NE ranbat Results

Street Fighter IV (31 players)

  1. Nestor [Seth]
  2. Rob [Seth]
  3. Edpachi [Seth]
  4. Ernest [Zangief]
  5. Xeriak [Zangief]
  6. Tony B. [Boxer]
  7. Deathscythe [Boxer/Dictator]
  8. IllWill [Ken]

Street Fighter III (15)

  1. Paul Wall
  2. Smoothcat
  3. IllWill
  4. Tony B.
  5. Edpachi
  6. FuriousRoy
  7. Juice
  8. Chris D.

SSF2T HD Remix (14)

  1. Paul Wall
  2. Smoothcat
  3. Zorin

GGAC and TvC did not happen due to lack of players.

I had a blast I would like to thank everyone especially Andy for coming down EVERYONE. Im tired right now so ill post a shoutout after if you guys had fun let me know we can do another in a few months and keep up SF4 is straight crack.

damn right wall this shit was hot son… better then that bitch ass game stop ranbat. that this bitch nigga Q jones was dick riding and guess wat that nigga got beat by bums lol… step your game up and come to a real ranbat where the wolves of Akatsuki Tga Hate waits for fresh new souls to fucking take nigga ahahahaahahahahaha…

good shit everyone for coming

Andy you’re the man i am so glad you can come and play. we have to play some more in 3rd strike and sf4.

yo tom we going to have that money match holla at me

Nestor and Rob your Seth is too good.

And Ed - you too.

Thanks for hooking us up Paul - that was the beef stew of champions.

good shit people
and i agree the game stop tourney sucked

btw which one of u niggas showed up sick and decided to share nicely


he was short wit long hair :rofl:

good shit to paul for hosting this, food was good, and it was great that andy could come down and play.


More bed now, more post later.

And the steak w/fries and rice was rated GL for GODLIKE.
I had fun even though I got spanked(which I knew would happen anyway. Gonna step my shit up). Great seeing everyone again and meeting new peoples; looking forward to the next one.

Damn WTF :rofl:

i got sick too, fuck man…

Ugg same here.

kayin u son of a bitch

stay the fuck home the next time your sick instead of handing out free aids


damn i wanted to go so bad man, i had plans, good shit to the top players


WALLLLLLLL wassup dude, long time no talk/play/burn?

Sorry u guys got sick u need to step ur aids game up I been in too much dirty pussy to get sick! Videos of SF4

What happned to lucky D and cybernetika?

Man, I had a great time at this. It was a dope tourney. Hopefully there will be a lot more in the future. Felt good playing other people in SF4 this past weekend.

Ernest’s Gief is too serious.

Nestor: Fuck you.

Wall: Thanks for the housing and the hospitality. I’ll definitely show up to the next one. I gotta run it back against Nestor.

Will: You a bitch. Fuck that Ken. He’s basura.

Ed: Still haven’t played me and we had all the time in the world on Sunday. We’ll get in games hopefully this weekend in Philly.

Ralph: So racist. But in the end, you’re like, the 3rd white person I know in this world. Wigimmicks with Abel ftw.

I think there are other names I should mention, but I’ll do that later after I sleep. Too much SF4 this weekend. That felt so good.

im not racist at all
i just speak whats on my mind

alot of times the truth is the one being racist

Thanks to you and Jas for coming, they were some hateful times. My bad i couldn’t go friday.

ps: the Red-cyclone is coming for you.

EDIT: Let me not forget to thank Paul for bringing back the scene to life and adding $50 to the pot. You’re a beast.

niggas got drunk and had a great time.
so much random happen on saturday night, cant even count all of it.

huge shout out to the thurstiest nigga i no. u no who he is lol

yo juice and will " she got bad credit" lmfao

yo good games with everyone this weekend i had fun getting owned. I will fo sure come to the next one. Cybernetika couldnt make it he was sick and shit which was to bad cause this was hype! also gief is broke and a joke

Yeah, I got fuckin’ wrecked by the flu like three days before the ranbat and was still rockin’ a 101 fever when I woke up to get out the door for it. I sat, smoked a J hopin’ it’d help. It didn’t, so I made a post in the other thread before I passed the fuck out for like another 12 hours. I’m so pissed I missed this ‘cuz I knew this shit was gonna be so hype and my fuckin’ immune system takes a vacation. I’m at the next one def as long as I’m not dead.

At least I was fuckin’ nice enough not to share my sickness with all y’all. :lol:

p.s. Yo Wall, hit me up and let me know what’s good if you’re gonna have like fight nights at your place and shit, I need more comp this shit is god damn crack with lsd dusted in pcp.

great times this weekend chillin with all you hatin ass niggaz!

Maaan, Im still salty I didnt get to play Moeun in HDR… I swear I woulda took that shit… and then I wanted to see how I would do against Zorin… bleh, loosing to smoothe and wall-e aint soo bad…

Now that sf4 is out I def. plan on taking it seriously… maybe the CF cab will get some dollars instead of T6BR…

You better SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!

It’s all good; thanks for comin through this time :wink: