Ne monthly tourny results:April


a lower turnout than expected,oh well:p

1st-David N. "Cue"
2nd-Jamarr Lewis "JaMarvelous"
3rd-Datrick Orr "Datrick"
4th-Kris Gill "lonelyfighter"
5th-Travis Nible "Klaige"
5th-Tramaine Thomas "shadow_duc"
7th-Cho "ChoJin9999"
9th-Stacy Kruse “queen of combat”

1st-Datrick Orr "Datrick"
2nd-Jamarr Lewis "JaMarvelous"
3rd-Simon Yoo "YooYoung"
4th-Tramaine Thomas "shadow_duc"
5th-David N. "Cue"
5th-Kris Gill "lonelyfighter"
7th-Stacy Kruse "queen of combat"

1st-Jamarr Lewis "JaMarvelous"
2nd-Cameron Buckner "BloodUrien"
3rd-Datrick Orr "Datrick"
4th-David N. "Cue"
5th-Tramaine Thomas "shadow_duc"

KOF 2k3(round robin)

1st-Luis-6 wins
2nd-Datrick Orr"Datrick"-5 wins
3rd-Tramaine Thomas"shadow_duc"-4 wins
4th-Jamarr Lewis"JaMarvelous"-3 wins
5th-Stacy Kruse"queen of combat"-2 wins
6th-David N.“Cue”-1 win
6th-Cameron Buckner"BloodUrien"-1 win

Congrats to all the winners,it was nice to see a few ppl that have not been in the Ne scene for a while. Hope they keep coming back:)


Characters used in CvS2

  1. Jamarr A 2Sak,Geese,Eagle A Kyo,2Sak, Geese
  2. Cameron P Gief,2Honda,Akuma P Nak,Akuma,2Chang
  3. Datrick P Ryu,2Sagat,Rock
  4. David K Rock,Sagat,Ryu
  5. Luis N Ryo, Ryu, Blanka
  6. Tramaine P Terry , Joe, Geif

And in the kof 2k3 tourney I beat Jamarr so I had one win.:smiley:
Maybe I’ll learn that game one day, who knows. Clarks tight.



some interesting teams in cvs2, glad to see some eagle though:D


ah okay,i was wondering what that scribble was:lol: hard to read. thanks,you did good Cameron with Clark


hey I thought I took second in kof and that I tied with travis in ggxx

o and in cvs2 I used terry, joe, and zangief


you got 3rd in KOF and you did tie with travis, the apex is correct,I just mistyped on this page:p


ku then


David beat Jamaar in GGXX??? Good stuff if your still playing Slayer.

Who were the characters that people played in the ggxx tourny?


Yes the mighty Pot has been taken down.
I dont know who Nebraska uses but I know they have a really good Slayer player and a really good Pot player. I want to see this guy Shadow Ducs Eddie though.

Who beat Cam in 3s? I dont see his name in the reults for 3s anywhere. And what team is your strongest P groove out of the two listed big C?



Dude I’m not big I’m tall.


Sal are u still using True Karate?
Um I didn’t get in the 3s tourney this month, gonna take a break.
My strongest team would probably be P Honda2 Chang, Nak. They each are team captains but when they all are on the same team shit gets unfair.:cool: