members of team USA are Ricky, Kim, and Campbell.
Alex gets 4th place and is an alternate.

What were the teams for CvS2???

ricky: A-vega/sakura/r-2 blanka
combofiend: A-eagle/rock/r-2 bison
Buktooth: N-Iori/Morrigan/r-2 hibiki
Valle: C-?/?/r-2 sagat

from there it is all blurry :). freaking long day.

wtf ricky got good in ggxx?

ricky rape =o

doesn’t valle play A-ken/sakura/bison?

Sounded like a fun tourney…I heard the brackets were kinda rigged but that aint me talking…ne ways im out…good luck to who plays tommorow…and madd props to Buktooth…


50 man marvel tournament? not bad.

did combofiend place top 5?

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa…
good shit tong mothafucken ho. Hold that shit son.
Good shit Watsizzle, reppin that ish yozzle gozzle.

yeah mvc2 was one game plus people in brackets got skipped and some machines were not working properly. not only that but i also played against people i came with and others i came with played each other in alpha 3 and marvel. i could have saved money and a two hour ride and just ran a tourney at home. i still think that when the person who was skipped and offered money back and to be able to play another match and told money would be given back and then no money given back because they played both matches in the tourney. im not mentioning names cough edma cough. if you werent in control of the money you shouldnt offer to give it back to somebody without checking with the person whose running the tourney. other than those complaints i had fun and good luck to team usa at sbo.

Brackets were kinda wack. I came playing the peeps I drove…basically school chums. So it wasnt that much fun.

Matches got skipped over…

And when someone says.

“we will give you your money back, and you can play him if you still want to”

That makes someone think that you get your money back AND play your opponent.

maybe if it was more… “you can get your money back OR play”

more simple…but meh…whatever.

N-Hibiki R2? Campbell is my new hero!

This is very old news.

SVGL tourneys are my hero :frowning:

those matches that got skipped in marvel might have been to misunderstanding of the bracket.

The bracket wasnt the normal shinakuma bracket that we used in the past, it was a pool table bracket that had lettering as well as numbers to show where the loser went. The lettering was small and confused even me. I lost to someone I wasnt even supposed to play.

sorry to those

its all good i had fun and met some cool people while i was there.

Campbell is the man RTSD=buktooth fuck shit up in japan fool
:cool: .

are those top 3 in 3S the ones who are going to japan ? or is there a top 8 for that too ?

No, those were just the warm-up tourneys. All the other qualifiers are taking place to-day. CvS2 was on Saturday because it is such a long* game.


ricky wins, he’ll represent america for every game

How many players in Cvs2?