Nearing G1 --> Need help



I think I have pretty much mastered everything there is to know about Sagat give or take a couple things. These are the tools that basically advanced me through G2 pretty easily.

  1. Using Ultra
    – i had a thread about my personal ways of landing ultra (most of which included focus attack)
    – you also need to know whether its worth it to use it so early in the match or if your opponent’s health bar is still nearly full and saving for the level 2 ultra
  2. Focus attack.
    – i like to use focus attack when they’re jumping in since most players don’t really hit deep.
    – absorb fireballs in the beginning. this usually gives me so much meter that i’m able to ultra twice in a single match
  3. Know your fireshots
    – i personally don’t use the medium fireshots
    – if they just jumped at full screen, throw a light high fireshot --> hit
    – if they are midjump at full screen, throw a fierce high fireshot --> hit
    – when you knock them down, throw a light low fireshot --> autoblock
    after this, i usually dash forward, then do half circle ex high fireshot --> 90% of the time this hits, half circle to prevent doing TU instead of fireshot
    – be wary of full screen moves like sim’s teleport, bisons headstomp, cammys, sakuras, etc, and wake up ultras; for this, don’t throw back to back fireshots all the time, fake a fireshot by throwing a light punch or ducking occasionally to simulate one
  4. Kara
    – i dont really use kara tigershot or tigerknee, but kara tu is so strong when used correctly
    – use this to punish hondas headbutts, blankas roll, cammys cannon spike etc.
    – also use it to duck under projectiles if you can predict it well
    ie) ryus tend to throw fireballs in the beginning so its a free TU at the start

I’m also pretty familiar with all of my matchups, except maybe C.Viper and Akuma.
What should i expect in G1??? more use of bnb linking combos?


if you are expecting anything from g1 then you are stupid. its not like now that you got into g1 you are gonna be you are good and an amazing player. there are tons of players in g1 that fucking blow and just use online tactics to win. they dont try to adapt, learn or anything, they just care for their points. this is why the point system is stupid, people are so worried about that shit. just play to learn and you are good to go. one thing you should expect though is, less players to play compared to g2. ultimately the more points you have or w/e the more time you have to play. points does not = skill.


Money doesnt equal intelligence.


G1 is same shit different color. Exactly what Busta said.


G1 is filled with muchos scrubs pal… so don’t be expecting GDLK comp when u get there.

There are good players, but they are few and far between.


Looks like you have your stuff down. Just don’t focus jump ins anymore.


i couldn’t agree with you more. i guess that was a stupid question to ask about what i should expect in G1. i guess the question i really wanted to ask was whether or not the people in G1 are all that different from G2.

as for your Abel, i watched some of your replays and i was really impressed. i didnt know players of that level actually post on these forums. i do wanna ask you about your match vs gootecks at arcade infinity. in regards to adapting, vs balrogs i tend to use a lot of focus attacks since they are always either jumping in, headbutting, or sweeping. Why didn’t you use more because i think you were like 4 for 6 in focus attacks. one of the fails was a late one when he was jumping in and another when he was just spamming jab. he also didn’t really use any armor breaking moves and a lot of straight dashes and dash sweeps


Bustabust has vids on youtube on the ArcadeInfinty channel. Some real awesome shit.


There’s some decent competition in G1 and there are good players that don’t just turtle the whole time, but most people are still in the 15k range and play Guile for some reason and pretty much suck. People seem to hit a plateau online, the skill level in G1 is incredibly homogenous no matter what the GP. Unless you find someone with under 15k, then you can rest assured they’re absolutely awful


There is good competition in G1. “Prepare yourself”


**i got rank 3 on xbl. If you want to win every match on xbl it does not come down to execution, mind games, combos, it all comes down to 1 thing. Block!!! Play a reactionary game. This does not make you a good player but you will win 100% of your games. 99% of the people on xbl don’t know how to play calm, you hit them they try to hit you back, they land a hit they want another. Just blockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk