NCR4- Pictures Sponsored by the OCV Foundation

Here’s some of the shots I snapped…couldnt get too many i was running around all day finding players for matches…catch you next round…


i always look high in pics. lol


me too. except i really am high. hhaha

4 hours of drunk ass sleep = me lookin like a serial killah!! wut wut!!

I get mine the fast way. Ski mask way.

For those who slept on NCR4…a middle finger for you and your peoplez…it’s strange John Choi said he wasnt coming and it was part of the boycott of NCR4…and he STILL showed up…guess you cant miss a phat turn-out…That was a dope tourney…good lookin to all the non-haters who made it happen…

-B.4 Real

There you go with your boycott theory again. Ricky is in Japan for SBO, Buktooth is in TX, and my NY trip is postponed so I was able to show up after all. How’s that for boycott.

i boycotted.

Enter Marvel!!! You are hella good at it.

LOL! It’s funny how I inadvertently have a picture on here. You shoulda warned me B, I woulda tried to look less ganxta. BTW, good job on running the tourney. It took a lot of guts to not rig the bracket for me after I tried bribing you multiple times. Oh well, one way or another, street justice will be served and 70’s shows will be cancelled ya-did-I-mean?! :rock:

i hear skisonic is a hater and boycotts all norcal tourneys


In the Team Seattle pics, that’s Kyle on the right, not PsiANyd.

Thanks for the pics. :tup:

hey pozzle, how’d you get so cakey?

also, i’m sad that a picture of preppy’s shoes is not available

How’s this…mess talked behind my back…Me still thanking you for coming despite it was you in the first place trying to not get players to come.Single handed…I put NCR4 together…and also thanks to Korngo; With no support on stickying the thread in Pac-North…I said nothing of Ricky or Buk in that last post nor do I care…I just said it was funny to me that you still came. Regardless with you there or not it would have been a dope tourney and turn-out…especially when you claim you didnt want anything to do with NCR. Have a great day.

Preppy: No prob…wish I coulda taken more pics…always next time…

GamerGoneBad: Good seeing some of the 707 players make it out…thanks for coming…cancel the re-runs next time.



70’s reruns cancelled for a reality show :wow:. Looks like I’ll buying “Starsky and Hutch” on DVD :sad:. Anyways, good shit in running NCR4 Brandon :tup:. We had lots of fun. You better have at least two more NCR’s before EVO.

Next NCR wont be untill Oct or Nov. But in June, we’re gonna have a Pre-EVO tourney for sures since I think it was June that Buk was gonna come back. So look out for that. =]

Thanks for the info Korngo :tup:.

I love the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas look going on. Mic Check 1,2 1,2…

thanks man, i like that new song you got out

i think its called… “ima hustla”

see you in about a month x, you bring the fists and i’ll bring the socks

we’re bringing it the streets of NY, i don’t think anyone’s ready