NC's C3 planning thread

It’s madness!!!

With the big C3 less than two weeks away, I thought it would be convenient to have a separate thread where we can all communicate on who’s all going. I know there is a lot of interest in our state and perhaps this thread can help everyone get there.


Who’s going? :tup:


The drivers are in lime and the names under are who are going in the same car. Presumably each car can hold 5 people, but ideally 4 people would be the most comfortable.

Tomas “Knuckledust” Chadwick, Fayetteville.
David-Paul “JiBbo” Mattock, Fayetteville
Javier “Commonsense”, Durham
Edward “Saisyu Kusanagi”, Durham

Matt “Frank the Tank” Frank, Greenville.
Alex “Cajunstrike” Roski, Greensboro
Demo “Orochinegro”, Greenville

Bryan “!(?_?)!” Ford, Charlotte.
“Marn”, Charlotte
"Loborine", Hickory.
Nick “xYourMasterx”, Charlotte

**Hotel info (copied from Havoc’s post):

Homewood Suites by Hilton Dulles-North/Loudoun
44620 Waxpool Rd
Ashburn, VA 20147
(703) 723-7500
0.9 miles from C3**

Post up!

I want to go, but I don’t know if I can handle the 7 hour drive to C3 from Charlotte. Is NC meeting up anywhere before heading out? I’m pretty sure I would be the only person going from Charlotte (maybe Nick), but that would kill me on gas.

I’m going. 100%. Bryan, get up with Marn, he wants to go and is in need of a ride.

Well last month’s C3, Loborine came along from hickory. We met him in Durham and from there we rolled out in Tom’s car. Lobo parked his car in a grocery store lot.

Pretty much the best place for anyone to meet up would be RDU or Greensboro, since those are closest to 85N and 95N.

i want to go… i would take my car… but it needs new tires and im already afraid i cant make it to greensboro with out one going flat… let alone VA…

so in other words i need a ride :frowning:

I want to go, but I can only go Friday/Saturday/Sunday… Hopefully I’d be back by Sunday night or so… I have all the gas monies in the world! Hook it upz!

Does anyone from NC already have a room booked? I could definitely drive up to Durham (or even Fayetteville) to meet up with you guys.

damn i forgot about the rooms… is it going to be more expensive to go without reserving it?

hey jibo… and tom… can i roll with ya???

Depends on who’s going. We might do something similar to last time only this time with two cars. Give it a day or two to see who’s all coming, then we all can figure something out.

Bryan - Pretty sure nobody has booked a room yet.

Frank - Are any other g-ville gg players coming?

I have a place we could stay at =(… Cause you know… I got them hookupz =(.

WHAT… you were suppose to say…yes lobo… of course LOL :annoy::rofl:

nah thats cool… the more the merrier… last time it was fun… cant wait…

I took off from work so you know im going we can do what we did last time. Except the getting lost part :smile: Its whatever less just see who is going figure it out from there. No can throwing and you know who im talking about :wink:

I’m out. Not only am I broke, but I’m taking a class Saturday mornings over the summer.

Hitting Animazement instead. Otherwise I would have gone. Got more people I know going to Animazement.

At this point it’s highly unlikely I can make it to this. My dad has something in mind that he needs me for that weekend. It might fall through but I somehow doubt it.

I want to go but we all know im quite scrubtacular at the moment in the 2D, I intend to rock the DR world though. But im definitely in if I can get a ride. I would need to know how much its gonna cost me though, gas and room please.


It’s a shame there isn’t someone near to you that is going and could give you a ride :P.

Count me in!!!

I would like to ride with someone. Can help with hotel and gas. I get out of work in Greensboro at 5:30.

HIT ME UP!!! :tup:

Nah, I can’t make it to this one, sorry.