NC's Official SinSation Planning Thread!

Alright, we got about a month to get everything together and roll out. I’ll be editing this post with people who are interested and those who are confirmed to go. We can all figure what is convenient and such down the line.

Let’s bring the hype and represent our state well!

Drivers that I know of are in bold and the people coming with them are directly below them.

Confirmed (15):
Knuckledust, Fayetteville

  • JiBbo, Greensboro
  • COMMONSENSE!!!, Durham
  • Hermit Naii, Fayetteville
  • Jin, Fayeteville

Loborine, Hickory

  • Face, Charlotte
  • Saisyu Kusanagi, Durham
  • xYourMasterx, Charlotte

Matt Frank, Greenville

  • Sumaragi, Raleigh
  • PacStrife, Greenville
  • Deadontime, Raleigh

The-priest, Charlotte (?)
SieClayton, Greensboro

Interested (9):
Tat Guy
purifyweirdsoul (He’s wit wutevuh yo)
Demo <---- VERY interested

??? (5):
Tenki Sensai

MIA :sad::
Titanium Beast!
Q GrayFox
Cajunstrike (Owned by work)

>> Tournament info here. <<

POSTS!!! :looney: :lovin: :wink:

I’ll be there. :coffee:

Put me on the VERY interested list please. You know im all for playing the background, but if we can get some practice time in I will put in my bid and enter some tournaments. Gotta level up this year.


What, no me? That hurts jibBo. Anyway, If I can get a ride I’ll go. I’ll willing to drive out of town to ride with anyone who’s driving. I’ll pay gas, etc. So, hit me up.

Edit:put me on the “just too interested list.”

I’m going

I’m down for going, I just need a ride, as I fucking hate driving to and from C3.

im going but ill be driving from rockymount not charlotte casue ill be back at school

I preregged for Goldsboro before the thread for sinsation was posted, so eh. If it works out that it’s doable for me to go to this, I still might.

I’m going. I never make Jibbo lists either :frowning: I swear you go to philly with a guy…

I’m very interested in going. Who can give me a ride?

Definite no for me due to work.

I’m out of the tourney scene pretty much altogether due to that except for Lucky’s and vacation time. I may try to hit Evo in 2010 though.

But they are depending on you to in Goldsboro to make < 5 hits work :rofl:


can you put me in the ??? or MIA list please

its not actually at c3 this time. its gonna be at a hotel. like 20 mins closer.

ninja edit: someone needs to make sure < 5 hits goes down.

damn I’d like to go. . not sure since I promised I’d run SC4 though for the Goldsboro tourny thing

:rofl::rofl::rofl: U R HURT!

I actually feel pretty shitty about backing out of it, but hopefully they can get someone else in the month they have now. Or maybe < 5 hits was just meant to be :frowning:

U R HURT TOO :rofl::rofl:

Yeah, but 20 minutes out of a 7+ hour drive from Charlotte doesn’t mean anything.

We needz to car poool.

I just got off the phone with Matt, riding with him to SinSation, so I’m confirmed now.