NEC '13 ST Results


Results from the Northeast Championships '13 Super Turbo Tournament. Damdai takes it with Fei Long! Thanks to Damdai for the results and brackets. Damdai will post the videos soon.

  1. Damdai (Fei Long)
  2. Marsgatti (Guile / O. Guile)
  3. Alex Valle (Ryu / O. Sagat)
  4. TecmoSuperBowl (Guile)
  5. Psycho
  6. Klimax
  7. fLoE
  8. DS


oh shit lo0l I wanna see these grand finals bad now lol


fei long my favorite ST character
good shit


Damdai with Fei? Whats with this now??


Damdai upload the vids to his channel

  • NEC 13 ST


It’d be interesting to watch how Damdai took Fei to 1st place without changing characters. Quite a tall order.


Yay I got 5th.

Thanks for running the tournament and uploading vids Damdai.


Welcome klimax! Check out this trading card someone donated for first place (this one’s for you Kuroppi):


lol, too bad honda’s about to get his jaw pushed into the back of his brains. LoLz.

Solid fei there damdai. goes to show that lightening fast reactions goes a long way. congrats!