Ne (3) Results 7/25


Ne (3) Results 7/25 and CvS2 07/26

  1. Jamarr Lewis(Necro,Oro,Ken)
  2. Datrick Orr(Ryu,Alex,Makoto)
    3.Cameron Buckner (12,Ibuki,Ken
    4.Aaron Williams(Alex,Makoto

Ok, I’m sticking to the guys n gals in my av now.:mad:


  1. Jamarvelous (A) Bison,Sak,Sagat ©Sagat,Cammy,Geese
    2, BloodUrien § Dhalsim,Vice,Chang §Nak,Guile,Blanka,§ Rock,Chang,Cammy
  2. Cue (K) Rock,Ryu,Sagat (K)Kyo,Rock,Ryu
  3. Lonely Fighter © Guile,Ryu,Balrog © Ryu,Balrog,Bison

Great tourney,I think Jamar made me up my game a lil bit in CvS2.
Your Cammy and Geese are fucking deadly. I need another guy with Chang that can bang. You owned today and my Dhalsim couldn’t beat that A groove shit so …
Fuck A groove



Good shit jamarr. I still don’t know how you play so fucking good with necro in 3rd strike?!?!?!!?:confused: :confused: Best necro i’ve ever seen. Holla at your boy from the dirty dirty south.


Florida Man Kills Family With Cross-Bow and then commits suicide

Hey BloodUrien is there still any chance of having those 3S regional tournaments?


Did Butch show up? I haven’t heard a thing about him in like 3 months now, does he still play at the center?

I wish I could have made it up there but I had things to do down here.


Someone needs to post the GGXX results still.


Nah GGXX was not official cause the second player side was shit.
If u played on there you simpy had a big guy named Bubba raping you. Or Lamel:lol:

Butch didn’t show up. He still shows up just not too often but trust he dosn’t need the practice. When he does show up his Hugo still racks up wins.



Hey BloodUrien are you slipping? People like Chang cant win dude. And what the hell’s up with Sim and Vice???:eek: I mean,I heard you can use some pretty dumb characters well but now your just getting carried away. You should try Yama,Cammy,Chun,or uh…well Sagat is always good too.:lol:



Yeah ok guy. Chang’s actually my best character. You will just have to see fool.


Ya he does suck now

BloodUrien never wins anything anymore! Especially when he says hes gonna, haha. Oh well just another victim…


Capt. Caveman… have you entered tournaments since Tek made some? He’s no joke, man… top tier chars or not. I think it’s more respectable to try to find your own winning tactics than to just use the rehashed stuff that someone won with.

And I haven’t even heard of the other guy.

edit Maryland, that’s why. No problems with you then.


Yeah, I played on that misplaced Nickel-A-Play bullshit Friday night and thought “They had better fix this piece of shit overnight or the tournament’s fucked.” Did someone dump some Coke down there or what?


Hey what do u mean Shinsay? Just PM me man.

Whats with all this hating on me? Dont make me go back to the old quote. “Quit drinking Haterade!”




Hey bud I’m just giving you shit man. You know I just be fucking around.

Why am I so terrible at sf4?

Mojo Fag…

Yeah well fuck you bitch.