Ne monthly tourny results:Feb


here are the results for GGXX:
1st:Jamarr Lewis"JaMarvelous"
2nd:Tramaine Thomas"shadow_duc"
3rd:Kris Gill"lonelyfighter"
4th: Datrick Orr"Datrick"
5th: David N."Cue"
5th:Butch Pierce
7th:Travis Nibble"Klaige"
7th:Aaron Williams
9th:Cameron Buckner"BloodUrien"
9th:Simon Yoo"YooYoung"

Congrats to Jamarr for placing first and to Tramine for placing 2nd. Tramine had a impressive Eddie,good job:)

results for 3s:

1st:Butch Pierce
2nd: Datrick Orr "Datrick"
3rd:Simon Yoo "YooYoung"
4th:Jamarr Lewis "JaMarvelous"
5th:Cameron Buckner "BloodUrien"
5th:Aaron Williams
7th:Kris Gill "lonelyfighter"
7th:Tramaine Thomas "shadow_duc"
9th:Stacy Kruse "queen of combat"
9th: David N. "Cue"
9th:Travis Nibble “Klaige”

Congrats to Butch for placing first and to Datrick for placing 2nd. Nice fights in the semi-finals and finals. I do have fotage taped,but sadily my battery for my camcorder went out on me prior to the finals:bluu: I do have some good fotage anyway of the 3s tourny and some kof 2k3 casual:)


characters in 3s

results for 3s:

1st:Butch Pierce-Alex sa3, Q sa2
2nd: Datrick Orr “Datrick” -Ryu sa3, Ken sa3
3rd:Simon Yoo “YooYoung” -Dudley sa3, Ken sa3
4th:Jamarr Lewis “JaMarvelous” -Necro sa1, Ryu sa3
5th:Cameron Buckner “BloodUrien”- Dudley sa3 sa1,Yang sa2 Ken sa3
5th:Aaron Williams- Makoto sa1
7th:Kris Gill “lonelyfighter”- Elena sa2
7th:Tramaine Thomas “shadow_duc”-Hugo sa2,Makoto sa2
9th:Stacy Kruse “queen of combat” -Yang sa2, Chun sa1
9th: David N. “Cue” Ryu -sa1,Hugo sa2
9th:Travis Nibble “Klaige”- Akuma sa1

This tournament started out a money tourney and then peeps starting bitching and it became free. So it blowed and was no reason to take 1st. Fuck these …“bi monthlies”.

Saving for Cali fuck Ne


AWW SHIT… NE finally bringin some EDDIE out in here… :smiley:


Good job Jamarr… still representing w/ Pot?

Kris I heard that u shit talkin bout me… :evil: :mad: next time Im in NE u and I one on one… NASTY ASS WISKEY DRINKING CONTEST… :stuck_out_tongue:


Simon Yoooooooooooooooooooo


Yeah Mr. Yoo gets props. He took me to losers early beating my Chun,and Ken with his own Ken. That match took a complete 360 cause my Ken was wrecking shop then Simon just turned the tables. Didn’t think I needed Makoto.

And hes thinking about ditching TX Vig!



I agree that Kris did good in putting Jamarr in the losers bracket. Those were some good fights in GGXX.

I will tape the most of KOF 2k3 tonight,I dunno about CvS2 not unless it is requested.:slight_smile:





props to simon and butch.See ya in a couple months


Yeah Eddie is hard to fight fucking gay assasins. Yeah your on Rob. Any shit i was talking was just good fun crap talk. reno versus nebraska 3 on 3 bitches:)


Re: Re: Ne monthly tourny results:Feb

OHHH SSSHHHHIIITTT :D. I can’t afford a plane to NE :(, but I’m willing to join on that 3 on 3 :D, for fun it’s awesome hehe.



everyone play eddie!


im from reno also rob/kugz/ruin

Lets do this :smiley: