Anyone else been using jab > NDL? I’ve been giving it a go since max range standing jab > strong NDL seems to work pretty well as a zoner, if they try and jump after the jab then the NDL gets them. I’m wondering if anyone can punish it or reversal super? From my view it looks pretty safe to me. Ironically EX NDL won’t hit since the jab is pushing them back too fast.

EDIT: I checked out the NDL against live opponents, Jab anti-air into Strong NDL works rather well, but on a grounded opponent they can dash between the jab and the NDL to close distance. It seems like cr. SK > SP NDL may be better, since the opponent will take longer to go from crouching to standing animation and be caught by the NDL. Also alternating between Jab and Strong NDL make it so the opponent does not try to reverse or find an opening. The good thing about the NDL is it acts like a projectile, so it will automatically outprioritise any moves from the opponent.