Ne monthly tourny results:Oct

Here are the full results for the torunys: Sat:


1st Jamarr Lewis"JaMarvelous"

2nd David N.“Cue”

3rd Kris Gill"lonelyfighter"

4th Sal Bryant"Jeff Bogard"

5th Mario Mejia"youcanwonder"

5th Datrick Orr"Datrick"

7th Travis Nible"Klaige"

7th Butch Pierce

9th Jeremy Freerey

9thTramine Thomas"shadow_duc "

9th Jon Gregg

9th Matt Wells

13th Ziggy

13th Joel Karadeema


1st Cameron Buckner"BloodUrien"

2nd Jamarr Lewis"JaMarvelous"

3rd Simon Yoo"YooYoung"

4th Sal Bryant"Jeff Bogard"

5th Aaron Williams

5th Edward

7th Tramine Thomas"shadow_duc"

7th Datrick Orr"Datrick"

9th Geno Choi

9th Stacy Kruse"queen of combat "

9th Eric Jacob

9th Rob Mawk

13th DeJuan Stephens"50-fiftytrap"

13th Jon Gregg

13th James"TNOT"

13th Kris Gill"lonelyfighter"

Nice turnout for both tournys. Hope the torunys for CvS2 and Donkey Kong turn out as good. Congrats to Cameron for getting 1st in 3s and to Jamarr for getting 1st in GGXX.

Good job to everyone who attended the tourney. I really wanted to come and support GGXX man but I couldn’t get there for shit at 6. I still be walking around like wtf about that time I guess. Just dont be up yet with my shit 2gether. Even with out Klaige and who ever didn’t make it, NE will be well repped for Shy town. We just have too many good players in that. Kris you proved your Axl is not to be taken lightly at all today. Good shit indeed. Sal takes the 4th spot in 3s? Wtf?:smiley: Simon coming back from school taking 3rd(a nearly 2nd)? Shit was just too good 2night. Cant wait for CvS2! …and Donkey Kong? I guess


The tournout for Donkey Kong was better then the tournout for CvS2:lol:

CvS2: :slight_smile:

1st Jamarr Lewis"JaMarvelous"
2nd David N."Cue"
3rd Datrick Orr"Datrick
4th Kris Gill"lonelyfighter"
5th David H.
5th Mario Mejia"youcanwonder"
7th Jon Gregg
7th John C.
9th Daneille Conrin"SonicMary"
9th James Williams

Donkey Kong!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

1st Joe S.-68,300
2nd Jon Gregg-55,100
3rd Toby B.-54,800
4th Datrick Orr-34,100
5th Mario Mejia-26,600
6th David-8,500
7th John-6,900
8th Tramine Thomas-6,000
9th Kris Gill-3,600
10th Jamarr Lewis-1,900
11th Sal Bryant-1,100
12th Thomas-900

Looked like ppl had more fun with the Donkey Kong:lol: Congrats to Jamarr for 1st in CvS2 and to Joe for 1st in Donkey Kong

We also had a A2 tourney on saturday night. It was a 10 man tourney.

Rock Paper Scissors A2 Top 5:

  1. Sal Bryant
  2. Kris GIll
  3. Cameron Buckner
  4. Jamar Lewis
  5. Jason Clontz

Paper Rock Scissors:lol:
I still say paper is top tier