Nebraska Monthly as they come in


  1. Jamar Lewis(Jamarvelous) Milia,Pot
  2. Lamel Winston Ky,Sol
  3. Kris Gill(YouBeWeak) Axel
  4. David L.(Cue) Slayer
  5. Sal Bryant(Jeff Bogard) Venom,Slayer
  6. Cameron Buckner(True Karate) Bieken


  1. Cameron Buckner(True Karate) Yang,Yun,Makoto,Ibuki
  2. Simon Yoo (YooYoung) Akuma,Ken,Dudley
  3. Butch Pierce Hugo,Alex,Urien
  4. Datrick Orr(Datrick) Alex,Ryu
  5. Jamar Lewis(Jamarvelous) Necro,Ken
  6. David L. (Cue) Ryu

CvS2 is tonight…


  1. Jamar Lewis(Jamrvelous)(A)Sak/Geese/Bison,©Cammy/Honda/Sagat
  2. Cameron Buckner(TrueKarate) (K)Ryu,Ken,Guile§Everyone and they mamma!
  3. David L.(Cue)(K)Rock,Ryu,Sagat
  4. Simon Yoo(YooYoung)©Sagat/Ryu/Blanka
  5. Datrick Orr(Datrick)§Ryu,Terry/Geese(S)Ryu/Terry/Ryo

Great finals in 3s. Simon’s Akuma is getting better and better but Ibuki is just too fast. Besides…I’m just too good.
Jamar really surprised me in Cvs2 with his strong C groove team.
David is getting good quick in everything. Will he be the resurrection of staff?:lol: Another good GGXX tournament every match was intense and close.:lol: :smiley:

gotta beat the champ to be the champ…

too bad i choke it away…again

Man this tournament was a wake up call to only use top tier in semi finals on up. Kind of sad but true. I must have tried a dozen teams to beat Jamar. §Rock,Iori,Morrigan,Chang,Blanka,Honda,Gief,Nak,Eagle(K)Ryu,Ken,Guile,Sagat,Geese,Ryu,Terry,Geese,Sagat,etc. The list gos on.

3s was still really casual feeling as usual. Yun and Yang seem to beat everyone pretty easily. Come on guys Midwest is around the corner. GGXX…AAARGH

Later Fools

yo cam, i placed 4th in cvs2. mario is 5th. i played david, he beat me, then he played you in losers finals.



Actually Mario is like 9th.:confused: Oops me. My bad these are right though. We might not get our Apex points for 3s cause they cant find the brackets.:lame: