NE-a Parasite 101 - The Nemesis Basics Thread

*Welcome to the Nemesis’ Basics thread this thread details the basics of Nemesis’ moveset, history, his playstyle, basic tactics **and possibly frame data (If it doesn’t get it’s own thread) (Pre-Release Note:If for whatever *reason mods lock this thread because the game hasn’t been out yet then, guess I can’t stop ya. But look how much hard work I put into it :smiley:?)

**NE-a Parasite 101: The Nemesis Basics Thread **

*For all your Undead Tentacle Needs. *

Nemesis T-Type


Character History
Name: Nemesis T-Type
Aliases: Nemmy’, Giant Zombie, Top Tier Teeth, Zombie, Colgate Fresh
Age: ??? (Created sometime after the events of RE0)
Gender: Male
Classification: Nemesis-Class Tyrant, B.O.W (Bio-Organic Weapon)
Alignment: Neutral-Evil
Weaponry: Stinger-Based Rocket Launcher, Fists, Network of spear-like tentacles
Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Durability, Speed, Stamina
T-Virus, NE-*a *Parasite, Genetic mutations
Arch-Nemesis: Jill Valentine
First Appearence: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) [Capcom]

[LEFT]The Nemesis T-Type generally known as just Nemesis is the product of four Nemesis-class Tyrant B.O.W’s created by the pharmaceutical conglomerate Umbrella inc.‘s European division. The Nemesis of the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 universe is unspecified of which of the four it is but regardless they all share similar qualities. The Nemesis was a result of the failure of the first Tyrant-class B.O.W’s created by Umbrella, their failure due to the tendency for Tyrants to go berserk and lose sight of their orders. Thus Umbrella implemented the NE-a Parasite, a brain altering parasite that allowed the host to be controlled and programmed to an extent by Umbrella as well as enhancing the host’s abilities’ giving the affected a stronger intellect as well as the addition of tentacles and superhuman qualities already added to the Tyrant’s many notable features. The intellect was increased so beyond that of a normal Zombie that the Nemesis was able to use hunter-prey tactics such as playing dead, ambushes and destroying any means of escape. The first of the four Nemesis’ went berserk and tried to escape after gaining the intellect from the NE-a Parasite, however it was “put down”. It’s successor the T-02 was controlled much more fiercely and Umbrella was able to program it easily.[/LEFT]
“S.T.A.R.S…” - Nemesis T-02
[LEFT]The T-02 the most infamous of the four was sent into Raccoon City during the T-Virus outbreak to eliminate all S.T.A.R.S operatives, those who had extensive knowledge of Umbrella’s involvement in the various outbreaks and thus a threat to the company. The Nemesis claimed the life of S.T.A.R.S pilot Brad Vickers and set out next against Jill Valentine, often uttering his infamous line of STARS…the first and only line a zombie has ever spoken in the RE series post-transformation. Jill managed to defeat and evade the Nemesis many times finally confronting the Nemesis for a final time at the dead factory minutes away from an Nuclear explosion. The Nemesis mutated into it’s final form and was nothing more than a mad beast destroying all in it’s path a gigantic heap of flesh. Jill used a rail gun, combined with final rounds from a near by .44 magnum to finally put the Nemesis to a stop. After the death of the T-02, the Nemesis project was never mentioned again by Umbrella and what happened to the two other prototypes is unknown.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Nemesis’ despite his short appearance in one game (minus numerous replays from different games of the events of RE3). Nemesis became an infamous villain and monster to games across the board, he was a difficult enemy to face. As he both ran faster and was physically stronger than Jill. Not to mention he was one of the few enemies in the game with the capacity to open doors and chase the player through many different areas. He appears both in scripted and in random unscripted moments which brought the feeling of fear to the game, not knowing when or where Nemesis was going to show up. One thing is for sure though, when Players heard his infamous theme play, they knew it was time to get ready for a fight or run like hell.[/LEFT]


