NCR2 Sun Results

3S Quals Results:
Due to only 11 players entering, the bracket portion was skipped and a round robin was held with everyone.

Pyrolee - Yun
Thomas “Arlieth” Shin - Makoto
Frankie - Ryu

Hungbee gets 4th overall and is an alternate.

GGXX Quals Results:
GGXX was held on reloaded on console at someone’s house near Sunnyvale Golfland. Due to only 9 players entering, it went straight to round robin also.

GGXX Reloaded Qualifiers:
Romel - Jam
Saif - Sol
Combofiend - Bridget

David Sirlin gets 4th overall and is an alternate.

CvS2 32 Players
1st - John Choi C-Ken/Guile/Sagat2
2nd - Ricky Ortiz A-Vega/Sakura/Blanka2, K-CBS
3rd - Campbell “Buktooth88” Tran N-Iori/Morrigan/Hibiki

So the US representatives for SBO is:
CvS2: Ricky Ortiz, Kim “ohayo1234” Hoang, Campbell “Buktooth88” Tran. Alternate is Alex Valle.

3S: Pyrolee, Thomas “Arlieth” Shin, Frankie. Alternate is Hungbee.

GGXX Reloaded: Romel, Saif, Combofiend. Alternate is David Sirlin.

Thanks to all the participants and congratulations to all the qualifiers. We wish you the best when you get to Japan.

11 for 3s and 9 for #r?

What happened? I mean for a SBO qualifier it should be more people…

damn, i couldve got top 11 in 3s and top 9 in ggxx.

Someone’s gonna have to come up with a better time/place to hold this. Shazam.


Well, it didn’t start till 8:00 PM when it should have started at noon and it was at some dude’s house. Reno crew was there and we had four people ready to enter, but no one had any idea what was going on until we had already decided to peace out and come home…we would have stayed but we didn’t feel like getting home at 4:00 in the morning…

Congrats to you guys that stuck around and played for it, though…most of us weren’t too sure if there were even going to be qualifiers for #reload…we just figured we’d all put names in a hat or maybe rock-paper-scissors for it…

I thought I was the alternate for ggxx reload. Well according to what combofiend and romel said to me in the car. Im the zappa player.

would one of the qualifiers for cvs2 n 3s be a man. step down n let that fucking kid wong go to japan haha.

no joke

11 man for 3s? thats horrible

I thought your score was 4-4?
Sirlin had 5-3…

Re: Re: NCR2 Sun Results

ah. i wasnt keeping track of the score. cool.

11 players? what a joke…good thing it wasn’t team format…maybe next year you’ll take other people’s advice and hold a west coast, east coast and southwest qualifier and take 1st place from each and make the team. at least that way the team could be called “team usa” and more players would be competing. expecting everyone in the country to fly to cali 3 times a year - evo 2k3, sbo quals and then evo 2k4 is kind of ridiculous and this turnout doesn’t surprise me in the least.

oh well good luck…

yeah…those turnouts were terrible. I was there on Saturday and when I found there were only 15 for cvs2 I just shook my head. Not even having a full bracket for the other games is just nuts also.

That being said, I think it’s tough to lay the blame on just one person. There could easily have been more foresight on all sides, from location and preparation, to people making sure they can get there (face it, whenever there is a tourney, SOMONE always has to travel). Next year the organizers and players definitely need to think ahead.

btw it was fun.

were the only two people from the EC the two #r guys from Pitts?? I feel bad for them traveling all that way to participate in a qualifier in someone’s house

Actually Jake and Ami came up with the idea to hold it at their friends house. They wanted to see if there were goign to be anymore peeps that’s interested to enter the quals that’s playing in the other tourneys, so they wanted to hold it off til 8pm. Unfortunately me and the rest of the crew decided to just leave since it was getting too late (that and both Rob and me has to work today :frowning: ). Was a hell of a tourney though, good job reppin’ R.U.N. and Sirlin, nice job holding it down for WC.


that’s cool then sucks that you had to miss it tho, i thought 8 hour late start times were only for philly tournaments :smiley:

Hahahaha! Shirts, when will you have Floe’s children?

*Fullmetal Daywalker *

Just to get some facts straight:

-So.Cal was really surprised that Texas didn’t come for the tournament. I was actually hoping that Hsien might come.

-Justin Wong not coming was his own personal decision.

-The 11-man turnout for quals was a STARK contrast to the full 32-man bracket for the Singles on Saturday. After the Singles tournament, no one except So.Cal players wanted to spend the $25 to enter Qualifiers.

-Ricky didn’t enter 3s for personal reasons- related partly to CvS2 and I’m not at liberty to explain it, but the way that turned out was WHACK, apparently. This will come up later, I’m sure, but I don’t quite know the whole story.

-Basically, 3rd Strike’s capital in the USA is So.Cal. There are only three other centers of 3rd Strike players: Texas, Nebraska, and Nor.Cal(although it was my impression that they played CvS2 waaaaay more than 3s, that’s just what people told me), and I don’t even think NY has a scene more than it does a talented player. If Eddie Lee still played 3s, then it’d be different.

-Shirts might be listened to if he would actually play against Cole in money matches. Pshh.

It seems like the cost to enter qualifers put off a lot of people…

but anyways, there’s no one to blame and what’s done is done…

good luck to everyone at SBO.

sirlin stop the beasting! and when you coming over here? call me or email me.

why didn’t ricky enter?

funny kinda but i just rolled by sirlin’s family business on I street in dowtown sacramento where i work…i remembered it from bang the machine…anyways…go so cal in 3s…