Nebraska Monthly October 3s Results

3rd Strike Full Results 10/27/2002

13 players total.
Missing in action this month, Simon, Add, Jimmy, Kris, Lamell.

1st - Jamarr Lewis - “Jamarvelous” (Oro, Necro, Ryu)
2nd - Datrick Orr (Alex, Ryu)
3rd - Tan (Chun li)
4th - Cameron Buckner - “BloodUrien” (Ibuki, Alex, Ryu, Yun, Urien)
5th - Brian Gossin - “Death by Rose” (Ken, Dudley)
5th - Mario Meija - Youcanwonder (Makoto)
7th - Aaron Williams - “Phalanx120” (Alex)
7th - David Nevarro - “Cue” (Ryu)
9th - Jon Gossin - “Death by Aegis” (Ken)
9th - Butch Pierce (Hugo)
9th - Tek - “Tekuma” (Ken)
9th - Frank Kruse (Ken)
13th - Stacy Kruse “Queen of Combat” (Chun li)

Congrats to my brother Brian for being the first white boy to ever place 5th in a 3s tournament in Omaha! (that I know of anyway)

Cameron (yun) loses to Datrick (denjin ryu) in the winners brackets. Cameron (Yun/Urien) loses to Tan (Chun) in the losers bracket.

Butch loses to Datrick in the winners and is then eliminated by Mario in the losers bracket. Good job Mario.

Jamarr goes undefeated to the finals, Datrick beats him the first set of 4/7, Jamarr beats Datrick the second set 4/7 to take 1st.

good shit to jamarr for takin the tourney, too bad i couldnt be there. but i had to go to the NE vs texas a and m game. o wellz. mad props to jamar


super high

I give mad props to Jamar for being consistant on being in the top 3 for a long time now. Tan and Datrick were the luckiest people alive that day.:lol: All right, no more Yun for me…He still was fun to use though. I’ll have to start going back to Akuma on Tan. Mario, Aaron,and Brian played really well. The want to win is really in the air now days for a lot of players. Lets just hope Datrick’s distractions in the background wont get to anyone in the future. (Aaron vs Jamar):smiley:

Peace Out
Super Good

Sorry everyone i was in Chicago geting my ass whupped in Soul Calibur 2. Good shit Jamar i think somone told me before that one time Bif got top 5.

Cool, I’m now in the league of the almighty Biff, ha ha.


Oh well, I had fun this weekend. And may enter one of the qualifying tournaments next week for the 5 on 5.

One of these days I’ll get my safe-rush down strategy working and everybody will be dead.

when are the qualifying tournies???

next sunday @ 6.

2 double elim tournaments. the top 3 guys in the 1st tournament make the team. the top 2 guys from the second tournament make the team.

if you are one of the winners of the 1st tournament, you’re not allowed to enter the 2nd one.

Entry - $10 ($5 each tournament)

someone get ahold of add so he doesn’t miss out on this.

yo jon, i might miss the whole qualifying tourney, but there is a chance that ill make it for the second tourney that day


super high


lol…congrats brian on being the first white boy to place in the top 5 …lol…jon ur silly…ill be in the tournaments…good job of playing everyone…by the way did n e one record the me and butch fight…i want to see it if u did…if not i dont care…but on the real …everyone did do a really good job in the tournament…lets keep it up…kris…we still love ya big man…next time win the soul calibur 2 contest…and jim to

peace people…

Just to let you guys know I got a hold of Add on the phone today to let him know when it starts.:slight_smile: I told him 6:00 yesterday so he should get my message anyway and show up.

i hope he shows up on time