General Style
[LEFT]Nemesis is a big BIG character tied with Sentinel for the biggest hitbox and tallest character in the game. With his massive strength and size Nemesis brings to the table a high-damage large range character. Albeit such great strength comes with great slowness as he’s one of the slower characters in the game. He has many tools for extending combos but his greatest asset lies in his ability to reset combos easily with his Skrull-esque command grabs. It is best to say he is a mix of The Hulk, Ghost Rider and Super Skrull.[/LEFT]
1,150,000 (1.15million)
[LEFT]Unlike Nemesis’ ability to sprint faster than a well conditioned human-athlete in RE3, Nemesis is a bit on the slow side here in Umvc3. He can decently wave dash across the screen though his dashes can not be canceled by attacks, only crouches. His jumps feel heavy and he carries allot of “weight”. His walk speed is one of the slowest in the game (Though he does turn around with his backwalk animation like a pro). Sorry to say Nemesis but your pretty slow in the moving department. Nemesis may be the 3rd slowest of the “heavy” class characters in Ultimate, in my opinion ranking of slowest to fastest going Thor, Hulk, Nemesis, Haggar, Sentinel.[/LEFT]
Damage Potential
[LEFT]Nemesis is a truck-load of damage waiting to be unleashed. Combined with his rocket launcher and superhuman strength Nemesis has a tendency for somewhat-slow, but high damage attacks within all of his normals, and specials. In my opinion, he is the new second strongest character in the game behind The Hulk of course.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Nemesis’ range is one of his more unique and best aspects. He has very long arms as well as several tentacle command normals that help him reach his opponent easily, not to mention some of his specials easily let him combo from 3/4 screen quite easily. Needless to say this is where the Ghost Rider part of Nemesis fits in, his Deadly Reach greatly increases his range already beside his good-ranged normals. His rocket launcher also gives him a fast, full screen projectile that does great damage and has <Unconfirmed armor or durability> However his rocket is not his greatest tool, as it has a tendency to miss average and below height characters. His hypers also reach full screen given time, whilst his level 3 hyper[/LEFT]
[LEFT]actually has one of the longest hyper throws in the game. His command grab tentacles combined with his height give also give him excellent range in the air department. His j.H also has one of the biggest self-surrounding hitboxes, hitting everything in a 360 degrees radius around Nemesis.[/LEFT]
Combo Potential
[LEFT]Nemesis has several state inflicting specials that easily extend combos, including two wall bounces a “reset-perfect” special, two ways and to ground bounce. Not to mention the range of his normals and specials easily let him catch most characters and start combos from nearly any range. Nemesis doesn’t suffer from much damage scaling because his combos relatively have few hits in them. Nemesis has great combo potential due to his many tools, though, like Wesker he had tendency to only be able to extend combos from states such as Ground bounce, wallbounce.etc with a very bad OTG, Nemesis has a hard time extending combos without such states. However one of his greatest strengths because of these states is the ability to reset easily with his very good command grabs. It is also good to note that most of Nemesis’ normals create allot of hitstun AND if blocked, Blockstun, making some of his moves surprisingly safe or neutral on block.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]This section is different from Nemesis’ mobility. We already know Nemesis is not the Usain Bolt of the game and he’s more of that fat kid forced to run the track in High School P.E. However he’s not the slowest of the slow. On the contrary Nemesis is one of the few heavy characters to be able to complete a full magic series because all of his normals are pretty fast FOR a slow-class character. His normals are actually probably the fastest of the slow characters. However don’t take this in too high regard Nemesis is still classified as a slow character for good reason.[/LEFT]



[LEFT]Standing :l: - Nemesis does a quick hook punch, this move cannot be rapid fired and is decent in range.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Standing :m: - Nemesis does a huge frontal forward kick this move notably has allot of range and hit stun.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Standing :h: - Nemesis swings his arm holding the rocket launcher upwards at the opponent quickly. This move knocks the opponent into the air and creates a very short spin-stun; and could potentially be used for anti-air. This move can be confused with :dp::l: as they are similar in nature. This move is slow, but faster than it’s crouching variant.[/LEFT]
Standing :s: - Nemesis slams his palm into the ground and erupts several tentacles in front of him. Very fast startup but most notably the vertical and horizontal hitbox is HUGE on this move and easily catches jumping opponents, it also has two hits. But like most launchers, very bad on recovery and can be punished if thrown unwisely.

