Ne Monthly 3s&GGXX results:Sept

Here are the results for the 3s and GGXX tournys this Sept


1st-Cameron Buckner "BloodUrien"
2nd-Jamarr Lewis "JaMarvelous"
3rd-Datrick Orr "Datrick"
4th-Mario Mejia "youcanwonder"
5th-Butch Pierce
5th-David N. "Cue"
7th-Geno Choi
7th-Sal Bryant "Jeff Bogard"
9th-Tramine Thomas "shadow_duc"
9th-Simon Yoo "YooYoung"
9th-Eric Jacob
9th-Robby Mank
13th-Travis Nible "Klaige"
13th-Kris Gill "lonelyfighter"
13th-Stacy Kruse "queen of combat"
17th-Ed "Pain"
17th-Jon Gregg
17th-Aaron Williams


1st-Jamarr Lewis "JaMarvelous"
2nd-David N. "Cue"
3rd-Sal Byrant "Jeff Bogard"
4th-Travis Nible "Klaige"
5th-Datrick Orr "Datrick"
5th-Keith G.
7th-Jeremy Justice
7th-Kris Gill "lonelyfighter"
9th-Jon Gregg
9th-Alexander Catbagan
9th-David Grancer
9th-Mario Mejia "youcanwonder"

Thanks to all of the ppl that showed up. It was a good tournout.
:slight_smile: CvS2 is tommorow night. So the results for that will come later on.

geno’s back? thats cool. good turnout. looks like some upsets happened. i should be there for the next one. look out!

Who everyone chose

  1. Cameron Yangsa3 sa2,Alexsa2,Dudleysa3,Yunsa3,Uriensa3,Makotosa3
  2. Jamarr Kensa3 ,Necrosa1,sa3, Orosa2,sa3 Ryusa3
  3. Datrick Alexsa3,Kensa3, Ryusa3
  4. Mario Makotosa1,sa2
  5. Butch Alexsa2,Qsa1,Hugosa1,sa2
    5th-David Ryusa2
    7th-Geno Kensa3
    7th-Sal Elenasa2,Chunsa2
    9th-Tramine Yunsa3,Makotosa2
    9th-Simon Dudleysa3,Kensa3
    9th-Eric Qsa2
    9th-Robby Uriensa3(good urien)
    13th-Jason Ryusa2
    13th-Travis Yangsa2
    13th-Kris Kensa3,Elenasa2
    13th-Stacy Yangsa2
    17th-Ed Ryusa2,Kensa3
    17th-Jon Akumasa2
    17th-Aaron Makotosa1,sa2
    17th-Brandon Ryusa2

wow Cam,I am suprised you remember that all:eek: I am impressed:D

Jon,yeah I was shocked and I think so were a few more of the guys to see him back. :lol: He has moved back and is going to school here. Played a good Ken for him telling me he didn’t think his Ken was that good.:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice Job Cam for winning with Makoto in the finals. I didn’t know you could play her that good:)

Damn wish I went now, oh well at least I got to watch Lord of the Rings: Two Towers again. If that is any consolation. That and play more Jedi Academy online. I will be up next week for sure with or without your consent.

Damn yo…ppl actually showed for a Ne tourney??

fo reallllllll…

Okay here are the results for CvS2 and Frogger:

1st-Jamarr Lewis"JaMarvelous"
2nd-Cameron Buckner"BloodUrien"
3rd-Datrick Orr"Datrick"
4th-Mario Mejia"youcanwonder"
5th-Sal Bryant"Jeff Bogard"
5th-David N.
7th-David H.
9th-Jon Gregg
9th-Tramine Thomas"shadow_duc"
9th-Alexander Catbagan
9th-John C.


1st-Jon Gregg-56,940
2nd-Toby Brutto-17,810
3rd-Datrick Orr"Datrick"-13,790
4th-Mario Mejia"youcanwonder"-6,270
6th-Butch Pierce-2,690
7th-Kris Gill"lonelyfighter"-2,680
8th-Sal Bryant"Jeff Bogard"-1,270
9th-Jamarr Lewis"JaMarvelous"-880
10th-Tramine Thomas"shadow_duc"-800
11th-Cameron Buckner"BloodUrien"-790

The Frogger toruny looked like it would have been cool to play in,congrats to Jon for the highest score in that:). Congrats to “JaMavelous”:stuck_out_tongue: for 1st in CvS2 with that A-groove of his and congrats to “BloodUrien”:stuck_out_tongue: for getting 2nd with P-groove.

Ya thanks alot Stacy and George wasup with that whats that supposed to mean? Dont get all wack like some of the other out of towners man. Martin u leave Ne alone. Your always picking on us.:lol: I would post who people chose in this but FUCK Cammy…I mean CvS2!:smiley: Ok I’ll do top 5.

1st-Jamarr Lewis"JaMarvelous" (A) Cammy,Sak,Bison
2nd-Cameron Buckner"BloodUrien"§ Dhalsim,Blanka,Terry,Chang
3rd-Datrick Orr"Datrick" § 4Gief Terry,Rock,Ryu
4th-Sal Bryant"Jeff Bogard" (K) (N) Terry,Bison,Geese,Mai,Yuri
5th-Mario Mejia"youcanwonder" (K) Geese,Ryu,Blanka
5th-David N. (K) Rock,Sagat,Ryu,Iori


PS I thought Mario got 4th?

hey mario did get 4th…he be dressing…you guys are cheatin the mexican…i feel his pain…poor guy…stacy u need to correct this problem please…and give that poor mario guy a break :d

let me look at the scratched up brackets again…:lol: fixed it

me doing it a 2am and dead ass tired probally didn’t help matters out:p