Nebraska Monthly 3s Results - 9/28/02


2on2 3s Results (18 Players)

1st - Jamarr Lewis & David N. (Oro, Ryu)
2nd - Simon Yoo & Zan (Akuma, Ryu)
3rd - Domingo Ayala & Tony Defily (Chicago) (Ryu, Urien, Ken)
4th - Cameron & Tramaine T (Urien & Ryu)
5th - Kenshiro & Kris Gill (Ken, Elena)
5th - Mario Meija & Stacy (Makoto, Yang)
7th - Datrick Orr & Jon Gossin (Ryu & Ryu)
7th - Aarron Williams & Brian Gossin (Alex, Dudley)
9th - Jim Lapoint & Eric Callazo (Chicago) (Ryu, Ken)

Zan abandoned Simon in the losers bracket, so Simon fought his way all the way to 2nd place with no team mate. Tony Defily beats Cameron’s Urien with Ken.

3s Results Singles Tournament (17 Players)

1st - Butch Pierce (Alex, Q, 12, Ryu)
2nd - Simon Yoo (Akuma)
3rd - Jamarr Lewis (Oro, Necro)
4th - Datrick (Ryu, Alex)
5th - Cameron (Ken, Urien - from what I remember)
5th - Jim Lapoint - (Chicago)
7th - Domingo Ayala (Chicago)(Ryu, Urien)
7th - Aarron Williams (Alex)
9th - Jon Gossin (Ryu, Urien)
9th - Brian Gossin (Dudley)
9th - Kris Gill (Elena)
9th - Kenshiro (Ken)
13th - Mario Meija (Makoto)
13th - Tony Defily (Chicago)
13th - Eric Callazo (Chicago)
13th - Marlon (Random scrub)
13th - Stacy Kruse (Yang)

I fought Eric Callazo, beat him, then he forfeits the rest of his matches, and Cameron takes his place in the losers because originally I thought Cameron didn’t want to enter this tournament because it was free-entry. Whatever happened it was a misunderstanding and I’m glad Cameron got to play in the tournament regardless…Thanks to Eric for letting him take your spot. Cameron had to fight his way from the losers bracket to 5th place where he lost to Simon in a close Urien vs Akuma match.

Again, I’d like to thank Chicago for making it down here and playing in this months tournament. Hope to see you guys again at N-Cubed.

Probably won’t be doing another 2on2 format. Not sure if I cared for it, but it was something different and worth a try doing once.

Next month back to normal format, plus on sunday we’ll be doing Guilty Gear Xx tournaments at the same time as 3s.


Good job Simon and Jamarr on your high placing in both tournaments.:eek: Simon is his own team?:eek: :lol: Tight. Who needs a teammate when you have akuma.:rolleyes:


Datrick also used Dudley and Necro I believe.

It was fun playing the guys from Chicago, even in the few matches of Tekken we had.

As much as I hate CVS2 that was one damn good tournament on Saturday. Cameron was a parrying beast that night.

The finals for the singles tournament was very good. Great gameplay by both Butch (using ryu!?!) and Simon (dozens of demons).

I think we should give the team tournaments at least one more try. There are still different ways we can work out teams and other types of rules.


Yeah Datrick picked Dudley on me. Beat me first match. I beat him second match, then he picks Necro of all people! Necro fight goes to the last match which was close. I managed to parry the entire magnetic storm super in the air when I made the mistake of jumping in on him with full bar, that saved me for awhile, but I ended up choking like I always do! :lol:

I think we recorded a lot of good fights. I"ll be putting them on the Best of Nebraska tape as bonus footage.


Man this sucks im gonna miss next months tournies. Well everyone play in GGXX so we can have another tournament game.


For October’s tournament:

Saturday 6pm - CVS2 - $5 Entry
Saturday 9pm - Guilty Gear XX - $5 Entry

Sunday 6pm - 3s Singles - $5 Entry
Sunday 9-9:30 - 3s 2on2 - Free Entry (Only for people who played in the 3s Singles.)

Not set in stone yet. Have to ask Chad if its cool to have GGXX tournaments or not. Should be ok.

We’ll start the 2on2 3s right after the singles is over with. I’m guessing like 9 or 9:30 it would start. This is free entry and its only open for those who entered the singles tournament. No prize money for the 2on2. Just for good times.

Once I got it ok’ed w/ Chad I’ll post the official events for October in the “Events” forum. This will most likley be the format for any upcoming local tournaments in Nebraska. GGXX seems like it will be a popular game.