[LEFT]Crouching :l: - Nemesis does a very quick frontal kick, this move has great range and is the fastest of Nemesis’ normals. Good for poking somewhat. **This is Nemesis’ only move that hits low. **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Crouching :m: - Nemesis does a backhand with his non-rocket launcher arm. This move is somewhat slow, and has allot of upward range. It is similar to Dormammu’s vanilla c.M in some ways it easily catches opponents in the air and is useful if your not sure if you can connect properly after a Command Grab or a wallbounce this move is the best for the job. Hits Mid[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Crouching :h: - Nemesis charges forward while crouching with his shoulder. This normal is interesting because it has a point of super armor on it, and goes 1/2 screen. It’s good for catching opponents when having to dash to catch a wallbounce. This is Nemesis’ slowest normal and the super armor does start up kind of slow. This move has bad recovery but has great blockstun so thus is safe on block as the opponent cannot punish this move. Hits mid[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Jumping :l: - Nemesis swings his arm upwards like his standing :l:, moderate range. it can be used for air to air combat however.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Jumping :m: - Nemesis hammers his opponent with his rocket launcher arm, move has allot of hitstun and great vertical range and it quickly cancels into itself thus any time this move hits can be followed up by another j.M for more damage.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Jumping :h: - Nemesis explodes several tentacles from his chest which point in a 360 degree radius. The hitbox on this move is Massive. This move hits in a 360 degrees around Nemesis but the smallest part of the hitbox behind on top and directly below him albeit still large and still hitting all sides. Does a great deal of damage and has allot of hitstun. Because of how fast Nemesis falls and his low jumping range this move has allot of potential in moving around the stage and or starting combos safely.[/LEFT]
Jumping :s: - Nemesis slams his opponent down to the ground with both of his arms, causes a ground bounce on standing opponents. Very good vertical range though can whiff higher characters on an air series if Nemesis starts attacking already lower than the opponent. If done on a grounded opponent it causes a ground bounce, if a ground bounce has already occoured in a combo it will cause a soft knockdown
Note: All of Nemesis’ air moves are overheads and High attacks
Command Normals
[LEFT]**Deadly Reach: **:f::h:: Nemesis steps forward and sprouts tentacles from his arm while thrusting it forward similar to how he infected Jill in RE3. This move has near full screen range just about 7/10 of the screen. Unlike his rocket launcher it does hit below average height characters, with the exception of the midget side of the case Amerterasu, RR, Arthur, and V.Joe. This move is a big part of Nemesis’ game it extends his range greatly and it can be **Special canceled, **which allows it to be combo’ed into easily. This move does around 1-3 depending on how close the opponent was when hit, causes some moderate hitstun and does good damage. The move is moderately fast. Note all Deadly Reaches will heavily scale Nemesis’ combos. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Deadly Reach AIR OK Variant: **:df::h: or :f::h:: Essentially the same move as the ground variant. However noticeably the move comes out ALLOT faster than it does on the ground. Nearly instantly, this is good for punishing flying characters or those who are super jumping away at distances. He can also angle it diagonal down with :df::h:. This move acts similar to Wesker’s Samurai Edge in the air, pointed down and hits high… This also can be used for getting closer to the opponent by spamming the forward jumping deadly reach while jumping forward as it keeps the opponent in block stun but beware of advancing guard. This move combined with timing and a air magic series can can create a re-launch for Nemesis as he falls faster by using this move in the air, as well as a command grab reset opportunity. Arguably one of Nemesis’ best moves and allows him to control space with easy. Nemesis can create some good zoning ability by canceling this move into air rocket launcher. [/LEFT]

