Nebraska Monthly: March - GGXX & 3S


Guilty Gear XX - 11 players
1st - Jamarr Lewis
2nd - Datrick Orr
3rd - Kris Gill
4th - Butch Pierce

3rd Strike - 10 players
1st - Butch Pierce (Alex, Hugo)
2nd - Cameron Buckner (Urien, Yun, Dudley)
3rd - Datrick Orr (Ryu)
4th - Mario (Makoto)

Good action despite the low turnout. Although I’m highly considering making all our monthlies free-entry to get more people to join. We’ll still be giving away token money if thats the case.

CVS2 is tomorrow.

And as promised, here is the next installement of “Midwest Bangin”, a video that features some highlights from this month’s 3s tournament. 23 MB’s.

Midwest Bangin’ March 2003 Video

If that doesn’t log you in, use this information.


Once you’re logged in go into the folder “This just in” and then into “Nebraska 3rd Strike” folder.

You can also find last months MB video there in case you missed it.

The nebraska website has been updated with current 3s rankings, and you can see the brackets! :eek:


I thought it said on the Ne thread there was a change and 3s was Sunday? I can’t make it in all of the time and check to see when the tournys are. I wanted to be in the 3s one. Oh well I guess I don’t count anymore:mad: More ppl would come if you posted the right date and time (it doesn’t take a genius to do that) :confused:

No one responded on the thread to tell ppl it was on Sat instead.:lame: This is making me want to move out of state
I will come and get the brackets for CvS2 becaue I am in charge of APEX points and it is my responibilty to do it. Also mabye play in it,I dunno.


Stacy - u like rippin’ on me don’t ya?:stuck_out_tongue:

Let me tell u what happened ok? Mindy (the manager) changed the schedule without notifying me. What was posted on SRK a month ago, was what I had in mind for the tournaments this weekend. Mindy apparently thought she could change this and not say a word…Sorry u missed out, I almost did too. But Its not some conspiracy to keep you out of our tournaments though… :confused: And you take this all way to seriously if you’re willing to move out of Nebraska because of this.

3s was originally going to be sunday and there was supposed to be a free-entry “ken” tournament on Saturday(which got hosed). A couple days before the tournament, i posted that there was some confusion about the schedule, and that everyone needs to go by what is posted at the center. I didn’t know what that was at the time, because I wasn’t told what changes were made…I can’t help the fact that you didn’t see the flyers, and I can’t help the fact that a manager changed the schedule on ALL OF US.

Everyone else, sorry we couldn’t make it down for the CVS2 tournament tonight, we had a family crisis, and I notified the other tournament official to take charge for the evening. So hopefully everything works itself out. Cameron, if you wanna just send me an email with all the edits u want me to do for your 3s tape, thats cool. I’ll get right on it and have that tape back to u real soon.


So Butche’s dash charge/hide charge Alex is getting that scary. Can’t wait till I get to play yall again next month.



Hell yeah Butch’s Alex is almost unbeatable. I’ve never seen Cameron go through so much trouble to take anyone out in a tournament. At least as far as our local’s are concerned. The finals were real close, went down to the last set of 4/7, final match, final round. Too bad no one stuck around to watch…


oh okay,so that is what happened. my bad. I got bugged tonight at the CvS2 tourny about not showing up for the 3s one.:lol: I am not moving silly, I was just tired and had a migrane when i wrote that:p:Not a good combination.


Its all good…So was there a cvs2 tourney tonight? I know a bunch of guys were going to watch wwf instead…:lol:


Yeah there was a cvs2 on sunday run without a hitch by the other jon. results are as follows

1st. Cameron.B

2nd. Tek

3rd. Matio

needless to say Jamar and Dirty stayed home and watched wrestling and i payed like crap.


Kris, that right stick on the smaller CvS2 cabinet didn’t help matters either. I think someone in the group knew that stick was not too good and stayed on the left side to win the matches. Kris know who I am talking about:p


Tight ass tourney yall. Props to Butch,Dirty for sending my Yunand Makoto to the losers and Mario for making me go to Chun Li. Yall are all getting too good. CvS2 was so easy is was boring. More fools should have showed up. I wanted to fight Jamar’s A groove teams.

Yo John I’ll e mail you that shit thats cool. I should use Urien more often, hes stronger than I think.:lol:

Peace Out
Super Good


Fuck this monthly shit, I want my title back this weekend!