Neat looking "TRONned" Images of SF characters


Here are the images… Black and white with LED/TRON-like accents.

Wouldn’t be bad themes for joysticks!

NCS had these up on their website with a few more smaller images. Nothing new in games this week…

Click on the Thumbnails to be taken to the full-size images NCS has on display…
(No, this doesn’t take you to NCS’ website but to PhotoBucket where I have the full-size images in storage. I didn’t want to put them here because of the size.)

This is part of a videogame art theme week NCS is conducting in lieu of the fact that there are no new import games this week.


Shouldn’t this go to Image Mishmash or the Template Thread?

That said, last I checked the latter, people are already using these.


Wasn’t aware of the need to put the images in Mishmash or Template.

I’ll keep that in mind next time.

I hadn’t seen these images until today so that shows I pretty much stay OUT of the MishMash and Template threads. I don’t want to be accused to stealing somebody else’s ideas for.

As nice as it is to see other people’s work, I’m in the mode for coming up with my own themes and composited images.


Old news, bosslogic created them all and has had them on his devianart page for a while now.