[LEFT]**Rocket Launcher: **:qcf::s: or :dp: :s:: Nemesis fires his rocket launcher forward, sending a full-screen fast moving warhead directly at the opponent. This special is moderate in speed and does great damage as well as high priority or super armor. However it’s major drawback is it’s fired at Nemesis’ head level, causing it whiff several of the shorter side and even average height characters. Causes soft knockdown on hit. The Dragon punch variant will fire the rocket launcher upwards at a 45 degree angle for anti-air purposes. Against larger characters this move is very good as they have no chance of ducking under it and are easily hit by its size.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Rocket Launcher: AIR OK Variant:qcf::s::Thevariant is much slower than his grounded version and is angled diagonal down like his deadly reach 3H. It is notable that this move is the only non-hyper move that can OTG. However it’s terrible recovery and startup speed makes it very situational. I wouldn’t rely on it to extend combos without select assists. IF you Tiger Knee this move it becomes allot more useful, being able to correctly hit smaller characters. Its dangerous to use this up close but it makes for good keepaway **If you catch an assist with this special it can be a infinite on assists due to the knockdown the rocket creates. **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Clothesline Rush Punch: :qcf::l:, :m: or:h:: Nemesis takes a large and quick step forward and punches the opponent with all his might. This move starts up quite quickly and it changes depending on the button inputted to use the special, it also does great damage, and has tremendous 1/2 screen range All variants of this special cause a wall bounce[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Clothesline Rush Punch Light Variant :qcf::l:: The most useful of the three, Nemesis punches the opponent fiercely, on hit it causes a wall bounce. The recovery on this move is not bad so that you can follow up after it since it also causes that wall bounce, but it is moderate recovery so be careful where you throw it. This move is great for extending combos and creating a safe field because of the immense amount of blockstun on this move and is thus neutral-safe on block.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Clothesline Rush Punch Medium Variant :qcf::m:: **Same as above, but immediently after punching Nemesis fires his rocket launcher forward. This move has a very long animation that can only be canceled by XFC or Hyper. The recovery is changed to that of the rocket launchers. It is difficult to follow up after this move.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Clothesline Rush Punch Heavy Variant :qcf::h:: **Same as the Medium variant but instead fires the rocket launcher at a 45 degree upward angle. This is more useful for doing more damage in the corner as the rocket will actually catch the opponent most of the time if done in the corner. Nemesis can follow up this move in the corner if he reacts quickly enough.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Rocket Launcher Slam: :dp: :l:, :m: or:h:: Nemesis slams the opponent with his rocket launcher. Like clothesline, depending on what button pressed causes a different property. It is notable that all variants of this special have probably the worst recovery and slowest startups, do not whiff these unless your baiting the opponent. However to compensate for these, they each have one hit of super armor (Unconfirmed atm)[/LEFT]
** Rocket Launcher Slam Light Variant: :dp::l:

Nemesis whacks his opponent upwards with the front of his rocket launcher. It is notably similar to his standing H but is slower, and sends them farther upwards and stuns them longer. This move is significant in the move set because of how **Perfect it is for resets with command grabs. **As it sets them at the perfect positioning for it.
**Rocket Launcher Slam Medium Variant: **:dp: :m:
Nemesis slams the opponent into the ground vertically with the front of the rocket launcher. This move has decent range and causes a ground bounce state. It’s notably slower than his L variant, but is perfect for extending combos. Be careful not to use it after a command grab because the ground bounce will cancel.
[LEFT]Rocket Launcher Slam Heavy Variant:dp::h:[/LEFT]
Nemesis swings his Rocket launcher horizontally and hits the opponent with the mid-section of the rocket launcher. This move is the slowest of the three and causes a wallbounce and a hard knockdown. Clothesline L is superior to this move in both startup speed and recovery but it is notable that this move does do greater damage. This move in theory is good for combos, but its horrid recovery prevents it from ever being so unless Nemesis calls an assist or hyper cancels this move

