Neal D Anderson's art thread(formerly scissorman) Stick Art commissions and such!

Hey, some of you might not know me, but I used to post more frequently around here. Haven’t done too many SF pieces recently except this picture of Effie.

People have already told me that her left leg looks a little twisted, so I will fix that in given time.
Here are some others I have done recently:
The Space Jockeys from Alien-
Aboard the Derelict by ~Phobos-Romulus on deviantART
In the Year 2525-
Sketch DUmp-

Looks nice.

nice pic. I like the simplification of shapes and your color choices.
she looks like she’s wearing a left-footed boot on her right foot… but you’ve mentioned that already.
another point note about highlights – on curved surfaces, they run from top to bottom, not just spot lighting.

you’ve achieved quite a level up since I last your stuff! :slight_smile:

For some reason, I don’t feel it’s the appearance of mixing up boots, I feel it’s actually the legs pointing in an unnatural direction, which ultimately lead to the awkward placement of the laces which makes it seem like it’s they aren’t being worn by the correct feet.

You’re right that the boots do feel kinda off. Her left boot(Effie’s left) sticks out because the buckles are curved unnaturally upward, and as mentioned, her right foot does seem like it’s her left. Her right leg in general kinda bugs me for some reason, I guess it could be the shading on her thigh.

Other than that, I love the realistic touch you gave to Effie. She’s one of my favorite SF3 side characters. :slight_smile:

that’s a sweet Effie.

Those eyes, there is something so special about them.

Sorry, don’t get on here that much anymore. Thanks for the crits, will work on it. I was looking at lolita boots, and I think they may have had upturned buckles, but now that you point that out, I totally agree.

Thanks again, this forum was always one of the best for actual critiquing.

Hey all, I haven’t visited here in a long long time. Now that I’ve graduated art school, I think I can get back into this thread a bit.
Here’s some recent Capcom and fanart stuff I’ve done.

As always, Necro and Effie remain my favorite characters. Hope they make it into SFV!
Cammy and Delta Red
Battle Circuit
Captain Commando
And The Venture Bros.

Yeah, so I’m always available for commissions and stuff. I know that people are always looking for custom arcade stick artwork and whatnot. Feel free to hit me up on here, or on my tumblr, or at my personal site.