Nebraska 3s & GGXX Results - Feb

3s Singles “money tournament”(11 players)

1st - Cameron Buckner (Yun, Ken, Urien, probably some others I forget…)
2nd - Jamarr Lewis (Necro, Ryu)
3rd - Datrick Orr (Ryu, Alex)
4th - Add - (Ryu, Remy)
5th - Mario (Makoto)
5th - Simon Yoo (Ken, Dudley)
7th - Sal (Ken)
7th - Brian Gossin (Dudley)
9th - Jon Gossin (Urien, Ryu)
9th - Kris Gill (Elena)
9th - Quen (??)

3s “Ryu Tournament”. 16 players.

1st - Cameron Buckner
2nd - Butch Pierce
3rd - Datrick Orr
4th - Jamarr Lewis
5th - Jon Gossin
5th - Add
7th - Brian Gossin
7th - Simon Yoo
9th - Aaron Williams
9th - Kris Gill
9th - Mario
9th - Lamell Winstrom
13th - Brandon
13th - Jon G. (the other one)
13th - Pudge
13th - Steve Langle

Stacy’s got the GGXX results, so she will post them shortly.

This was our first tournament since N-Cubed believe it or not…Turn out could of been better for the money tournament, but I’m to blame for that, because I didn’t get a chance to get flyers up at the center, so not everyone knew about it. More people showed up around 11pm and we decided to have a special free entry tournament where everyone had to use Ryu. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next month we’ll add Cvs2 back to the roster, since more people are starting to play that again. We’ll probably do GGXX & 3s money tournament next month on saturday, and Cvs2 & another special side tournament for 3s which will be free entry to everyone who played the previous days 3s tourney.

I’ll have everyone’s ranking points calculated this weekend (3s & ggxx), and we’re starting fresh for 2003.

I’m kicking around some ideas on what to do for the special side tournament for 3s. Next month we may do an all Ken tournament, and after that, I’m probably going to split Team Ne up into 2 different teams and we’ll have free entry round robin’s. 8on8’s or 9on9’s depending on how many people are down. Teams will be permanent and as evenly skilled as possible.

Anyone know if Tan is still living in Omaha? Someone was telling me he moved to Washington…

Here are the results for GGXX 8ppl total played

2nd-Jamarr"Jamarvelous" Potemkin
4th-Jon G.- Faust
5th-Kris G. “lonelyfighter”-I-No
5th-Mario “youcanwonder”-Baiken
7th-Rob Toohey"Shin Kusangai" -Ky
7th-Stacy “Queen of Comabat”-Baiken,Slayer

It was a fun tourny,hope more show up next time:)

Qoc:you don’t have chars played in ggxx?oh and Btw chicago may stop by for next months tourney.peace

That would be great if Chicago can make it down next month. The dates for our next one is March 29 & 30th.

After every monthly I’m going to make a video that features some select video clips from our tournaments. Here is this months volume of Midwest Bangin’.

Click here for the .ASF version

Click here for the MPG version

Opps forgot to post who played what character. I fixed it.:slight_smile:

Good thing I remember who played what character:p

Wadup yall. Good turn out I’d say.:lol: Mad fun last weekend, lets do it again real soon. Good to see the Gossins still running shit.


Simon couldnt get top 5? =O and just the other day he saying how he wants us So Cal to come to Texas so he can get ranked, yet he cant place top 5 in his own city? =x I love Nebraska, more tourneys damnit! only one since N-Cubed? dissapointing :] anyway keep up the play and practice - maybe we’ll see some of you in texas

Yeah Simon is weak:lol: …with Dudley anyway

fuck that