[LEFT]Tentacle Slam (Throw) :hcb::l:,:m: or :h:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Like the deadly reach Nemesis sprouts tentacles from the palm of his hand and chokes the opponent with them if it connects then proceeds to slam them into the ground, like how he does with Jill in his 2nd form in RE3. This is Nemesis’ most powerful tool. As it allows him to reset his combos and start anew easily. The command grabs angle change depending on the button pressed. All three however, are unblockable and cause a long ground bounce state, the damage scaling is also not bad off of it. The recovery is pretty bad so be careful with this move as well.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tentacle Slam Light Variant:hcb::l:[/LEFT]
: Nemesis swings his tentacles from his free hand in an upwards fashion from bottom to head level. This is Nemesis’ standard grounded command grab, most notably the shortest ranged of the three. While it is disapointing his light grab is not in the range and fashion of Web Throw or his Deadly Reach the grab is what it is and has moderate range. This move can be kara-canceled from c.H or any of his normals and if used properly can easily swipe a turtling opponent.
[LEFT]**Tentacle Slam Medium Variant **:hcb::m: Nemesis shoots his tentacles upwards at a 45 degree angle. Probably the most useful of the three as it covers a good range and area where the opponent will be.Easy to use on an incoming opponent[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tentacle Slam Heavy Variant:hcb::h:: Nemesis fires his tentacles directly above him. Considering his height and the range of his tentacles, its going to be near-impossible to dodge this if you above Nemesis in any fashion, unless one is in flight mode or super jumping. Easy to use on an incoming opponent[/LEFT]
Hyper Combos
[LEFT]**Bio-Weapon Assault: **:qcf::atk::atk:Nemesis fires 3 warheads from his rocket launcher then proceeds to jump to great heights and stomp on the opponent on the way down. The 3 rockets track and travel full screen, OTG as well as cause hard knockdown states. The final stomp creates a Massive height of ground bounce and soft knockdown. However because Nemesis has to recover from the stomp he cannot follow up without XFC. It is notable that this hyper is the one used most often to end Nemesis’ combos because of it’s ability to OTG. However depending on the range, the hitstun deterioation of the combo used beforehand. This hyper may whiff, or the opponent could tech out of the hard knockdown. It is best to use at moderately close range, being too close can cause it to whiff as well. if an opponent goes behind Nemesis after the hyper is initiated, Nemesis will stop tracking but the stomp will still track. It is noted however that if the opponent goes behind Nemesis during this he will also try his best to hit behind him, as he may fire the rocket at the “side-screen” “next to him” which can possibly hit behind given the large hitbox.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Bio-Hazard Rush: **:dp: :atk::atk: Nemesis gets mad and punches horizontally 6 times with great force in each punch, stepping forward every time. The stronger of Nemesis’ two level 1s, This hyper’s most notable and unique feature is its 10 hits of hyper armor, but has no start up invincibility. It is also notable that the hitboxes on the punches are massive, and are even capable of hitting behind Nemesis. The first 4 hits cause knockback stun state the 5th a high stun launch and the final one a very long spin state.It is notable if blocked this hyper is easily susceptible to throws. As the move goes on however, the armor appears to deteriorate. The second to last hit actually causes a wall bounce but the explosion of the last hit actually interrupts the wall bounce, so theoretically if DHC’ed or XFC’ed you could create two wall bounces in a single combo with a proper follow up. Also noteworthy this move is immune to the knockback from a Dark Phoenix transformation but will not continue to hit her since she is able to block if transformed mid hyper.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Deadly Mutation (Level 3) **:hcb::atk::atk:: Nemesis’ body mutates into his final form from Resident Evil 3, a gigantic glob of flesh and tentacles. He grabs the opponent with his tentacles and then proceeds to take a huge bite (literally) out of them…disgustingly, before returning to his previous form somehow. The Deadly Mutation is unblockable and can be kara-canceling with his c.H It does 450,000 unscaled damage. It also has one of the largest hyper combo throw ranges in the game. This move can be followed up with an OTG and or Bioweapon Assault[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**A- Clothesline Rocket: **The medium variant of the Clothesline Rush Punch, causes a good wallbounce but leaves Nemesis vulnerable on screen and the rocket often whiffs and or messes up potential combos to follow up.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]B- Rocket Launcher Slam: Arguably Nemesis’ best assist, with a single hit of armor Nemesis uses the medium variant of his RL Slam, creating a useful ground bounce to extend combos.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]C- Rocket Launcher: Nemesis fires his rocket launcher, decent zoning tool but once again suffers from whiffing shorter characters.[/LEFT]

Nemesis Terminology:
[LEFT]Clocket - Clothesline Rocket[/LEFT]
[LEFT]RL Slam - Rocket Launcher Slam[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I ain’t even mad - Bio-Hazard Rush[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I don’t give a fK** - Bio-Hazard Rush[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Rocket - Rocket Launcher[/LEFT]
[LEFT]S.T.A.R.S - Nemesis’ infamous line said when in the presence of STARS members. S.T.A.R.S itself is an acronym for the late Raccoon City police department Special force, (SpecialTactics And Rescue Squad) Ironically all other Resident Evil UMVC3 characters are former S.T.A.R.S members including Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker. STARS was decimated and disbanded after the Arklay Mountains Outbreak of RE1.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]NE-a Parasite - Nemesis’ intellect-enhancing/control parasite[/LEFT]
[LEFT]T-Virus - (Tyrant Virus) The basic zombie creating virus from the RE series, Nemesis too is a victim of it.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Nemmy - Nemesis[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Jill Sandwich - A meme concerning bad dialogue fellow STARS member Barry Burton says to Jill Valentine after she escapes a deadly trap barely in RE1. “You were almost a Jill Sandwich” the line, combined with other barry burton lines was made into a song/meme by Kateojun on youtube.[/LEFT]

