NE wallcade 7/11 pre evo results with vids from

SFIV (39) ppl
1 Arturo
2 Nestor
3 Wall
4 smoothcat
5 Tom (Vigilante)
5 BPT (Rob Stevens)
7 Tony B
7 BRN (Gabe Ong)
9 funkdoc
9 nerdjosh
9 Asian Tom
9 Lucky D

SFIV teams (21)

1 nestor/arturo
2 emp vol 12
3 smooth biBson
4 ds/nerdjosh
5 old and new
5 mochi
7 gen masters
7 funkdoc/
9 wave of babies
9 training mode
9 cruel joke
13 phailbox
13 deez nuts in your mouth
13 FLuffy penguins
13 off the wall
17 TM
17 MD
17 low jab
17 88
17 NRG

HDR (16)

1 Wall
2 Arturo
3 funkdoc
4 brian
5 smoothcat
5 Zorin
7 wilson
7 bob
9 joey crack
9 Ralph
9 John Lu
9 psychotic
13 arobotbitme
13 Davis
13 mike b



Marvel 2 (1 match fuckin amazing)

1 rob stevens
2 nestor
3 Juice :
4 Willson
5 josh
5 Tony B

Seb recorded alot of matches and he is the man for doing so the qaulity is amazing if you wanna check them out go here

tourny was fucking g8 man Id like to thank redbull and grey goose and everyone who came out. Shout outs to everyone who let me use things smooth, chris, gabe, bwiyon, sean roche all you guys thanks for looking out.

All i gotta say is SOMEONE GET THAT NIGG A BURGER AND MAKE SURE HE GET 2 SCOOPS FOR DESERTT! Lemm know what flavor after too.

Ill see all you guys at evo hope you guys rdy to fuck ppl up and get fucked up and act stupid.

Sorry Paul, I left FR early because well to put it simple, my mom kicked me outta the apartment because shes a cunt HATE HATE HATE.

But good to see a lot of people showed up. Also, I found out i’m moving to fucking Vegas in 2 months, so I’ll see you bums at evo NEXT year.


The following results are for a tourney that was Not ThAt serious!
Played between 2:30-5 AM in the original Underground Layer,
Nestor & Wall didn’t want to play,
Arturo could not pick Seth or Sim,
Single Match games, Double Elim.

Recession Special 2 Dolla SF4 Stimilous Package Tourney

1st- Arturo (Ryu)
2nd- Nerd Josh (Sagat/Ryu)
3rd- illWill (Fuerte/Gouki)
4th- Rob Fucking Stevens (El Fuerte)
5th- 4ever (Dictator)
5th- Chris (Gief)
7th- Evil Ern (Gief)
7th- DS (Dictator)

Arturo lost his very first match to Chris, and came back from the loser’s bracket to win…

ROFL @ Gabe Ong during the recession sf4 matches… had me in tears at one point…

Shout out to Manny Sinatra!

Finally made it to a tourny!!! everyone so hungry in sf4 i love it!!

big shout out to my boy forever higher aka M.Bipson himself keep playing u gonna be beastly soon!

Nestor u suck

wall stop being reckless

ed im glad u got that win off me in the team tourny! it helped u stop being emo…happy birthday.

NY crew, art u cheap mother fucker your seth is gonna be a problem at evo, ill be cheering u on.
DS, hahaha we changing your name to D-Salty lol, na but learn from your loses even though there hard to take.

CT Crew

josh, like i said 2nd best curly hair in the fucking country!!! wats good!

ogre brother im scared of u mofos :frowning:

shank, b and even white girl slayer juice showing up i like it! lets get ready for evo and get on the big screen.

anyone else i forgot i hate yo guts so it dont matter lol

edit: someone ban seth!

Good Games everybody!

hahahahahaha this tourney was too much fuckin fun. gs to everyone and all my senseis.


there was seriously too much shit to even post about you just had to be there. so many funny/hype matches, so much random yelling and commentary. shoutouts to almost everyone there good seeing everyone bring that hype to evo…

Good shit team hate and wall you know how to run a tourney and make shit fun

Ness nice job on running gauntlet through losers. Emp nestor?!?!? What a beast

Smoothcat your reaction time is godlike

Wall is best on the ec in hdr free!!!

