Nebraska - Children of the Corn Regional - Full Results

Small turnout, but lots of good players and exciting matches.

GGXX - Nebraska vs. Chicago 3on3 Round Robin
Team Ne - David, Sal, Jamarr
Team Chicago - Eric Callaro, George Fed, Jim Lapoint
Score Ne 7, Chicago 2

GGXX single-man tournament. 10 players.
1st Jamarr Lewis
2nd Kris Gill
3rd David N.
4th George Fed (chicago)
5th Jim Lapoint (chicago)
5th Datrick Orr
7th Jon Gragg
7th Sal
9th Mario
9th Eric Callaro (chicago)

Capcom vs. SNK 2 - 15 players.
1st George Fed (chicago)
2nd Domingo Ayala (chicago)
3rd Cameron Buckner
4th Datrick Orr
5th Jamarr Lewis
5th Kenshiro
7th David N.
7th Tramaine
9th Kris Gill
9th Matio Barton
9th Nathan
9th Carl V.
13th Jon Gossin
13th Jon Gragg
13th Brandon

3rd Strike - 14 players.
1st Cameron Buckner
2nd Jamarr Lewis
3rd Simon Yoo
4th Butch Pierce
5th Datrick Orr
5th Domingo Ayala (chicago)
7th Jon Gossin
7th George Fed (chicago)
9th Mario
9th Kris Gill
9th Brian Gossin
9th Eric Jacobs
13th Stacy Kruse
13th Jon Gragg

Tekken 4
1st Saeng (Colorado)
2nd Bryan Dawson (Kansas)
3rd Isaak (Colorado)
4th Brian Gossin (Nebraska)
5th Boi Lee (Colorado)
5th Jon Gragg (Nebraska)

Thanks to everyone who came in from out of town.
Stacy will have the apex pts online soon.

I will have the 3s finals from this tournament available for download soon.

Apex is up:p

There were a few things I had trouble reading,but other than that,it’s all good.:smiley:

As Jon said thanks to the out of state ppl for showing,it was fun.

Damn… sorry to see the Chicago players didn’t do so hot in GGXX. Congrats on placing really high in CvS2 though.

This is the guy “Bozac” (as they like to call me) who was supposed to go as the 5th person with the Chicago players. Unfortunately I got really sick and couldn’t go (and I’m still feeling sick as hell… hope this goes away soon). Now im curious as to how well I would have done in GGXX. I hope most of you Nebraska players end up going to Anime Central in a couple of weeks. Theres going to be several tournaments there. Id really like a chance to face you guys. If not, I will most likely be going to the Midwest championships in June, so I guess I will run into you sooner or later. Hopefully next time I wont get sick again :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys went alllll the way to Nebraska for 10, 15, and 14 man tourneys??

Must have been some good hangin’ outs.

well its not like they knew ahead of time that no one would show up…people ducked out the last minute or had other responsibilities this weekend. can’t be helped. our other regionals we’ve had, last april & july had much bigger turnout…oh well. i think everyone had fun though and got to play a lot of free-play games. we made the most of it…

Yea man that sucks, but i’m sure they had fun if what George was telling me is true about the random groupies hahahhaa.

what characters were used for xx?

Chaotic Blue

I guess everyone thought I was going to show up :cool:

well not to make excuses, but the xx team tourney was more of an exhibition then a hardcore 5 on 5…considering we only had 3 xx players, and 2 of them (me included) are not even top 5 ranked in chicago. still tho, you guys are hella good and we all had a great time out there. we need to forklift your xx cabinet back to chicago. :lol:

i put some 3s footage online from this weekends tournament. if you have direct connect, go into the “go for broke” hub and look for files titled



Jamar played Milia and Potempkin
Kris gill played Axl the whole way through
David played slayer all the way
George Fed played Sol

“I’m on it.” :cool: :smiley: :wink: :p.

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What the fuck…I thought we were pals Jamarr. You even said you knew me, but you didn’t say hi to me on Saturday. Oh well, you wanna act this way? Name a time and place, bitch.


He’s a part of the minority, I go on the DDR boards too and he is by no means saying what the rest of the group wants him to. There’s only maybe 1 or 2 people that agree with him and they’re as big of assholes as he is.

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Tight tourney people. Domingo you bastard! lol Good shit in Cvs2 Chicago. Um well later

Characters used in 3s

!. Cameron B. Urien,Chun Li, Makoto,Ken,Yun
2. Jamar L Necro,Ryu,Oro
3. Simon Yoo Ken Dudley, Akuma
4. Butch P. 12, Hugo,Alex
5. Nigga D. Ryu
5. Datrick O. Ryu,Alex