Nemesis Win Quotes
Nemesis Alternate Colors
Color 1 = His original scheme from Resident Evil 3
Color 2 = Color based on the “Executioner” Mini-Boss in Resident Evil 5
Color 3 = Color based on “Man=Thing” from Marvel Comics
Color 4 = Color based on a zombified RE3 R.P.D Officer
Color 5 = Color based on the color of flesh/meat
Color 6 = Color based on a 1950s Nurse
DLC Alternate Costume = Nemesis without his armored coat (he still keeps the pants don’t worry eeek) this is based on his 2nd form appearence in RE3 during which
he loses his coat and RL in a fire, and becomes more voracious with his speed
and tentacle attacks

Nemesis Matchups
Coming soon in detail however in general
Large Characters
Characters with no keepaway ability
Characters with poor Anti-Air capabilities
Keepaway centered characters
Small characters
Characters with multiple mid speed projectiles
Characters with Beams
Characters with good air game.
Notable Nemesis Players
Top Players
[S]Combofiend[/S], Floe, IGT Unknown, Dios X, KDZ
SRK Folk
OnlyWingedAngel, Substantial, Colonel-Gilgamesh, Macarrati
UMVC3: Hyper Guide by James Chen: Nemesis T-Type

**Damage and Frame Data **

s. :l: = 70,000, 8F startup, 3f active, 13f recovery, +2 on hit, 0f on block
s. :m: = 90,000, 12F startup, 3f active, 21f recovery, -1 on hit, -3 on block
s. :h: = 110,000, 17f startup, 4f active, 28f recovery, -6 on block (Super Armor frames 10-24)
s. :s: = 100,000, 10f startup, 5f active, 34f recovery, -13f on block

c. :l: = 65,000, 9F startup, 3f active, 12f recovery, +3 on hit, +1 on block
c. :m: = 85,000, 11f startup, 3f active, 20f recovery, 0f on hit, -1 on block
c. :h: = 100,000, 18f startup, 4f active, 29f recovery, -7 on block (Super Armor frames 16-27)

j. :l: = 75,000, 9f startup, 3f active, 19f recovery, +16 on hit, +14 on block
j. :m: = 90,000, 12f startup, 3f active, 21f recovery, +21 on hit, +19 on block
j. :h: = 100,000, 15f startup, 11f active, 15f recovery, +22 on hit,+20 on block
j. :s: = 110,000, 17f startup, 4f active, 25f recovery, +18 on block
(All Jumping attacks are overheads)

:f::h: (all variants 3 hits total) = 102,000 15f startup, 8f active, 23f recovery, +1f on hit, -1f on block (Air variants have +23f on hit, +21 f on block)

:qcf::l: = 120,000, 18f startup, 5f active, 23f reecovery, - on hit, -2 on block
:qcf::m:/:h: = 80,000 on 1st hit, 135,000 on 2nd = 215,000 total of 2 hits 22f startup, 5(28)f active, 20f recovery, +6f on block
:qcf::s: (All Variants) = 150,000 20f startup, - active, 45f recovery, -19f on block (Air variant is 0f on block)

:dp::l:/:m:/:h: = 130,000
Light = 15f startup, 5 active, 29f recovery, +2f on hit, -8f on block (Super armor frames 10-24)
Medium = 18f startup, 5f active, 33f recovery, -12f on block (Super armor frames 15-29)
Heavy = 22f startup, 5f active, 39f recovery, -18f on block (Super armor frames 11-30)

:hcb::l:/:m:/:h: = 150,000 (Light = 7f startup M/H = 20f startup) 1f active, 48f recovery = light, 45f recovery = M/H

:qcf::atk::atk: = 80,000 /w dmg scaling, 3 hits + Stomp of 75,000 = total of 296,700
18+3f startup, 1(23)1(24),1(93), 7f active, 82f recovery, - on iht, -58 on block
:dp::atk::atk: = 50,000 /w dmg scaling 6 hits + final punch of 61,000 = 312,000
15+3f startup, [10(23), 11(2), 11(33), 11(50, 20)f active, -54 on block, Super Armor Frames 11-260 (10 hits) armor starts on 10th frame
:hcb: :atk::atk: = 450,000 Unscaled.15+0f startp, 2f active, 58f recovery.