Mukai why so serious

Shankar, light up son

Damn so many people to shout out but I’m lazy see yall @ evo

good shit emp sage and art you showed why we’re the power over here in east coast. with out us everyone else is a cruel joke. HAIL EMPIRE!!!

emp vol 12

we fuck shit up!!! Rob Fucking Stevens you’re a fucking beast.

big ups to the Emp Ogre Brothers chirs and dr.dddddddonnggoong.

yo art stop fucking jobbing to nigga’s man. hold the fuck on!! why didn’t you didn’t job to me? oh yea now i remember i am low rank in the emp. Hail Empire!!!

EMP saga teach me oh great master ahahahahaha

Bipson aka nestor jr you was hold shit down. just remember not to smooth it… good shit

lucky d you’re a fucking monster man good shit.


smooth damn i said your power levels ware down… shit i was wrong as one of your masters… Damn son stop beastin on nigga’s man. I Had to take the eye patch when you got hype.

Ds and nerdjosh… team H8 nyc yall nigga’s are fucking nuts i have to play yall some more.

wave of babies that’s all i have to say ( no ricky)

shank damn son you’re 2 fucking much lol. to bad that chick didn’t hit me back. ( maybe i should cum in gurl’s mouth anymore… nnnnnnnnnnnnaahhhhhhhh!! )

juicy j nigga you came up on me like you was going to kill a niigga mang!!!

rushdown ralf and b yall nigga’s are just to much aahahahahahahahahahahaha oh man

Wall you’re the fucking beast man… i am glad you hold dat shit down for us.

Andy it was great to see you again… i hope 2 see you again. i know you’re looking forward to playing me in 3rd strike… HUGO IS READY!!

everyone else great shit

I am hyped again so a nigga got’s to start playing again HHHAIL EMPIRE!!!


ok hmm…maybe illl run a shoutouts hahha…this tourney deserved it

first to that nig paul wall for running these badass tournies…i had some of the most fun ever, bomb tourney/food/and place to crash. and a fuck you to everyone else i wasnt sleepin on shit this time nigs. ill see you at EVO, maybe if foreverhigher isnt on that plane first. hahah and a fuck you for puttin me in losers

my sensei, my teacher, my kryptonite, my brother nestor. a big fuck you for taking me out we had that deal we talked about where i was supposed to win next time we played. gs for runnin the gauntlet you better not let me down or else the health inspectors comin for you, and im disowning your ass

defcon aka john fuckin cena you cant see him. my man hahaha…ahh shit too good of times as usual…that bison steppin shit up we gonna have fun

brother ogre/teamate haha fun times / thanks for ride haha…CHECK THAT NIGGA!

EMP EDWARD…nig i had too much fun…as long as you aint playin and gettin salty and quittin the game everyday you da man. ahhahahaahhahaha…all the random yelling and funny shit was just too much.

ROBERT FUCKIN STEVENSON, aka STEVE ROBINSON, AKA BIG PAIN FUCKIN TRAIN, AKA THE TRAIN CONDUCTOR, aka WEAKSAUCE…gs my man so fun…we had the epic grind that weeek i saw it paid off. keep that shit up we had so much fun over the weekend. i can see how hungry you are…see bottom

BWIYON…ay yo mr.nguyen get me my fuckin summer rolls and pho. AHHHAHAHAH ABEEAAWWWWWEEEYOONNNNNN…

ill fuckin will hahahaha…funny ass times. always good to see you too hahahah

ratboy stop crushing ppls dreams…you have MY RESPECT. no not really lol

ernnnnnnn…wtffffff hahahah lets get that last minute grinding back in. stop takin 2 week breaks. haha

smoothcat…gs bro very beastly you made me work hard for those wins in casuals against chun…keep playin like that and you keepin that EMP contract

NYC heads old and some new i met (sabin, nerdjosh, ds, the coool asian dude recordin, shank) the lair downstairs was too fuckin much for me…i needed to sleep i had dudes all aorund me manny sinatra and nigs all lookin for their ben and jerrys scoopin and spoonin. josh hows that sour cream stuck in ur throat? hahahah. shank stop making that dude keep talkin i still have that “?” above my head

ct cats (clx, aumni, tonyb) fun ass times…tonyb makin nigs slam shit, always makin me laugh haaha

DAN R for gracing me wiht his presence for 20 minutes. i felt pretty godly after that.

luckyd…FUCK you, u think i couldnt hear you against me vs asiantom? ahhahahahahahahhahaaaha…jp bro mad love. “YOU KNOW THIS MATCHUP” gtfo here

asiantom/cp see above…hahahha jk always good to see you guys

spictom…jesus stop randomin ppl out haahaha…you leveled up gs

foreverstalker: stop stealin SSN#'s and ruining credit scores…if you ever beat me in a tourney ill remember that can of potato bugs imma throw at you. hahahahha

TD CHOCOLATE SCOOPS WIT THEM JIMMIEZ…theres always a seat at the spooning lounge next to him



damn long ass fuckin post sorry to anyone else i forgot i like 99% of yall hahaha. just the one dude who disrespects sticks and the other nigga that broke my other TE stick’s button.

this was just a small taste of how much material will be available at evo…my god im not sure i can take it. i lost my voice for a bit the next mornin haha.

