NCR8: Northern California WRAP UP

Wow what an event to attend! Seriously the most competitive and remembered NCR yet. Not being in the scene for awhile, then watching your good friends still wrecking shop brings back good childhood memories. The best part was the TOP 8 which consisted of people I have spent much time with and trained with in their respected games. It makes me thankful I live in such a strong and TALENTED area.

These same individuals have worked so hard and spent endless hours pushing one another to strive to be their best. For me, it was priceless watching Ricky Ortiz win in his very own hometown. Milpitas Golfland is literally 5 minutes away, which is the arcade he played and grew up at before becoming the amazing fighter he is today. His victory brought back some notable flashbacks at that arcade. Witnessing players come together, especially the old SVGL regulars root for Ricky as he FINALLY took out Daigo was breath taking.

I am glad we are still around to promote raw and unparallel talent even if we are just casual players or supporters. I think every person contributes and like a Street fighter character each individual holds a significant story. I love the old scene but encourage the new because deep down we are all Street Fighters.

Boy I am tired! till next time…

“We await your return…Warrior…”


1st - EG Ricky Ortiz (Rufus, Chun Li)
2nd - BLG Vangief (Zangief)
3rd - BLG Filipino Champ (Dhalsim)
4th - Team Mad Catz Daigo Umehara (Ryu)
5th - Alex Valle (Ryu)
5th - Crizzle (Viper)
7th - Warahk (Guile)
7th - Mike Ross (Honda)


1st EmphyNAPS!


1st Daigo
2nd Valle

anyone know the rest of the games/placings??

Wow I was exhausted at day 1 but it was really fun and well worth it.

Thanks Choi for running NCR for norcal folks. You deserved a lot of respect for your work.
I just wished we could still use the domain hotel’s venue as it’s more spacious.

GGs to everyone that I played.

Here’s a linkto the day 2 ST team battle event log and following is the st tourney result in case any of you are interested

(pictureof daigo and mongolorobocop right after he won the tourney, thanks to GalacticPhantom for posting )

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Arcade

1 daigo
2 stplayah
4 thrust
5 mongolorobocop
7 america ninja
7 vestax
9 tyram
9 moocus
9 wicked
9 battosai
13 mr igloo
13 fudd
13 papasi
13 saitou
17 papercut
17 james chen
17 mizuki
17 marcos
17 moe
17 synco
17 buktooth
17 oliver tavas
25 phobos

awaits the river or tears to come in this thread. the tourney was tight and the commentators was cool. f the haters.

I still feel offended by rickys hat :confused:

What was offensive about it?

The fact that it was a nazi hat.

  1. Naps (Bryan) - undefeated in tournament
  2. RIP (Marshal Law) - eliminated by Naps (Bryan Fury)
  3. Kane (Bryan Fury, Lili) - eliminated by RIP (Marshal Law)
  4. Andy 725 (Steve Fox) - eliminated by RIP (Marshal Law)
  5. Tekken Tim (Steve Fox) - eliminated by 725 (Steve Fox)
  6. Renzo (Lars) - eliminated by RIP (Marshal Law)
  7. Jade (Kazuya) - eliminated by Tekken Tim (Steve Fox)
  8. Filthie Rich (Bryan Fury) - eliminated by Renzo (Lars)

grats ricky, vance, and ryan. Good to see daigo sent home without US prize money. Is there even still a debate, NorCal is the best.


PS - Mike Ross is actually the best.

I thought it looked like cammy’s hat. He wore it because his “Mission was Confirmed”, as Cammy says. That mission being to win.

This shit was too hype seeing daigo lose and watch ricky and ryan play after with hella saltyness in his eyes made my night.but good shit for defending home turf.but I bet daigo is switching to ken next turny so be ready

I personally wasn’t too bothered by the Nazi hat since I didn’t even notice the nazi logo on it, but it was definitely in poor judgment. It wouldn’t be too different if someone came out dressed in white hood and robe.

Of course, you have to consider the context: who is wearing the hat? Someone brown & queer in heels and their hat? I’m sure that the Nazis would have been offended too!

I’m not German though, I’m not going to tell y’all how you should feel. //

I don’t got any shout outs to anyone except for one dude whose name I never picked up. I’mma call you Brentwood. It was nice talking to you for that short instant, & I hope that you do follow through with learning Tekken!

Instead of Pretty Ricky he’s the Pretty Dictator?:wow:

How is it Team when he is the only 1 on the team?

Alright stfu about the hat. just wanna say thanks to John for running such a dope tourney, Haunts and crew for being the best streamers and all the people that came out of town, tatsu,dustin,andy,daigo,alex,seatle, everyone thanks a lot!

lol u guys got daigo drunk no wonder he was eliminated early

anyway great tourney was very exciting
commentary and stream were good

For real. Everyone lookin at the hat, but missin dem wicked ass platform heels. Auto-props to anyone that can work them things.

forget mike ross, i believe in vangief! i was about to explode if he had won the 5th match in the first set of the grand finals vs ricky o.

Bison’s a Nazi? Sailors are Nazis? What’s next, dolphins are Nazis? It’s a well-known fact that Nazis had the best styles.


I’m not trying to make it out to be a problem I’m just pointing out that it was in fact a nazi hat. It’s Ricky Ortiz, obviously he was wearing it in the fashion sense and not in the “im actually a nazi” sense.