Neat little Cosmetic Glitch

This has no bearing on gameplay, but it was just too cool to ignore and I feel compelled to post it.

I was playing against a decent PTX player while I was using Joe the Condor.

I had 4 meter and I kept predicting his Chainsaw.

So at one point, I baiting him into a chainsaw and punished with Joe’s Ultra. At that moment he pulled out a baroque but failed to block. Following that instead of the normal shaky-ground background, the game itself started to trip balls as there was a multicolored PTX in the background and Joe’s Tornado texture never showed up. so Joe and PTX just spun in midair for a little bit.

Once again this has no bearing on gameplay, just a neat little visual glitch. I assume it happens if someone performs a baroque at the exact moment of getting smacked by a “cinematic” super.


Pretty cool. One time I was playing Gold Lightan against a guy’s PTX, he did the weapons super and then I did Gold Crash as retaliation, and it knocked him into the air (as it should) but then PTX glitched and teleported to the ground.

Even as Lightan was finishing his animation PTX was still taking damage, just kind of frozen in the “OH FUCK” animation after being hit with the hand.

haha, Kind of interested to see what other specials can be interrupted.


I’m the PTX player. Go to 1:10 of the video if you don’t want to watch the whole match. Not sure if the glitch is easy to reproduce, but it may be of some help when fighting giants.

Funny thing is, I was like WTF during the whole time. In fact you can hear me saying “What do I Do” at one point.:rofl:

OT, but it kind of annoys me when ptx players try to throw again if they land one throw
I guess that was just casual stuff but down c or whatever else that isn’t a throw seems better to me

i cant stand ptx at all. especially online.

oh wow, that’s just awesome