NCSX question

Not sure if this should go in this section but I wasn’t positive on where to put it. Basically they have an item that I cannot find anywhere else and was going to place an order. However I have never bought anything from them before and was just curious as to how they are. I usually get most things from Play-Asia but as usual they are sold out so this is my main option. If anyone can give me an experience with this store that would be great. Thanks guys.

I’ve dealt with NSCX many times and always been very happy (picked up two HRAP3s from them a couple months apart, and they shipped both of them with extra care).

NCSX is the ultimate shit. Most of the time, I’d rather deal with them than play-asia. I got my HRAP from the and My Bleach DS 2nd game through them. Good shit, and the shit fast cause they are in New York.

I’m pretty sure Jesus had a hand in creating NCSX.

That’s good to hear. I’m just always nervous about dealing with places new to me online. They just seem to be the only place with the Wii Fighting Stick and I’d rather get it now than wait for however long for Play-Asia to restock (and knowing them it’ll be a long ass time). Thanks everybody.

NCSX is a great site. I bought from them b4 I konew about play-asia.

You question how legit NCSX is?!!?
NCSX is one of THE originators of the import game and I used even used to buy Super Famicom and PSX games from them back in the day (between them and the now defunct Buy-Rite).

That’s like asking if Toyota’s a reputable brand.

ya NCSX is one of the best places to order from.
I’ve ordered a lot from them in the past, I even called few times asking for stuff not on there page and they were very helpful.

I have to say that I am very impressed with these guys and they may be stealing a lot of my business from play-asia. I placed an order at about 2:30pm yesterday and at 5:30 they had sent me a UPS tracking number for my package. That’s the kind of service I like to see.

NCSX is on point. Order a Virtua stick for the pc from them and it came in less than a week