-All frame data at the courtesy of Dazed- (XF from Hyper Guide)

[LEFT]**X-Factor **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Level 1 = 40.0% Damage Boost, 12.5 seconds[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Level 2 = 65.0% Damage Boost, 17.5 seconds[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Level 3 = 90.0% Damage Boost, 22.5 seconds[/LEFT]

This thread is amazing.
However, I want to say that I think Killer Illumination has longer range.

Why thank you :slight_smile:
And you have a point, is Killer Illumination a level 3? I haven’t played enough MODOKs to know that it’s a throw.

Yup, it’s a Lv.3.

No it’s not, it’s a lv 1. MODOK has no lv 3.

Really? Shows how much I know about MODOK lol. I should’ve just checked.

And for that you must pay with your life.

Anyone have the guide or know someone who does? If not I may have to pick it up myself, you guys want to back me up in the $$s here? lol. For the thread? For the thread?!

I have the guide. Would you like framedata? :wink:


Edit: Added Super armor frames
Edit2: Did some cleanup and added spoiler tags
Edit3: Changed most of the stuff into SRK smileys. Hope it’s to your liking, fellow Nemmy players. :slight_smile:

>I used " * " next to a move and listed armor info under it. If there are multiple STARRED commands, the info is in respective order.

>If a move doesn’t have frames on hit listed, that usually means that it has a special effect (i.e. Groundbounce, Soft Knockdown etc)

Frame Data

Misc. Info

[details=Spoiler]>I’m skipping TACs
>Ground/Air Throws do 80k damage, 1f startup, and hard knockdown
>Snapback does 50k damage, 2f startup, 4f active, 28f recovery, -6 on block[/details]

Standing Normals & Launcher

[details=Spoiler]s:l: ; 70k dmg, 8f startup, 3f active, 13f recovery, +2 on hit, 0f on block

s:m: ; 90k dmg, 12f startup, 3f active, 21f recovery, -1 on hit, -3 on block

s:h: ; 110k dmg, 17f startup, 4f active, 28f recovery, -6 on block*

:s: ; 100k dmg, 10f startup, 5f active, 34f recovery, -13f on block

*s:h: has super armor from frames 10-24.[/details]

Crouching Normals

[details=Spoiler]c:l: ; 65k dmg, 9f startup, 3f active, 12f recovery, +3 on hit, +1 on block

c:m: ; 85k dmg, 11f startup, 3f active, 20f recovery, 0f on hit, -1 on block

c:h: ; 100k dmg, 18f startup, 4f active, 29f recovery, -7 on block*

*c:h: has super armor from frames 16-27[/details]

Jumping Normals

[details=Spoiler]j:l: ; 75k dmg, 9f startup, 3f active, 19f recovery, +16 on hit, +14 on block

j:m: ; 90k dmg, 12f startup, 3f active, 21f recovery, +21 on hit, +19 on block

j:h: ; 100k dmg, 15f startup, 11f active, 15f recovery, +22 on hit, +20 on block

j:s: ; 110k dmg, 17f startup, 4f active, 25f recovery, +18 on block

>All of the above are overheads.[/details]

Command Normals

[details=Spoiler]:f::h: ; 3 hits, 102.9k damage total, 15f startup, 8f active, 23f recovery, +1f on hit, -1f on block

j:f::h:; 3 hits, 102.9k damage total, 15f startup, 8f active, 23f recovery, +23f on hit, +21f on block

j:d::h:; 3 hits, 102.9k damage total, 15f startup, 8f active, 23f recovery, +23f on hit, +21f on block[/details]


