Nebraska August 3s Results Full


14 Players total :confused:

1st - Cameron Buckner (BloodUrien) (Ryu, Dudley, Oro, Ibuki, Urien)
2nd - Jamarr Lewis (Jamarvelous) (Oro, Necro, Ken)
3rd - Add S. (Akuma, Ryu, Remy)
4th - Simon Yoo (YooYoung) (Yang, Akuma)
5th - Butch Pierce (Q, Hugo, 12, Ryu)
5th - Aaron Williams (Phalanx120) (Alex)
7th - Kris Gill (Lonelyfighter) (Elena)
7th - Mario Meija (Yun, Ibuki, Makoto)
9th - Jon Gossin (Death By Aegis) (Ryu, Urien)
9th - Brandon
9th - Stacy Kruse (Queen of Combat) (Chun li)
9th - Brian Gossin (Dudley)
13th - David N (Cue) (Ryu)
13th - Steve L (Ken)

I’ll have footage up soon. Lots of exciting matches to be seen!


Cameron I’m the Asian chick that played you in puzzle fighter at MWC. I cant believe you dont remember me. We met at the Thai lounge. Anyways let me be the first to say congatulations on winning again. I thought you said a couple people from Ne can beat you. Does not seem like it to me. Thats a nice bunch of characters you got there, didn’t know you played with all of them.
Cant wait to meet the rest of your crew.

Cherry Blossom


Props to Steve L. Even though he took dead last he can preform dashing charges on a pad!:stuck_out_tongue: Oh I remember you now Cherry…I think. No just kidding I know who you are. Why didn’t you just say u were a girl? I’ll beat you in Puzzle Fighter one day. I’m sorry about the dick riding comment too.:eek: Seems like you got my game pretty summed up. I also played with Sean in this one JOHN. Yeah I can play with anybody but this was the only tournament I had the balls to do it in. Somebody tell Butch to stop using Q.:lame: I’m learning Geni Jin YEAAH! Thats right I played with Yun too JOHN. Neways good tournament even though I didn’t get a chance to fight Datrick’s Denjin Ryu.

peace out
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Thanks for the advice :smiley:

congrats on the win bloodurien and I’ll be looking for the match vids



Good job Jamarr and simon. Larry pokes his head into NE Hey jamarr, I play oro now since seeing your oro.:cool: I’ve been getting mad winning streaks with that Old Dirty Bastard.:lol: :evil:


JKD Fan here. Just wanted to say, I owned Cameron’s Sean…lol. But to be fair, he kicked my ass with my own character:depress: And unbelievably, he also beat Jamar in an Oro vs Oro match. I’m assuming he’s as depressed about that as I am.

Now if only we could have had a T4 tournament, nobody wanted to play :lame:

Oh, on top of my dudley vs dudley loss against cameron, Simon also beat me in a super close match Dudley vs Dudley after the touranment…must go back to the drawing boards…


Yeah Butch needs to stop playing Q., hell even I beat his Q in the tournament. I think everyone has that character figured out.
He came back though with some unorthordox Ryu shit that I was unprepared for and beat my Urien. Autistic Shoto skillz…:lol:


it was not a bad tournout,could have turned out like CvS2 did:p

Congrats to Cameron for first,Jamarr for second and to Add for 3rd.

My rematch with Add was so much fun, I want to do that next time too. A very close fight,i am gald it was caught on tape.:smiley:


Im all about Denjin Ryu. I can tell me and Datrick have similar styles. cant wait to play him


I love that av Frankie. Denjin sucks, use Shinkuu and showcase some skill.

peace out
Super Art 1


My Ryu isnt dependent on any super. Im all about EX’s


Man thats my Oro now he is getting butchered by everyone else!!!



Man didnt realize their was more gaming stoners out there :).


I cant imagine playing games sober


Trust me its better being sober.


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