Teams for the 2on2 tournament will be random like last time. In all honesty this is the best way. This eliminates possible stacked teams, and keeps it fair. Plus, if we let Nebraska decide the teams, a lot of people will end up getting left out, not too mention it will probably cause problems within the ranks…Some people just don’t get along w/ each other at the moment…Its going to be hard for people to decide their own team mates. I doubt anyone knows who their teammates will be for November yet…So random is best. I don’t think anyone had a problem with that. except bitch ass kris!:lol: but i don’t see u wearing a red-shirt so ha! :stuck_out_tongue:


If there is an odd number of people for 2on2’s, that means the best player in Nebraska is on a team by himself. And its still Single Match for him. All it takes is for one person on a team of 2 to beat the best player once and he’s sent to the losers. Same thing for Losers brackets. So if the best player loses two matches its over. Thats called “keeping the top player on his toes”, and testing his skills to fullest.


ya…the tag tourney was kinda fucked up in the beginning, since it was 2/3 overall between 2 teammates. Lose 2 games (which I did) and you’re done. I’m glad it got switched up later, but that didn’t benifit our team too much:lol: :lol:

GGXX is tight, except for that cheap ass I-NO. I guess you just got to switch up to a shoto and upper that bitch datrick style. UPPER!

Mad props to kris for lettin the chicago crew (even that big drraaank chunks) stay at his place. That place was top tier (except for that damn tomazaki). If you guys ever need a place to crash out here for a tourney just let us know.


I have a theory on the tomazaki killing fools. I think i need to get my vents cleaned out its an old house so there are mad allergerns floating around. I remember i was all weezy when i first moved in. Shin great to have all you fools. Also you left your sleeping bag and pillow at my house. My porn is missing as well. I think i just put it in the wrong case or something lol.
I-No isnt cheap yall just need to not stand over people so much. Also be sure to hit me deep with jump ins otherwise you get grabbed. Exact same as N.Ken and Honda in ST:)


It was cool you guys came. GGXX is real cool. Hope you guys can make it to the Oct one,where it might be a tournament game:D


Kris,it was cool of you to let them stay with you. I wish I could have came over to your place with everone else,but I had to get back. Mabye next time:)


Simon is a Demon Freak. Good shit on making Butch go to Shotos.
Nov. should be interesting. That by far was one of our best tournaments. Tony gets mad props, he bitched my Urien. Yang still one in my opinion.:lol: Single elimination sucks! Mario scared me because of that. I will let everyone know ahead of time in the future I will attend all our tournaments.:rolleyes: Thanks again Eric. Chi was Super Cool as usual. Couldn’t do one dashing charge on the 360’s. But Nigga do was busting them like crazy on a mas stick. I think 2on2’s are alot of fun when you get use to that type of competition. I’ll be ready for everyone on 360’s by N cubed.

peace out
Super Good



it was a really good tourney. Simon really surprised me with his shotos. (unfortunately his lower tier partner mysteriously dissapeared but it’s all good he ended up defeating me and domingo) Either way I had a really good time and we should be back in november.


Everybody is thanking Eric. But what about me? When I was sent to the losers bracket I was thinking, hey, at least I don’t have to worry about Butch or Cameron anymore. “Next up on the right machine, Cameron B and Brian G.” “DAMNIT…NO!” I say to myself. Then I get to the machine Cameron’s like “I gotta redeem myself after the Team Tournament.” And just destroys me with Akuma.


Sorry B. I feel so bad now. Try to look at it like this. Your Dudley got so good I didn’t wanna take any chances on you cause honestly I wasn’t feeling it with Urien that day.



Over the internet my joking around often gets translated into seriousness. On the contrary Cameron, I actually enjoy every single ass kicking you’ve given me in SF3. It’s the only way I learn. The harder you try the more I enjoy it. WE’ll never get better if you only show us only half of you skills. Go all out, give us some high-skilled cameron strats that make us go “DAYAM!” But not all the time :smiley: I still need some dignity at the end of the day. Then NE as a whole will be an even scarier place for out of towners when it comes to 3S tournaments.

OH well, I have my two economic classes tomorrow, I better get my sleep now so I don’t fall asleep during class, cause god knows those classes are enough to put anybody to sleep given the fact you have less sleep the night before.

I can’t wait for N-Cubed.


chokin in the finals, again!!! that shit is gonna change real quick


I dont know how you ever plan on winning a tourney simon if you lose to people like me. lol

jk good shit for making the finals man. Im sure you will win one soon enough. Unlike me who will never win a 3s tourney.


Infantry, isn’t there a SF3 tournament in CO this weekend? I’m curious to see how that goes.