Match videos here: .

A couple up already. Bear with me dudes, I work full time. I’ll get everything up in the next couple days.

GS P-Wall, on the tournament heard it was after the hook.

I will see everyone in vegas. EC

Wish I could’ve been there.
See y’all at Evo.

rofl me and seiya got 9th in teams TOP 50%!! i guess those byes were good for something after all hahaha

good shit to all, this tourney was mad fun and hilarious. ups to all the new peeps i met, the old peeps i met again, the delinquent crew gettin twisted upstairs watching dat Lesnar fight and Fall Rivah for scaring my teammate the whole time he was there. downs to that gay tucan sam nosed homo for bein a selfish piece of shit beggin ass bitch.

Defcon u were there? Shoulda said hi

yea man, i said wassup when you bummed a light off me earlier in the night. i just assumed you became too gdlk to talk to scrubs anymore.


yes as a part of the delinquent crew(i like that shit actually) gettin fucked up upstairs is a given everytime. and defcon i just wanna make sure u was the one nigga that wanted to have some of my goose right? i brought it so niggas could drink and it was only me and u then me and wall at the end of the night (nohomo)

big shouts to everybody that showed up and played i see everybody is gettin real hungry its just not so free anymore in anything
(except 3S prove me wrong fags)

shout out to smooth for the hypest moment in the earliest part of a tourney. 1st or 2nd round match and smooth is on a chair actin up. “Da Niggas”

jjuice makin a special secret guest appearance.

i see u GU boys now cept for SkillzD cuz he got demoted again (luckyD now)
but really i see u guys gettin hungry ima have to get u niggas 1 burger to share to keep you that way then humble u

vigilante(cuz the ST name is no good) i see u doin ur thing and i kno u like my fuerte random. spanish niggas got fuerte on lock

gabe for keepin me cracked up during the tourney (check that colon!!!..its clean)

and foreverhigher man remember what i told u in the lair tell em to get 2 scoops of DEEEZ NUUUUTS

NYC good lookin on comin out u know we are just too nice out here. N.josh when u wanna run back that marvel i practiced hard just for the other nyc guys not to show up. lol

and to everybody i just shouted out and to everybody i forgot

lick my balls and kill yourself enjoy that shit

Yo gabe you fuckin funny man you better be rdy to throw me some burgers at vegas thats all i gotta say.

PS: yea its clean its clean…

john fucking cena punk that dude brian AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA!!! i thought that nigga was going to hit him with the FU… you can’t see me!! Hail EMP

yo where’s the sf4 teams matches man.

will you’re so fucking gay

It was a good tournament, havent been to one in a long long time, since the early marvel and cvs2 days i think lol Great to see some old faces and met some new ones.

Good shit to Ed for destroying me in teams with gief. I totally forgot how to play that matchup. But thanks to your beating it made me remember how im suppose to play it and it helped me beat that nasty gief player in singles, i believe his name was ernest.

Props to the gen player, tom right? You almost had me at the end! Also props to his team mate chris, sorry i had to switch it up to honda in singles, but ken is one of my top 4 worst matchups lol

Nestor, what can i say, it was some close matches, all i needed was 1 more hit for each game, but you’re too good and came through. You better win at evo! I’m rooting for you! Well you and everyone else i met lol

To the sim player, i didnt get your srk name, and i kinda forgot your real name too, i think it was dan? You’re mad good with sim, your attacks were really on point when we played, keep up the good work, we gotta play again sometime!

Defcon, thanks for letting me use your stick, thanks to everyone else that let me borrow it also. Mad fun guys, Paul you ran a great tourney, i’ll def go to the next tourney.

<------- Vega

GG’s back to sleep.

I cant see you.

true, not more than you tho.

Yep some good games. what can i say, stop using vega cause he sucks. Ill win evo for you, thanks.