[details=Spoiler]:qcf::l:; 120k dmg, 18f startup, 5f active, 23f recovery, - on hit, -2 on block
:qcf::m:; 80k + 150k dmg, 22f startup, [5(28), 1]f active, 20f recovery, +6f on guard
:qcf::h:, 80k + 150k dmg, 22f startup, [5(28), 1]f active, 20f recovery, +6f on guard
:qcf::s:; 150k dmg, 20f startup, - active, 45f recovery, -19f on block
j:qcf::s:; 150k dmg, 20f startup, - active, 45f recovery, 0f on block
:dp::s:; 150k dmg, 20f startup, - active, 45f recovery, -19f on block

:dp::l:; 130k dmg, 15f startup, 5f active, 29f recovery, +2f on hit, -8f on block*
:dp::m:; 130k dmg, 18f startup, 5f active, 33f recovery, -12f on block*
:dp::h:; 130k dmg, 22f startup, 5f active, 39f recovery, -18f on block*

*:dp::l: has super armor from frames 10-24
*:dp::m: has super armor from frames 15-29
*:dp::h: has super armor from frames 11-30

:hcb::l:; 150k dmg, 7f startup, 1f active, 48f recovery
:hcb::m:; 150k dmg, 20f startup, 1f active, 45f recovery
:hcb::h:; 150k dmg, 20f startup, 1f active, 45f recovery

>All of the HCB command throws are ground bounce/hard knockdown[/details]

Crossover Assists

[details=Spoiler]Alpha/Clothesline Rocket M; 80 + 150k dmg, 46f startup, [5(28), 1]f active, (Crossover) 111f recovery, (Partner) 81f recovery

Beta/Launcher Slam-M; 130k dmg, 42f startup, 5f active, (Crossover) 124f recovery, (Partner) 94f recovery

Gamma/Rocket Launcher; 150k dmg, 44f startup, (Crossover) 136f recovery, (Partner) 106f recovery[/details]

Hyper Combos

[details=Spoiler]:qcf::atk::atk:, 4 hits, (80k)x4 damage, 18+3f startup, [1(23), 1(24), 1(93), 7]f active, 82f recovery, - on hit, -58 on block

:dp::atk::atk:, 6 hits, 312.4k total, 15+3f startup, [10(23), 11(26), 11(33), 11(50), 20]f active, -54f on block*

:hcb::atk::atk:, 1 hit, 450k dmg, 15+0f startup, 2f active, 58f recovery

*:dp::atk::atk: has armor from frames 11-260 [/details]

God bless ye dazed god bless ye this will help allot.

Is is specified when the super armor on the Rush super kicks in?It seems it would be a couple frames before the super freeze.

Well you can get hit out of it quite easily during the flash since its kind of slow on start up and not any form of invincibility (Which it should have). I’d say it starts right after the animation begins and the armor ends on his launch during the hyper (not his final punch but the second to last).

Guide says 10f before armor kicks in. My bad OWA. :sweat:

*Armor from frames 11-260; 10 hits of armor

Np, Yup thats what I thought 10 hits.

So he gets a 0% speed increase in Xfactor?Just like Thor?
So SLOOOOW characters get NO speed boost, while Speedy Gonzales type characters get 20000% bonus movement speed?Seems fair to me.

Actually, according to the guide, he get’s a shitty, speed boost in XF2/3: :frowning:
XF1- 140% dmg, 100% spd
XF2- 165% dmg, 105% spd
XF3- 190% dmg, 110% spd

Edit: Strange, the hyperguide doesn’t seem to have speed values listed…

That’s…wow…that’s like mocking someone in their face.Nemesis shouldn’t use Xfactor anyway unless after a Regular Throw ~ super, to kill,because otherwise he can kill just with DHCs (Well not if you have hawkeye after him, like i do, but he usually can, if you have sentinel or another character with a very damaging mashing super), and is a bad anchor.

Nemesis’s X-factor stats reinforce that he is to be used ON POINT.

Nemesis’s point game is good enough to warrant his surprisingly weak X-factor (when compared to other heavies). If his anchor game was GDLK, we’d only see him in the back of every team like Haggar, and that doesn’t do shit for a character’s metagame.

Nemesis being a point only character is actually the best thing he could have.

Here’s a matchup for you to work on: Deadpool. I’m honestly not sure if there’s anything Nemesis can really do if Deadpool has him pinned across the screen except tag, assist, pray, or die. jM Guns stops any pressure chances, and teleporting around the map pretty much makes it so that Deadpool’s always just out of reach.